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Enhancing Child Visitation Days


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Enhancing Child Visitation Days

  1. 1. A graduate of the University of San Francisco Law School, Arlene Kock brings over three decades of experience to her California legal practice. Counseling clients primarily in all aspects of family law , she has been commended by and is highly respected by her peers and the professional community. Over time and from years of experience, Arlene Kock has developed effective guidelines for making the most of a child’s visit with the non-custodial parent.
  2. 2. Planning is essential to the success of non-custodial parent and child visits. For activities that require reservations or tickets, details should be taken care of well beforehand to avoid having to disappoint the child if the activity is closed or sold out. Visitation activities need not be elaborate or costly - often, the nearest large park can be a place to enjoy time together.
  3. 3. These parent-child visits are not just for special activities, though, but can incorporate all sorts of family time. For example, assisting with the grocery shopping and helping prepare a meal are normal, everyday activities that bring a family together and can be used to demonstrate good parenting skills. Children should also witness the non-custodial parent displaying skills like keeping his or her word and refraining from unreasonable promises.
  4. 4. Finally, non-custodial parents should avoid manipulative or “spying” behavior. Some parents interrogate their children about the activities and behavior of the other parent, which can lead to emotional problems for the child. Parents should respect each other’s privacy by not initiating such conversations, and they should gently discourage a child who attempts to steer talk in that direction.