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Child support in california: A brief overview


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Determined by a California support guideline, the amount of child support paid is dependent on various elements. These are discussed here.

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Child support in california: A brief overview

  1. 1. Child Support inCalifornia: A BriefOverviewBy Arlene Kock
  2. 2. Child Support in CaliforniaChild support payments are established from support courtorders arising from divorce, separation, certain legalpetitions, or restraining orders between both married andunmarried parents. A court will order one or both parents tomake monthly payments to support a child or children untilthe age of 18. If a child is still in high school and living athome after the age of 18, support payments may continueup to age 19. A local child support agency commonlyreferred to as the Department of Child Support Services(DCSS) may also pursue child support though the courts ifthe custodial parent is receiving public assistance or in theevent of a guardianship or foster care situation.
  3. 3. Child Support in CaliforniaDetermined by a California support guideline, the amountof child support paid is dependent on various elements,such as a parents income, number of children, custodialschedule, health insurance, and additional per-case factorsset forth in the Family Code. If a parent cannot or will notpay pursuant to a child support order, per annum interestaccrues on any unpaid arrearage. In severe cases ofrefusal to pay, a parent may face jail time, fines and othersanctions imposed by the judge in a contempt motion.Since 1984, wages are subject to wage assignments. Thiscollection technique ensures regular payments issueddirectly from a payors employer to the supported parent.
  4. 4. For More InformationFor additional information about child support laws inCalifornia, consult with an experienced family lawpractitioner.
  5. 5. About the Author Arlene D. Kock ( is a prominent and highly-respected family law attorney practicing in all Bay Area counties. She has over 35 years legal experience in all matters concerning custody, visitation, support divorce and property division. Her private firm, located in San Ramon, California, provides a full spectrum of family law services.