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Wh timeline wwii (1)


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Wh timeline wwii (1)

  1. 1. WWII 1939 - 1945 Axis Powers Germany, Japan, Italy, Soviet Union Vs. Allied PowersEngland, France, USA, China, Soviet Union
  2. 2. Hitler annexes Austria as a part of theThird Reich. This is Hitler’s first step toconquest. He headed next forCzechoslovakia.March 1939
  3. 3. Germany and Soviet Union signed anon-aggression treaty. They promisedNot to attack each other. Hitler promised Stathe Soviet leader, Poland.August 1939
  4. 4. Germany invaded Poland.Britain and France declare war on Germany.Hitler used strategy called “blitzkrieg” orlightening war.September 1939
  5. 5. France signs armistice with Germany.Germany occupies France and sets upauthoritarian regime.Axis start a campaign toTake over Allied holding in Africa.June 1940
  6. 6. Battle of Britain. German “Luftwaffe” or air folaunched a major attack on Britain. Ended in September.August 1940
  7. 7. Germany invaded Russia. Winter and Sovieresistance halted Germans. 2 front war.November 1941
  8. 8. Japan upset over USA sanctions after invadiChina. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. Rooseve“ woke a sleeping giant” USA enter war.Japan hoped to destroy the USA’s pacific fleeDecember 1941
  9. 9. The Battle of Stalingrad. Soviets defeatedGermany for good.Battle of Midway. USA stoppedJapanese from expanding in the Pacific TheaJapan forced to retreat1942
  10. 10. Invasion at Normandy. D-Day. Led by EisenhThe invasion led to the Liberation of France.1944
  11. 11. Liberation of France.Germany surrenders in May.Italy’s leader, Mussolini, killed.Yalta Conference: United Nations formed toprotect balance of power and Human rights.Potsdam: Democracy vs. Communism. SplitsEurope by an imaginary Iron Curtain With oneside democratic and the other communist.1945
  12. 12. Atomic bomb: Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Japan surrenders.August 1945