Chapter 12 sec 3


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Chapter 12 sec 3

  1. 1. Chapter 12 Sec. 3 Theodore Roosevelt becomes President after President McKinley is assassinated in 1901. By far the most energetic President ever to hold office
  2. 2. • He was a strong proponent of increasing American power on the world stage. He accepted some of the ideas of Anglo- Saxonism-about having a duty to shape the “less civilized” corners of the earth. • He believed in something called “sphere of influence” –an area where a foreign nation controlled economic development such as railroads and mining. • He wanted an Open Door Policy in china— allowing everyone to trade with China.
  3. 3. • He believed in a strong global military presence. • “Speak softly and carry a big stick”– meaning you don’t have to fire your guns, just show them off.
  4. 4. The Panama Canal
  5. 5. Roosevelt saw construction of a canal through Central America as vital to American power in the world. A canal would save time and money for both commercial and military shipping. The US offered Colombia $10 million for the right to construct a canal but they said no. So then the US persuaded some Panamanians to revolt against the Colombia government with our help. Within 2 weeks Panama was an independent country and the US had a treaty with them to build a canal.
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