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Class room policy


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Please print the class policy and signed at the bottom. Thank you.

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Class room policy

  1. 1. Class room policy for Comskills 11 By Dr. Arlene Opina Everybody in class is enjoined to follow the rules in class as follows: 1. English speaking - every student should speak in English when talking with/among peers or teacher. 2. Extensive Reading – all students should bring a book (novel) to read every meeting. 3. Reflection/Lexical notebook- you have to provide yourselves with one small notebook besides your regular lecture notebook. This will be randomly checked during class hours and at the end of the semester. 4. Recitation – Every recitation is merited with one point. All points shall be added with a corresponding grade every grading period. 5. Portfolio – Always visit our web portal ( for any instructions about the online games and quizzes. Printouts of online activity scores should be bound for collection and grading before the final examinations. 6. English Book - Always take the prescribed English textbook with you during class hours. There are worksheets to answer in the book. 2 points shall be deducted from the total points, if you answer on a paper and 1 point deduction if answered from photocopied sheets. 7. Picture 1X1- Submit latest photo (at least 6 months) to the marshal assigned. This will be pasted in the seat plan. 8. Attendance - Class starts on time (up to 15 mins.). Late comers (after 15 mins.) will sing or dance (entertainers) as our icebreakers. 2 times tardiness means 1 absence. When absent, submit readmission card the following meeting to the subject teacher. 9. Readmission Card - to get a readmission card (RC), submit excuse letter together with ID of the signatory to the Student Affairs Office (SAO). The RC should be signed by the adviser first before giving it to the subject teacher for approval and signature. 10. Special assignment - If you are assigned a task, don't be absent or you will forfeit the special grade bestowed to you. 11. Quiz Paper - no cadgers (people who obtain something by imposing on another's generosity or friendship; borrow without intent to repay; or beggars) in class. Pls. bring your own paper when taking the quiz. No paper no quiz. 12. Cleanliness and orderliness – students who don’t pick up litters near their seats shall also be chastened with a research paper (related to your course) to be submitted the following meeting. 13.Escolarino/a behavior – Don’t laugh so loudly inside CEU campus (only); respect school authorities; don't vandal; greet all teachers, not just yours; give way to teachers in elevators; greet teachers when entering the faculty room (Don’t ask the whereabouts of teachers; they don’t know the schedules of other teachers); be polite to everyone. Apply the highest virtue in posting messages and uploading pictures in social networking sites especially face book. Your nasty posts may degrade your school’s or your own reputation. Student assistants/marshals (will receive additional 10 points in the Class Participation (CP)) 1. Seat Plan - to accomplish the seat plan with picture of students, to submit the names of latecomers and absentees within 30 minutes upon start of class. 2. Book review - to assign classmates to lead the book review portion (10 mins.) after the vocabulary building part. 3. English speaking - to write and submit to the teacher the names of classmates who speak in tagalong in class. 4. Eraser head - to erase the writings on the board at the start and at the end of the lesson. 5. Cleanliness & order - to submit names of classmates whose area is not clean. Maintain order in the class by submitting to me the names of class distracters. You should be the last to leave the room. 6. Technology – to operate electronic equipment (TV, projector, laptop, cd players, etc.) in class. If the equipment is not available, borrow it from TLTD office; also check the facilities (Aircon, electric fans, & lights) and report to Administrator in charge if there are damages. Likewise, put off mentioned appliances when the class ends. Should also be the last to leave the room. 7. Online Overseer/administrator – to check and count students’ posts online, submit their names and collect the printed online activities to teacher. 8. Time Keeper – to act as EMCEE and to keep the time in every activity of the class. 9. Documentation - to take photos and videos of all class activities. Submit documents in a cd format at the end of the grading period. Upload them also in the nicenet “documents.” Conforme: _____________________________ Position: ____________________ Date: _________________ Signature above printed name “Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them.” Benjamin Disraeli, British politician (1804 - 1881)