Giraffe by arlena waldie


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Giraffe by arlena waldie

  1. 1. GIRAFFEArlena Waldie Period 3
  2. 2. Links Title Slide Link Slide Scientific Name Range Diet. Physical Description Breeding Info Special Behaviors or Unique Anatomy Weird Info. Video Conclusion
  3. 3. Scientific Name Scientific Name: Giraffa camelopardalis
  4. 4. Range Range: Africa
  5. 5. Diet Diet: Acacia tree leaves, grass, and low laying bushes Diet in the Zoo: Herbivore diet
  6. 6. Physical Description The hoofed animals have chestnut brown blotches on buff colored fur. The spots on the fur darken as the animal ages.
  7. 7. Breeding Info There mammals so they don’t lay eggs The mammals ram each other to show off for a female
  8. 8. Special Behavior or UniqueAnatomy The spots on the fur darken as the animal ages These animals are thought to be very intelligent.
  9. 9. Weird Info Always want to be looked at and paid attention to. They are very curious
  10. 10. Video Click here for Giraffe Video
  11. 11. Conclusion In conclusion giraffes are a very majestic and beautiful creature that love attention