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Community mapping presentation


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Community mapping presentation

  1. 1. CommunityMappingPresentation forPitt MeadowsBy Arlana Knuttila
  2. 2. Pitt Meadows - Location
  3. 3. Pitt Meadows - Description City incorporated in 1914 Population: 18,200 Size: 8825 hectares of land and water 86% of land in Agricultural Land Reserve 85% of residents live in the 404 hectare urban core Located in the Lower Fraser Valley, east of Vancouver, situated on the north side of the Fraser River at its junction with the Pitt River 40 km of dikes protect community from flooding and provide a multi-use trail system Contains some of Canada’s most productive, lush farmland crops, particularly blueberries and cranberries
  4. 4. Pitt Meadows – Community Profile Age demographics (% of population) 0 – 19 years 26% 20 – 39 years 26% 40 – 59 years 32% 60 + years 16% Aboriginal Identity Population: 385 (300 live on reserve) Private Households: 6718 Language spoken most often at home English 89% Other 11% Visible minority 15% Median Income $ 32,830 8.4% of people in low income bracket 9.3% of total income for community comes from government transfers
  5. 5. Needs Map Traffic & Affordable Poverty Transportation Housing Issues Social service Many resourcesPartnerships with offices not shared with Katzie First located in neighbouring Nation community community More revenues Environmental Broad range of to pay for Sensitivity income levels services
  6. 6.  First inhabitants of Pitt Meadows Coast Salish People Halkomelem Dialect 460 members 300 members reside on 150 acre reserve located in Pitt Meadows Developing partnerships with City of Pitt Meadows for various services and programs Although the Katzie people have many needs, they are also one on the greatest strengths of the community
  7. 7. Environmental Sensitive Land
  8. 8. Traffic issues The worst intersection for motorcycle crashes locally is Lougheed Highway and Harris Road, where 588 crashes have taken place since 2007. The New/Files Published: July 26, 2012 4:00 PM A City Councillor, as well as an RCMP Officer, both indicated to me that traffic issues were one of the biggest problems the community faced.
  9. 9. Strengths & Capacity Map Individuals Primary Gifts, Skills, Capacity and Knowledge of  City Hall residents, including youth, adults, and  Two community centres seniors  Recreation centre, arts and rec programs for all ages Racial and Ethnic diversity  Seniors Centre Economic diversity  Events and festivals Equipment and resources  Pitt Meadows Community Foundation and Association  Preschools Secondary   Daycares Youth lounge and skate park Community Policing office  Churches Fire department  Chamber of Commerce  Heritage and Museum Society Schools – 4 elementary, 1 high school  Agricultural Land Library  Playgrounds, Sports fields Social Services delivered by Maple Ridge  Local business Pitt Meadows Community Services Transportation – roads, bus, commuter Potential train, airport Parks, diking system, trails & bike paths,  Metro Vancouver Parks Board golf courses  BC Housing – more subsidized units Housing co-ops, low income and seniors  Capital improvements for infrastructure housing  Generating revenue through non-tax Commercial businesses, banks revenues such as fees for filming, highway Doctors, lawyers, dentists, specialists use, signs and permits
  10. 10.  Aboriginal Services Fraser River All Nations Aboriginal Society Support / Volunteer program – connects adults with developmental disabilities with volunteer opportunities in community Legal resources Child, youth and family services Seniors Mental Health Many social service resources, including this one, are shared with Maple Ridge. This is both a positive and negative. Since Maple Ridge is the larger community, most of the social services are located there.
  11. 11.  New Westbrooke Seniors Living Community to be completed in Fall 2012 Includes a 9500 sq. ft. Seniors Centre which contains facilities for social events, a large hall with stage, arts and crafts room and lounge Designed in cooperation with the Ridge Meadows Seniors Society and will be run by a non profit, in partnership with Parks and Leisure Services.
  12. 12.  Bringing People Together for a Better Pitt Meadows Goal To join hands with community partners, offering public events that capture a community atmosphere, a sense of neighbourhood, advance knowledge through community lectures and to facilitate effective dialogue and interaction between all interested parties. I recently attended one of their events, which definitely met these goals.
  13. 13. Events & Festivalso Pitt Meadows Dayo Osprey Dayso Summer Serenadeo Bard in the Squareo Heritage dayso Osprey Village Tree lightingo Terry Fox Runo Canada Day celebrationo Sports Tournaments
  14. 14.  Thousands of people lined the streets in Pitt Meadows on Saturday to cheer on the 75 entries in the annual parade. Photograph by: Sylver McLaren and Tracy Boyd , Special to The TIMES As with most of Pitt Meadows’ community events, Pitt Meadows Day welcomes all residents, as there are free activities for all ages.
  15. 15. Spirit of WoodCommunity CarvingProjecto Designed by a local artist to celebrate the rich history and traditions of the Katzie First Nations, as well as sports and recreation partnerships, festivals, community volunteers, Pitt Meadows airport and Golden Ears bridgeo This community building project included 1060 residents of Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge who participated at over 40 carving sessionso Carvings are located in the new Pitt Meadows library
  16. 16. References