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  1. 1. __________________PATUMKONGKA SCHOOL
  2. 2. 1) Action – These types of movies are high octane, big budget moviesthat show many physical stunts. If there is heroism, fights involvingguns, swords or karate moves, horseback action or any destructiveforces of nature, your keyword is Action. In these movies, it’susually a fight between the good guys and bad guys, i.e. Fight Club2) Adventure- Do you like thrilling stories that take you to wondrousplaces? They are similar to action films but the action may be lessand more weight will be given to experiences. Indian Jones moviesbelong to this category.3) Comedies- They are loved by young and old for the feel goodcontent. A comedy can be based on innocenthumor, exaggerations, facial expressions or downright crude jokes.Meet the Fockers is an example.
  3. 3. 4) Crime and Gangster Films- Such films trace thelives of fictional and true criminals, gangs ormobsters. Serial killer films may be includedhere, i.e. Gangs of New York.5) Drama films- They are sensible movies with astrong plot. Dramas depict true stories or real-likesituations. The character development is note-worthy, i.e. Little Women.6) Epics/ Historical films – An epic involves elementslike war, romance and adventure. The sets arecreated carefully to reflect the time period. Ben Huris a classic example. Historical movies tend to payhomage to a legend or hero.
  4. 4. 7) Horror- You either love them or hate them. These filmsexpose our fears and give rise to nightmares. Forsome, horror films provide catharsis but others can barelysit through a movie, due to the violence and gory scenes. i.eJaws.8) Musicals/ Dance films – These are entertaining filmsthat are based on full scale scores or song and dance. Theycan either be delightful, light-hearted films for the whilefamily (i.e. The Sound of Music) or contain a dark aspect(Sweeney Todd) that is explored through music.9) War films- These are very true to real life and oftendepict the waste of war. Attention is given to acts ofheroism, the human spirit, psychological damage tosoldiers and the pain of families waiting at home. i.e. Flagsof Our Fathers.
  5. 5. 10) Westerns- This genre is central to Americanculture and to its film industry. They speak of the daysof expansion and the trials with Native Indians. Theplots and characters are very distinctive. RememberButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?11) Animation- Computer graphics and special affectsare the backbone of these films which are enjoyed bythe young and old. i.e. Finding Nem12) Thrillers- They differ from Horror because theyare more provocative than scary. i.e. The BoneCollector13) Sci-Fi – If you like futuristic scenes, movies likeStar Wars will intrigue you. They can be classified asadventure films too.
  6. 6. Big Movie Of 2012After a couple of tense meetings, long discussions, and at least one shoutingmatch, we have put together a list of the best flicks of 2012. There were a lot ofmovies that we wanted on the list that didnt quite make it, from big-budgetblockbusters like "Dark Knight Rises" to bizarre art house faves like "Holy Motors."But by the end, we managed to cobble together a pretty good list. Check out theYahoo! Movies 25 films of 2012:25. 21 Jump Street24. The House I Live In23. Compliance22. The Beasts of the Southern Wild21. Marvels The Avengers20. Rust and Bone19. Lincoln
  7. 7. 18. Silver Linings Playbook17. Wreck-It Ralph16. The Raid: Redemption15. The Perks of Being a Wallflower14. End of Watch13. Magic Mike12. Lawless11. The Cabin in the Woods
  8. 8. 10. The Hunger Games
  9. 9. 9. Moonrise Kingdom Observing quirky characters played by some of Hollywoodsfinest, a sense of throwback that recalls a simpler time, and ayarn that lies somewhere between bizarre and sublime, youdefinitely know youre watching a Wes Anderson film. But with"Moonrise Kingdom," the writer-director gives us something hehasnt since "Rushmore": A protagonist we can truly root for. InSam Shakusky (Jared Gilman), we get a doe-eyedyoungster, untainted by shark attacks or Tennenbaums, whoseunderlying motivation is love, and young love at that. Its theingredient thats been missing from Andersons recent work, andits the gel that brings all of Andersons idiosyncrasies togetherso beautifully in this heartfelt flick. -- Adam Pockross
  10. 10. "The Central Park Five" is a tough and perfect feature documentary byKen Burns ("The Civil War"), his daughter Sarah, and her husband DavidMcMahon. Its about a tough and imperfect moment in Manhattan history:when a group of boys went "wilding" in Central Park in 1989, a jogger wasraped, and the police put two and two together and got five. Like a reverseview of "Law & Order," the movie captures how these dark-skinned boysaged 14 to 16 were rammed through the system, made to fit the crime by ateam of detectives, and convicted without physical evidence based onconfessions given under duress -- and an entire city fanned on by tabloidnewspaper covers allowed a shameful miscarriage of justice to occur. Manyknow about the convictions -- very few know that a judge freed the accusedwhen a single serial rapist already in the police system confessed to thecrime years later. -- Thelma Adams
  11. 11. Michael Hanekes "Amour" is an unrelenting look at an aging womansdecline and death and her husbands valiant attempts to look after her in herlast days. True to its title, this movie is indeed about love. But its not about theoft-told beginning of a love affair; its about the messy til death do us part"ending of one. Haneke tells this story almost entirely from the confines of thecouples apartment, using long takes, a mostly fixed camera, and no score. Thisseemingly simple way of making a movie is in fact staggeringly difficult to pulloff. Without using most of the cinematic tools in a directors toolbox, Hanekerests all the weight of the movie on his actors performances. And wow, whatperformances! In a perfect world, veteran actors Emmanuelle Riva and Jean-Louis Trintignant would get Oscars for their work in this movie. I watched thismovie a couple of months ago during a mid-afternoon press screening, filledwith some of the most jaded filmgoers youre likely to find. By the end of themovie, the entire audience was on the brink of bawling. Depending on whereyou are in life, its the sort of movie that forces you to think about themortality of your parents, your spouse, and, most uncomfortably, yourself. Ifyou dont feel affected by this movie, make sure you have a pulse. -- JonathanCrow
  12. 12. Quentin Tarantinos latest feature, an epic Western fantasy oflove and revenge set in the slavery-era South, is everything youvecome to expect from the celebrated video store warrior turnedauteur -- shocking, ultraviolent, and wickedly entertaining, in all itsanachronistic glory. In what other western could you witness aJohn Woo-style shootout -- even the blood splatter has its ownchoreography -- set to a 2Pac/James Brown jam? Its soTarantino, it hurts. Populated with the directors usual roguesgallery mix of marquee stars and nearly forgotten characteractors and crackling with his lethal trademark dialogue, this is theextreme cinephiles fever-dream "Southern" that only Tarantinocould craft.
  13. 13. "Cloud Atlas" is an easy movie to ridicule. This is after all the flick thathad Halle Berry play a male Korean doctor. But for all its goofiness, TomTwyker and Lana and Andy Wachowskis adaptation of David Mitchells novelis perhaps the most ambitious and unrepentantly romantic movie of theyear. It is also so dense that it demands multiple viewings, jumps back andforth between six very different narratives, including an 18th-centurynautical adventure and a sci-fi saga set in Korea during the 22nd century.For the first hour, the stories seem utterly unconnected, and you might beleft wondering what the hell youre watching; but as the film gatherssteam, the individual plots start to resonant off one another in strange andstriking ways. Whats the deal with the birthmark? By the end, the narrativebrilliantly pulled together leaves you feeling surprisingly moved and flushwith an unexpected feeling of optimism -- something of a rarity in an age ofdour blockbusters. Though this film failed to find an audience in thetheater, "Cloud Atlas" is a great film to watch (and rewatch) on DVD. --Jonathan Crow
  14. 14. Writer-director Rian Johnsons original sci-fi thriller is a craftynew take on the well-worn time travel narrative. It turnsout, organized crime in the future will not be so different from thecurrent state of things, with one significant difference: time travel.What happens when an assassins job is to dispatch his olderself, sent back 30 years from the future? Not all goes as planned."Loopers" smart, fully realized plot includes enough great twiststo keep you on your toes, and just when you think youve got itfigured out, it takes a few more fearless leaps to throw you for aloop. Amid a dense release slate of tired action remakes, boardgame (!) adaptations, and kids-meal-friendly comic booksequels, "Looper" is a thrilling and thoughtful breath of fresh air
  15. 15. Having a screenwriting background and being overly nitpicky, I dontoften see a film without obvious and distracting holes. From a storystandpoint, Ben Afflecks "Argo" has none, gaping or otherwise. Anotherthriller, "Zero Dark Thirty," may be the only other film I saw this year inwhich a story gap didnt jolt me from being fully immersed. Though"ZD30" is certainly one of the best films of the year, its nowhere near asenjoyable as "Argo." Both thrillers are taut, timely, and deal in matters ofperplexing gray. But "Argo" is also subtly balanced, with comic relieflaced deftly throughout, luring you in with laughs, shedding just enoughlight to make the dark more glaringly scary. Because of this, the tensionis ratcheted up nice and slow, and the result is captivating. The end of thefilm was the first time in two hours I realized I was actually sitting in atheater. Even when its done, "Argo" lingers, and Ive been thinking about1979 ever since, wondering how come it looks so much like today. -- AdamPockross
  16. 16. The one thing that the 23rd film in a 50-year-old franchise shouldntbe able to do is surprise you. And yet, amazingly, "Skyfall" did just that.Coming a half-century after "Dr. No" first hit the big screen, 007s latestouting wasnt just a great Bond flick, but a great film, period. This was duein no small part to the Oscar-caliber talent both in front of and behind thecamera. Javier Bardem was unforgettable as sly, entrancing, andseriously frightening Silva, and Ralph Fiennes added a good measure ofstiff-upper-lip Britishness to the proceedings.Of course, returning stars Daniel Craig and Judi Dench also got to stretchfurther than theyd ever been allowed to in a Bond picture, with a storythat for the first time highlighted Bonds physical and emotionalvulnerability. Credit is also due director Sam Mendes, screenwriter JohnLogan, cinematographer Roger Deakens, and composer Thomas Newmanfor giving the film true depth and feeling. Like they said in the earlierBond song by Marvin Hamlisch (whom we lost in 2012): "Nobody does itbetter." -- Matt McDaniel
  17. 17. I fell in love with "ZD30" at first sight in a way that was as unequivocal anddriven as Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow. In her ninth theatricalfeature, Bigelow reunites with "The Hurt Locker" screenwriter Mark Boal foran uncompromising edge-of-your seat drama about the decade-long hunt forOsama bin Laden. And, in this most male of genres -- a hybrid of espionagethriller and military action-adventure -- the driving force is a pretty, petiteCIA agent. Maya (Jessica Chastain) acts tough not because she has a chip onher shoulder or Daddy issues, but because shes the chief crusader on amission to eradicate bin Laden. Its a dirty job but somebody has to do it.And, as Maya enters one torture chamber after the next, violently extractingintel that could lead to bin Ladens hiding place, she may employ anothermans muscle to beat out a confession, but she understands that she is thepower behind the fist. Shes culpable. "Zero Dark Thirty" explores the themeof retaining humanity while doing inhuman things to prevent future masscasualties. Engrossing, complicated, and urgent, "ZD30" makes no apologiesand takes no prisoners -- except the captive audience. -- Thelma Adams
  18. 18. TOP3. THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING (2003) Director : Peter Jackson Writer : J.R.R. Tolkien (Novel), Fran Walsh (ScreenPlay) Cast : Noel Appleby, Alexandra Astin, Sean Astin,...Awards : Won 11 Oscars. Another 106 wins and 68 nominations
  19. 19. TOP5. THE ENGLISH PATIENT (1996) Director : Anthony MingellaWriter : Michael Ondaatje (Novel), Anthony Mingeela (ScreenPlay)Cast : Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe,... Awards : Won 9 Oscars. Another 41 wins and 37 nominations
  20. 20. I will talk about my predictions for the top 5 biggestmoney making blockbusters from May to August 2012. I willhave my predictions for the opening weekend (OWG), domestictotal (DTG), and international total (ITG) box officegrosses. The next 2 articles are my guesses for the top 15best critically reviewed movies and my list of the ones I wantto see. I have researched on such various websites asIMDB, Box Office Mojo, Rotten Tomatoes, EntertainmentWeekly, and Empire as well as The New York Times. I’ll say whyI think these movies will be big and why they might not be big.Plus I’ll throw in a few funny jokes and more.
  21. 21. Release Date: May 25 Why it will be big: The previous 2 Men inBlack movies were massive box office smashes. The first film got 91%fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, but the second got a 39% splat, even though itwas a box office success. That means 10 years after the third will have tobe really good, make a lot of money, and do well with critics, in order forthe series to continue. This will have to be a case like the Indiana Jonesseries, where the first one has good box office and does well withcritics, the second one only does good at the box office but then the thirdone they bring in a new actor, Sean Connery, or in this case, Josh Brolinand the series is better than ever. Based on the funny and action-packedtrailer, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be a smash. Why it might notbe big: As I said before the second MIB movie didn’t do well withcritics, the third might not either. another problem is that like with otherseries, people might be tired of it. OWG: $100 million DTG: $285 millionITG: $450 million
  22. 22. Release Date: June 22 Why it will be big: The people who work at Pixarare the best animation makers in the world. They also do good at the box office.Toy Story 3 made $110 on it’s opening weekend, $415 million domestically, and$1 billion internationally. It also got a 99% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and easilyearned back it’s $200 million budget. Meanwhile their next film, Cars 2 made$66 million on it’s opening weekend, $191 domestically, and $559 millioninternationally. It also got a 38% on Rotten Tomatoes and earned back it’s$200 million budget. Well let’s hope that Brave is more like Toy Story 3 (whichhas a better trailer than Brave) than Cars 2 (which does not have as good atrailer as Brave). Anyway medieval action sword fights, a strong cast ofcharacters, and Pixar’s classic comedy plus a female heroine should prove tobe a strong combination. It’s also a good idea to release Brave at the end ofschool, just exactly like Toy Story 3 and Cars 2. Why it might not be big: Will thefemale heroine work? Yes. Will the fairy tale elements work? Probably.So, what’s not to like? OWG: $105 million DTG: $300 million ITG: $500million
  23. 23. Release Date: July 3 Why it will be big: This movie will swingamazingly into 3rd place., many people are hoping for a moreemotional story than the previous 3 Sam Raimi directed, TobeyMaguire starred, movies. That’s because the director Marc Webb’sonly other movie is the independent hit (500) Days Of Summer andthe star of this version is The Social Network actor Andrew Garfield.Add in there a cool villain The Lizard played by Rhys Ifans, a loveinterest played by Emma Stone, some awesome 3-D, great web-slinging action, and a script by Harry Potter screenwriter SteveKloves and TA-DAAAAAAAA!!!!! I have high hopes. Why it might notbe big: People are saying this is too soon for a reboot. Imean, Spider-Man 3 came out 5 years ago and this very same originstory was shown on screens just ten years ago OWG: $125 million DTG: $400 million ITG: $850 million
  24. 24. Release Date: May 4 Why it will be big: Marvel used thistechnique with both the Iron Man movies and Thor being released onMay 2nd, May 7th, and May 6th, respectively. They debuted at $98million, $128 million, and $65 million, respectively. Meanwhile CaptainAmerica: The First Avenger, on July 22, with $65 million. TheIncredible Hulk was released on June 13th and made $55 million onthe opening weekend. Combining all these super hero characterstogether will surely pay off in some aspects: It will be fun watchingthem battle each other, and with so many actors they’ll have to havegreat chemistry..Will the focus be on Iron Man? I hope so becausehe’s the coolest. Will it be on Hawkeye? I think so because he’s thenew character.OWG: $155 million DTG: $450 million ITG: $900 million
  25. 25. 1. The Dark Knight Rises Release Date: July 20 Why it will be big: This movie will rise to 1stplace. With Christian Bale returning as Batman, fans are going crazy.And for fairly good reason. Batman Begins grossed $48 million on it’sopening weekend, $205 domestically, and $372 internationally. It alsogot an 85% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, earned back it’s $150 millionbudget, and became the 12 biggest superhero movie of all time.Meanwhile the 2008 sequel to the 2005 prequel, The Dark Knight, didthe impossible. Making $158 million on it’s opening weekend (beat onlyby HP 7 part 2, but at the time the best ever), $533 domestically, and $1billion internationally. It also received a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, gotback it’s $185 million budget, and became the biggest superhero movieof all time.
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  27. 27. !DIRACTOR MAX 8 GUY 20 CS 13 KIRK 1