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2011 winter safety message


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2011 winter safety message

  1. 1. Winter Safety Message1. We are reminded that winter is on the way with changes in the air from bright green warmsummer colors to brown cold winter colors. With that change comes a season with manyassociated risks and hazards unique to colder weather. Your dwelling should be prepared for thecold winter months ahead and additional guest that may show up on your door step. This is alsothe time of year for potential road trips with hazardous conditions which can lead to unexpectedaccidents. Additionally, during the winter months more injuries result from slips, trips and fallsthan any other time of the year. Cold weather injuries are also as common as the cold and fluduring this time of the year. Finally, it’s a time that to be aware of people with less than honorableintentions looking for easy targets.2. Keeping it warm and comfortable for family and friends involves turning up the heat. It isimportant to have your fire places and furnaces inspected by a professional. Always keep all heatsources and flammables away from ignition sources to prevent fires from starting. It is importantto test all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for proper operation. Rehearse your firesafety plans and inspect safety equipment before it is needed. Teaching children and familymembers on how to properly react to a fire can save a life even yours.3. Being on the road again can be fun and exciting for everyone but hazards are always out there.Before starting the trip you always inspect and service your vehicle to insure proper operation.Packing for success requires a road side emergency kit, a first aid kit and rations in case of anaccidental breakdown. Before your departure plan the route, map alternate routes, and checkweather and traffic reports. Inform others of the routes that you plan to take and the time you planto arrive in case of breakdowns without cell phone services.4. Ice skating is an enjoyable event when planned but not when walking across a parking lot, sidewalk or stairs. Slowing down before rushing out the door and take a moment to survey yourwalking path. Wearing flat shoes with good traction reduces the risk of slipping and sliding onslick surfaces. Prepare for bad weather by having a pale of sand and salt for melting ice off ofwalking surfaces. Remember to fasten all cords and ropes when adding decorations to reduce triphazards on walking paths. Finally, keep ladders in good condition and follow the safetyinstructions posted on them.5. Prepare for the cold weather as it approaches and dress for success. If clothing becomes wetchange it out before going onward to prevent injuries. When children are waiting on the businsure they are properly dressed for the cold wet mornings. Physical fitness can be dangerousduring this time of year due to strains and tears in muscles if not properly warmed up. The use ofhand sanitizer is important to reduce the possible spread of germs at stores and sporting events.6. Finally, be aware of your surroundings and watchful for criminals looking for easy victims.Remember, when you are shopping in the stores for great deals criminals are also looking forgreat deal opportunities. Remember, keeping gifts out of plain sight as you secure them in yourvehicle when going from store to store reduces temptations of theft. Locking your car doors,setting your alarm, and parking in well lighted areas are deterrents to mitigate these circumstances.When you are dealing with home security it is best to keep the doors locked at all times and set thehome alarms. Do not invite criminals into your home by showing signs of being out of town or on
  2. 2. a trip. Leaving a light on will usually offer enough deterrent for those looking for an easy score.Ask your neighbors keep watch on your home when you are away and offer to do the same forthem.7. The State Safety Office Staff wishes you a safe winter season.