Banner ads team 5


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By Azhivannan, Achal, Arjun, Rajaram, Sreejesh and John - BIM Trichy

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Banner ads team 5

  1. 1. Azhivannan{ Arjun John Rajaram Achal Sreejesh
  2. 2.  ‘Billboards’ of Internet  Platform - to market your products and services to the internet world and beyond…  By definition - ‘a banner ad or web banner is a form of online advertising that entails embedding an advertisement on a web page’.  GIF, Flash, often employing animation, sound, or video to maximize presence. Images in high-aspect ratio shape.Banner ads???
  3. 3. Objectives of Banner ads  Bringing a visitor to the advertiser site  Registering a product or service in the users’ mind - Branding
  4. 4. Why are banner adsimportant? Inexpensive means of online advertising Possibility of targeting specific customers
  5. 5. Types of Banner ads Banner ads by function Banner ads by size
  6. 6.  Static Banners  Animated Banners  Rotating Banners  Scrolling Banners  Pop-Up Banners  Pop-Under Banners  Drop-down Menu Banners  Interstitials  Rich Media Banner Ads  Floating Banners  Corner Peel Banner  Unicast Advertisement  Pushdown  Fixed Panel Banner  XXL Box BannerBanner ads by function
  7. 7. Banner ads by size Recommended Recommended Maximum Animation Size of internet banner Initial Length Download (Seconds) Fileweight300 x 250 IMU - (Medium Rectangle) 40k :15180 x 150 IMU - (Rectangle) 40k :15728 x 90 IMU - (Leaderboard) 40k :15160 x 600 IMU - (Wide Skyscraper) 40k :15300 x 600 IMU - (Half Page Ad) 40k :15120 x 60 IMU - (Button 2) 20k :1588 x 31 IMU - (Micro Bar) 10k :15 Core Standard Ad Units given by Interactive Advertising Bureau As of February 28, 2011
  8. 8. How to make these ads? Graphic designers Ad creation agencies Ad networksOptions Pay publisher sites to in order to post its banner. Pay an organization(e.g.: Flycast), to post the banner on a number of publisher sites. Display other Web sites banner ads in exchange for them displaying their ads in your page.
  9. 9. Costing of Banner ads No hard and fast rule to find the cost of banner adsBanner Pricing Indicators Ad Spot Position Horizontal banners Advertiser competition Targeted content The unique visitor count. Size
  10. 10. Costing Methods forAdvertising Space  CPC (Cost Per Click)  CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)  CPA (Cost Per Action)  Cost Per Time or Term Based
  11. 11. Best practices to follow Ad Placement and Position Powerful Heading Attention-grabber Call-to-action Animation
  12. 12. Tracking Banner ads  Google Adwords  Third Party Solutions   
  13. 13. Future of Banner ads First banner ads appeared in 1990 - 80% click through rate (CTR) Current CTR 0.5% Worth of the ad spaces Recent studies - customers get influenced by banner ads even though not clicking. Effectiveness of the banner ads to show their value beyond the click throughs Challenge for the advertisers – give away CTR