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Yaazli International Spring Training


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Spring Framework Version 4 Training
Spring Framework Version 5 Preview

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Yaazli International Spring Training

  1. 1. YAAZLI INTERNATIONAL SPRING TRAINING CORE SPRING Content 01. Introduction To Spring 02. Spring Java Configuration: A Deeper Look 03. Annotation-Based Dependency Injection 04. XML Dependency Injection 05. The Bean Lifecycle: How Does Spring Work Internally? 06. Testing A Spring-Based Application 07. Aspect-Oriented Programming 08. Data Access And JDBC With Spring 09. Database Transactions With Spring 10. JPA With Spring And Spring Data 11. Spring In A We3b Application 12. Spring Boot 13. Spring Boot - Going Further 14. Spring Security 15. Rest With Spring MVC 16. Microservices With Spring Cloud Aligned with Pivotal®: Spring Professional Certification SPRING WEB TRAINING Content 01. Development Environment 02. Spring Overview 03. Getting Started With Spring Web MVC 04. Spring MVC Configuration I 05. Managing Layouts In Spring MVC 06. Spring MVC Configuration II 08. Form Handling With Spring MVC 09. Site Personalization With Spring MVC 10. Implementing Rest 11. Exception Handling 12. Building Client Applications With AJAX 13. Web Application Security With Spring Security 14. Debugging And Testing Web Applications 15. Spring Boot 16. Spring Web Sockets Aligned with Pivotal®: Spring Web App Developer Certification COURSE DURATION 32 Hours of Training 2 Hours Crash Class Daily 15 Days Regular Class Monday,Wednesday,Friday Tuesday,Thursday, Saturday 6 Hours Week End Batch Saturday Targeted Audience: Web Application Developer Enterprise App Developer Business App Developer Pre-Requisite: Knowledge in Java Name: Arjun Sridhar UR Call: +919941907755 Place: Chennai web: b h // f b k / lii d