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Yaazli International AngularJS 5 Training


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Angular JS Ver 2 Training
Angular JS Ver 4 Preview

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Yaazli International AngularJS 5 Training

  1. 1. YAAZLI INTERNATIONAL ANGULAR.IO TRAINING ANGULAR.IOVERSION4TRAINING Table Of Contents Section 01: Environment [OS & Browser Support, Polyfills, ECMA] Section 02: Architecture Section 03: Editor, Setup, Configuration [TypeScript, Packages] Section 04: Modules, @NgModule Section 05: Components Section 06: Templates Section 07: Metadata Section 08: Data Binding [Components, Templates] Section 09: Data Display Section 10: User Input, Forms Section 11: Directives Section 12: Services Section 13: Dependency Injection & Hierarchical Injectors Section 14: Routing & Navigation, Guards, Location Section 15: Animations Section 16: HTTP Client Section 17: Lifecycle Hooks Section 18: NPM Packages Section 19: Pipes Section 20: Security COURSE DURATION 40 Hours of Training Regular Class [5 Hours Daily] Durations: 8 Days Timings: 08:oo Hrs to 13:00 Hrs Timings: 14:oo Hrs to 19:00 Hrs Crash Class [10 Hours WE] Week End Batch-Saturday Targeted Audience: UI/UX Developers Web App Developers Enterprise App Developers Pre-Requestions: Knowledge in HTML, CSS, JS Name: Arjun Sridhar UR Call: +919941907755 Place: Chennai web: web: