Media Studies EVALUATION


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Media Studies EVALUATION

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts ?
  2. 2. ConventionsThe star struggling to dosomething before he drinksthe drink and then becomessuccessful at it.We also don’t include females,which shows our targetaudience to be male.We also have two differentscenarios rather then just thesame all the way throughWe also have colours whichare mostly associated with
  3. 3. Ben Drinking Product Rooney Drinking ProductBen Close-Up (Serious) Rooney Close up Serious
  4. 4. RED Bull advertSimilar football advert and it haselements of slow motion, just asour revision advert as fast pacedareas.It only contains good footballersIt never shows them drinking thedrinkIt has the logo at the endIt contains malesOnly contains good elements notshowing them before they drankthe energy drinkContains the convention of youwill be better if you have this drinkhttp://
  5. 5. PowerAdeKeeps with the energy theme,contains slow motionShows one person who is betterthen the otherThe person who is better isdrinking PowerAde who is drinkingthe normal water, similar to ourrunning advert.They also contain some elementsof slow motion
  6. 6. Monster Energy DrinkMostly MalesShows them all lazy andlounging aroundShows them drink the drinkEverything becomes fasterfast pacedFast forward, edited similarlyShows them having a goodtime rather then a bad time.
  7. 7. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts ?
  8. 8. To show that the four adverts are clearlyconnected to one another we use the same songand sport in the main products and ancillarytexts because this is so the audience canremember our product when they hear the songalso when the advert starts the audience hearthe music and know that it’s a turbo advert theywill also remember the other adverts.
  9. 9. We also use the same actor in advert 2 and thepromotional advert this is so the audience canconnect our promotional add which is theshortest to the longer one of the first advertwith more in it to show the audience.
  10. 10. There is also the same situation in the two mainadverts which is the character not doing verywell in something and taking the drink andbecoming better at it this shows to the audiencethat the drink will work in anything, sports orrevision included. This is similar to real lifeadverts of sports drinks like Lucozade andPowerade.
  11. 11. Two male actors and voices in all of the advertsthis links all of the adverts to each other it alsoshows that the target audience for the productsis male
  12. 12. In the first advert, second advert and thepromotional they all have a close up of the labelon the bottle this is to show the audience thateven though there is a different bottle in thesecond advert than the first advert the label isthe same so the audience can recognise that theproducts are the same.
  13. 13. In all of our adverts we mainly use high key lighting becausethey are filmed outside and the high key lighting gives ahappier feel to our adverts so the audience will rememberthe product and then buy it, However, advert 2 is filmedindoors in which the low key lighting goes with thedepressing theme of revision.- All of these things that make the adverts successful andconnect work well in all the adverts and are effective inconnecting all the adverts together
  14. 14. 3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
  15. 15. If we were to restart this project we would...Use stronger and louder actingTarget both gendersSpend more time on the Radio advert
  16. 16. We believe our product to be successful because...The association between all four adverts are strongsuch as using the same song and tagline.The use of slow and fast motion clearly distinguishesthe products enhancement.The product is clearly shown throughout the advertsleaving the viewer with a lasting message.
  17. 17. How Did You Use new media technologies in the
  18. 18. We used a range of different media technologies in all of our project to ensure our adverts and research were to the best of its ability. In our research and planning, we used the mac computers available in the classroom for internet as well as othercomputers around the school and our own internet devices.This use of technology allowed us to view other adverts forus to gain a better idea of what was asked of us, and to giveus a better foundation to begin with. It also helped us comeup with ideas, and even gave us more knowledge on camera shots etc. We looked at adverts such as powerade, lucozade, relentless and many more on the websiteYouTube, which helped us expand our ideas. Here are some links to those adverts. Lucozade ad- http:// Powerade ad-
  19. 19. Internet The internet also allowed us to view websitessuch BBC and the ASA to research other areas ofmedia, to further give us a better understandingof media as a whole. From this we were able tounderstand things such as the key principles ofthe advertising codes and the top ten advertsto cause offence, which helped us to not repeatsimilar mistakes as those made by others.
  20. 20. Technologies in PlanningOther use of technology in our planning, is when we tookpictures of our storyboards and uploaded them to the maccomputers in class, this saved us a huge amount of time,instead of having to spend time figuring out how to Drawon the macs, we simply took pictures of the storyboardswith the digital we were given and uploaded them. Thisway proved fast and effective.The macs also allowed us to animate our storyboard,something which wouldn’t be possible on paper, and overallmade things a lot better for us.
  21. 21. Cameras small portableThrough our project, we recorded withcameras, which were very useful as we were able to travelto any location we wanted to record (including off schoolpremises) and the technology from the cameras allowed usto do everything we needed. There were many advantagesto this, the main being we could use the cameras anywherewithout having to worry about charging, and the fact wecould record as often as we liked.The only disadvantages for the use of cameras, was the factthe we were required to use one of our group members torecord the adverts, and the shakiness of the camerasometimes shows. Although we had a tripod, it cannotalways be relied on as it seemed to break down on us quiteoften.
  22. 22. iMovieiMovie for editing was a great form of media technology,after uploading our adverts via the cable we were able toinsert it to iMovie and edit the adverts. We arranged themin the order we wanted, cut out what wasn’t needed, puteffects where necessary, and much more. This enabled usto finish off and add the final touches to our project tomake sure it was the best it could be. Limitations for iMoviewere things like the fact we could not add some of theeffects we wanted, eg. A certain amount of running lengthwas required before we could add a effect. Also, theshakiness of the camera in parts of the averts were notfixable on iMovie, we had to re film those parts and repeatthe whole process.
  23. 23. Technologies for evaluation We opted for the presentation, and being sucha great media technololgy, we simply have toshow our presentation and after being recordedit could be sent off straightforwardly with all thecontent included. For the evaluation we alsoused PowerPoint and internet to write up andevaluate everything done so far, from theinternet we were able to draw examples andinsert hyperlinks and pictures which helped give