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How to join interior design


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How to join interior design

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How to join interior design

  1. 1. HOW TO JOIN INTERIOR DESIGN Created by : Arjun Kamal ,Interior Designer
  2. 2. The Indian design scenario is expanding very fast and is offering many opportunities. Those who wish to be self-employed, or work as a free lancer, INTERIOR DESIGNING is best as a career. This is the only profession which gives you the flexibility to operate from your own home without much expenditure. This field of design is a great career option for one who has flair for creativity.
  3. 3. There are few careers that offer so many benefits. As an interior decorator you will have the satisfaction of making your vision a reality. You will meet interesting people, and because many people who hire interior decorators are wealthy, you will likely spend time in many beautiful homes and businesses. If you start your own decorating business you can enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. And perhaps most importantly, your "work" will be fun, interesting, and rewarding. As long as you have the desire, you can become an interior decorator. No special education or experience is necessary to break into this career and succeed.
  4. 4. Interior decorators are expected to know about the various elements involved in decorating such as: space planning (how to arrange furniture and other items within a particular space), use of color and light, furniture and decorating styles, floorings, wall coverings, window treatments, and use of accessories such as pillows and art. You can learn decorating through INTERIOR DECORATION POSTAL COURSE provided by Academy of Interior Decoration, New Delhi.
  5. 5. Do you want to become an Interior Decorator or an Interior Designer? They are the same, both need to have an artistic eye, a flair for style, and a great deal of creativity. The Interior Designer must have some understanding of architecture and construction, and be a good business person who can manage people, budgets and client relationships. An Interior Decorator needs to be able to carry out a client's vision and preferences, and plan interiors that are attractive and practical.
  6. 6. To become an Interior Decorator, you are not required to pass a graduate course, and no formal education or exam is required. However, you will want to stay informed about the latest trends, and develop your skills. Take advantage of Interior Decoration Postal Course provided by Academy of Interior Decoration, New Delhi.
  7. 7. Both decorators and designers will combine color schemes, fabric swatches, and photographs with sketches for room design. This style guide pertains to all purchases and changes. Understand that as an interior designer you will need to know more than how to decorate a space. For example, you should be able to easily read a blueprint and know how to communicate with engineers, architects and clients.
  8. 8. Interior decorating is a profession that decides everything and anything that is found in a particular space. Interior decorating can include furnishings, furniture, windows, doors, textures, lights, fi nishes, walls and floors. Interior decorators are responsible for making spaces functional, aesthetically pleasing and safe for the builder and occupants.
  9. 9. Anyone involved in interior decorating will be responsible for meeting with clients to determine wants and needs, keeping up-to-date with current trends, matching and coordinating furniture and fixtures, enhancing the spatial aesthetics, working with builders and architects and finalizing design concepts.
  10. 10. Interior decorating continues to be a very popular and competitive field, the average salary for a fresh interior decorator is Rs. 10-15,000 per month. Salaries do vary greatly, depending on experience, firm reputation, specialty and employer. Many designers earn a salary, while a portion of the industry works on a commission basis..
  11. 11. NOW you can learn the secrets of good decoration of your home, at your home. You can acquire the essential basic knowledge of good design with the help of Home Study Courses prepared by ACADEMY OF INTERIOR DECORATION. These special home study courses prepared by experts (and presented in vivid and lucid style) takes you step by step into the interiors of Art of Interior Decoration. You can learn at your own pace, study in your own free time, at your own sweet home.
  12. 12. On successful completion of the certificate course you will be awarded a beautiful certificate certifying you made a systematic study of the subjects. The certificate will be tangible proof that you have acquired specialised knowledge. It would be a document to make you proud of it. Though this certificate is not recognised by the government it will be a personal valuable testimony to your initiative to learn and study. As a matter of fact there is no recognised correspondence course in interior decoration in India. But Correspondence Course is more convenient, easy and flexible.
  13. 13. Do you want to become a qualified and expert Interior Decorator? Then join six month's certificate postal course conducted by ACADEMY OF INTERIOR DECORATION, situated at Shakti Nagar, Delhi. Mr. Ashok Goel, a qualified and experienced architect and famous author of various books started this Academy in 1986 to teach the intricacies of Interior Decoration by distance education method. A graduate from SPA, New Delhi, Mr. Goel is having more than 32 years of experience in designing and decorating. He is author of Home Decoration Guide, 51 House Designs and Modern House Plans of which more than 200000 copies have been sold out. Mrs. Madhu Mohan, an architect, completed her architecture from famous Chandigarh College of Architecture. Mrs. Haritima is post graduate in History from Ajmer University of Rajasthan. Mr. Aditya Kamal, a graduate in architecture from I.P. University Delhi has done his masters from DCRUST, Haryana. He has contributed articles in various newspapers and magazines and is author of books on house designs. He has done deep study in Vaastushastra.
  14. 14. Q. HOW do I start? Ans. Download Information Bulletin and enrolment form from the website. and fill the Enrolment form, clearly mentioning whether you want your lessons in Hindi or English. Also specify the course (i.e. Hobby course or Certificate course). Send the enrolment fee by M.O./ Bank Draft payable to ACADEMY OF INTERIOR DECORATION, payable at Delhi. After receiving your application and fee we will start sending you the lessons. You can write to Academy of Interior Decoration 10A/14 Shakti Nagar Delhi – 110007 for free copy of the prospectus, if you find any difficulty in downloading the form from the internet.
  15. 15. Ashok Goel, B. Arch. From SPA, New Delhi. P.G. Dip., [Journalism], F.I.I.A. 39 Years professional experience. Author of various books on Architecture and Interiors of which more than 200,000 copies have been sold out. Founding Director of Academy of Interior Decoration teaching Interior Decoration through correspondence for the last 32 years. Founder of Global Academy of Vaastu and Design Fellow of Indian Institute of Architects