Insight And Opportunity Matrix


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Insight And Opportunity Matrix

  2. 2. >> RAJESH PATEL Insight Opportunity Rajesh wants to expand and promote his business How do we create tools and applications that to be more well connected in his locality and have serve as a means for Rajesh to expand his busi- reach to larger customer base. ness locally? Rajesh had migrated from his village to the city to How do we use IPTV to keep Rajesh well connect- find work in his uncle’s business. He misses his ed to friends and family in an economic manner? hometown and all the events that his friends and How can we give Rajesh access to news about family engage with together. events and developments of his village? Rajesh has little time to explore his city and hang Can we bring local news and happenings to out with friends. Rajesh and allow him to share his findings and views with friends/communities? Rajesh books his train tickets at the station once How do we initiate and give Rajesh access to es- a year to visit his hometown. He prefers to book it sential services in an easy to do manner. How can in advance to avoid last minute issues with avail- we provide live status and procedural information ability. However, he finds the entire process very for these services? tedious. Rajesh often reviews his DVD collection (quality, Can we provide ways in which Rajesh can get genres etc) to keep a check on how his business customers to communicate to him their prefer- is doing. He tries to understand his customers ences, wants and feedback for bettering his busi- tastes to serve them better. ness? Rajesh spends a lot of time in his shop alone wait- How can IPTV provide access to activities and ing for his customers to visit. He usually spends information that is customized to Rajesh’s tastes? this time with trivial things to occupy his mind. Rajesh does not have any internet references like How can we provide visibility to Rajesh’s business his competitors (email), and feels that it might in different mediums and manners? help him if he does.
  3. 3. >> MANJULA RAJAN Insight Opportunity Manjula lives in a close knit community who end How can IPTV encourage and enrich TV viewing up getting together and watching TV in the eve- as a social activity? nings and on weekends. She enjoys this social gathering and usually watches what the majority of the people want. Manjula usually has to have someone switch on Can the IPTV remote be made simple and un- the TV for her at both her workplace and her daunting so that everyone can use it? house as she doesn’t know and is scared to try it herself. Manjula lives in a place with minimal Govt. ser- How can we provide ways of voicing opinions and vices. Water, Electricity and Sanitation are a bringing transperancy in a system and a commu- problem. Information and progress on these nity through IPTV? fronts are difficult to get and beaurocracy makes them voiceless. Manjula is not educated and believes she could Can Manjula be provided with relevant education improve the quality of her life with education. that she can access privately in the comfort of her home? Manjula is often depressed about the fact that Can we provide easy and economic access to she has problem with conceiving children and an medical care and organizations that address her alcoholic husband to deal with. Health is usually a needs for family welfare? How can IPTV become a neglected factor due to no time or money to visit medium to connect experts of the field to provide hospitals. assistance and education to people like Manjula?
  4. 4. >> OV LAXMI Insight Opportunity OV Laxmi spends most of her time independantly How can IPTV become an enriching mode of com- and keeps in touch with family through her cell munication for OV Laxmi and her family? phone alone. OV Laxmi has a mobile but stores her numbers How do we provide OV Laxmi with seamless tech- on a paper stored in its case, as she finds using nology that is intuitive and easy to use? the phonebook on her mobile very complicated. OV Laxmi is interested and comfortable with only How do we create technology that is accessible, certain media and is not willing to experiment. that is based on intuitiveness rather than ac- quired knowledge? OV Laxmi has a certain set of keen interests - Can we use IPTV to help OV Laxmi pursue her Knitting, Reading etc and is on the lookout for the interests and introduce her to new groups of in- latest trends regarding these hobbies. terest? How can she track the latest and popular trends of her favorite topics? OV Laxmi has great faith in religion and often Can we allow OV Laxmi to “visit” her favourite listens to mantras on CD. She finds solace in her temples more often and have personalized pujas pujas and believes in certain temples across the done “live”? country. OV Laxmi loves certain programmes and hates How do we ensure that OV Laxmi has access to having to miss them. her programmes at all times so that she never misses it?
  5. 5. >> SK GHOSH Insight Opportunity Dr Ghosh, tries his best to stay connected with his How can we provide Dr Ghosh with affordable family and friends without burning a hole in his connectivity to the people he loves? pocket. Dr Ghosh finds it difficult to drive and often How do we give Dr. Ghosh a platform that he can spends time at home when he’d much rather be use to interact with his friends and even expand with friends or family his social network. Dr Ghosh budgets to have enough money to visit How do we give Dr Ghosh better and more conve- his children abroad. He knows little ways of doing nient financial planning services? it, and tries to find more methods to cut costs Dr Ghosh uses his mobile to sms friends to join How can we create an interconnected system him online. He finds this cost effective. that he could use to communicate with ‘offline’ friends, family? Living on budget, Dr Ghosh is clear about what he How do we provide people customized content wants and what he would pay for and thus would and services that are relevant and affordable for not invest in things he would not use or things them? that wouldnt be useful. In spite of his age, Dr Ghosh has a very agile mind How can we give Dr. Ghosh a platform where he and is very well read. He has views on almost all can share his views and make his opinions heard? subjects and would like to share them along with his expertise so that everyone benefits. Dr Ghosh is a gregarious person and has grown Can IPTV allow people to watch TV and interact up in a large joint family. He would much rather simultaneously to create a virtual Tv watching watch TV in a group rather than alone in the pri- group that can interact and comment? vacy of his room. Dr Ghosh spends a lot of time researching and Can we create a virtual market that allows for comparing products and their brands, before brand, price and feature comparisons so that investing in them. purchase decisions are informed? Dr Ghosh looks out for good restaurants and holi- Can we bring credible city and travel information day destinations that he can visit with his son. to people in their homes in a useful and produc- tive manner? Dr Ghosh loves sharing pictures and memories Can we provide easy systems of file sharing and of events with his children. He usually does so editing to Dr Ghosh? through the computer or wait till his children come home next, if the task is too difficult. Dr Ghosh is a respected member of the admin- Can we provide Dr Ghosh ways of conferencing istration for his building and constantly holds and addressing group activities using Television? meetings and with his neighbors and builders to Can we provide a forum for a community to post address various issues. grievances and share opinions?
  6. 6. >> MANI GIRIDHAR Insight Opportunity Mrs Giridhar spends some amount of worryfree What activities or hobby enhancement tools can time alone in the afternoon pursuing her hobbies. IPTV offer Mrs Giridhar? Mrs Giridhar is able to use various technolo- How do we make technology that integrates well gies but needs it to be plug and play and cannot and seamlessly across mediums? trouble shoot. Being a housewife, Mrs Giridhar is multitasking Can IPTV help Mrs. Giridhar comfortably do and constantly juggling between her responsibili- various things at the same time so that she can ties and interests. balance her responsibilities and interests and get more spare time? Mrs Giridhar is conventional with certain tech- How do we get a comfort level with digital tech- nologies. She takes time to break ice, and given a nology to people from an orthodox background? choice, is biased towards the paintbrush than the mouse. Mrs Giridhar usually is talking to her friends/ How do we create better opportunities to share family about people, friends, places to eat, reci- information, views, likes and dislikes etc.? pes to make, current events. Mrs Giridhar finds it difficult multi tasking on How do we create simpler and more intuitive a computer. Tabs and such confuse her. She is interactions and applications that would benefit a happy with one thing at one time. user? Mrs Giridhar is fond of using Skype to communi- Can Mrs Giridhar use IPTV to connect with her cate with her daughter. Not because a Voice call daughter in a cost effective, personal manner? is expensive but, a Video Call is more personal. Can they share more than just conversations? Mrs Giridhar is great with some features on her How do we bring about a sense of comfort that al- mobile but not so great with others - She can lows users the ability to access data and features send messages with ease,but finds say the dic- in ways that they find comfortable? tionary mode complicated, or personalizing her profile features.
  7. 7. >> CHANAKYA VARMA Insight Opportunity Year after year, Chanakya faces more pressure How do we provide educational aides and content to do increasingly well in School. that allows Chanakya to gain a better understand- ing of his school Curriculum? Chanakya has many aspirations growing up and How do we initiate tools like career counselling and wants to pursue many things as a career path? ensure that Chanakya has access to the informa- tion he needs? Chanakya spends large amounts of his time How do we create a forum for children to collabo- drawing or making things that he collects in his rate, create, share, learn and discover. scrap book. Chanakya likes video games and saves money How do we create a forum where children can cre- to buy them. When they don’t work, he feels ate and review their own games/ media? cheated. Chanakya likes ‘Iron Maiden’ (Music Band) and How do we give Chanakya access to media he would like to own all their CD’s as collectibles wants and at the same time provide Value Adds/ Physical Bonus’s? Chanakya’s school follows a strict curriculum How do we create tools for Chanakya that allow and timeline. Homework and classwork is what him to manipulate and organize his study sched- the day revolves around. ules? After school, homework and tuitions, Chanakya How can we initiate group activity/social interaction is left with little time to play/interact with others and collaboration on IPTV? How do we initiate and his age. Since he is an only child, the little play/ extend his reach? Can he play or share a game with entertainment time is usually spent alone. He a friend in another part of the city? sometimes spends time in the building lobby playing playstation portable with friends