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Introduction to e commerce


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Introduction to e commerce

  1. 1. Introduction to E-Commerce
  2. 2. Definition“Commerce conducted electronically” -
  3. 3. Online Definition Objective Transactions E-commerce“Commerce conducted electronically” Mechanism (Drivers)E-Commerce Objective 1. Marketing 2.Mechanism Computer (Drivers) Science
  4. 4. EC = OT +( M + CS) E-Commerce Online Computer MarketingTransactions Science
  5. 5. Online TransactionsGive and GetSituation• e-Money What• Product
  6. 6. Online TransactionsBuyer – One who pays & receives productSeller – One who supplyproduct and get money. Give-Get Situation Who Buyer = Customer Seller = Business
  7. 7. Online TransactionsNow (Real-time),• Experience the products online• Pay and order deliveries Give-Get Situation Buyer - Seller When
  8. 8. Online TransactionsMarket Place,• No more Bricks, only Clicks Give –• Virtual market space Get Situation Buyer - Seller Where Real- time
  9. 9. Online TransactionsFreedom to,• Test• Compare Give-Get Situation• Select• Reject Buyer - Why Seller Virtual Real- Market time Place
  10. 10. Online TransactionsMechanism (Parent Disciplines),• Computer Science• Marketing Give-Get Situation Buyer - Freedom Seller How Virtual Real- Market time Place
  11. 11. Parent Disciplines of E-CommerceComputer Drivers of Marketing E- Science Commerce
  12. 12. Parent Disciplines of E-CommerceComputer Science HW SW Drivers of E- Marketing LW Commerce NW
  13. 13. Parent Disciplines of E-CommerceComputer Science Marketing SW HW Economics Drivers of E- LW Psychology Commerce NW