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Arjen Zegwaard "Can we know a Delta?"


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Arjen Zegwaard "Can we know a Delta?"

  1. 1. Communities and Institutions for Flood Resilience Turning Tides? Can we know a Delta?from understanding a delta to decision making Arjen Zegwaard, PhD candidateIrrigation and Water Engineering group, Wageningen University & Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University, Amsterdam
  2. 2. Content of presentation• Introduction: understanding, decision making and Deltas• Approach Social Study of Science and Technology• Climate change as a game changer The Dutch Dealing with the Delta and blue-green algae• BanglaDutch Studying the Bangladesh-Netherlands water management link• Two questions
  3. 3. IntroductionWhat is a Delta?How does it work? conceptions; problems; time/space; technologies; histories/futures; ...
  4. 4. Approach• Social Studies of Science and technology• Actor Network ApproachHow?• (in depth) Interviewing• Participant observation• Document analysis
  5. 5. Climate Change as a Game Changer
  6. 6. BanglaDutch
  7. 7. 2 Questions:• What are the Key Moments in history for the BGD Delta?• Climate Change as a Game Changer in BGD?