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WAVE model: Social Media Strategy For Non Profits


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A model for creating WAVEs for your non profit organisation, enabling you to use social media to achieve the goals you've set for your organisation.

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WAVE model: Social Media Strategy For Non Profits

  1. 1. Creating the WAVE Social Media Plan For Non Profits Arjan Tupan
  2. 2. The WAVE Model
  3. 3. The WAVE Model The 3 W Questions Finding Your A udience Use V ersatile Tools E ngage Your Audience You will be creating waves for your organisation. Waves that will help you reach your goals, by identifying them, finding your audience, selecting the tools you will start using, and engaging with your audience
  4. 4. The 3 W Questions
  5. 5. The W Questions Are A Good Start What do we want to achieve? Why do we want to achieve that? Who can help us achieve our goals? First of all we should answer the three ‘W’ questions
  6. 6. What Do We Want To Achieve Get fitter Raise money for the Nanhi Kali Project Connect to like minded colleagues Test our WAVE proposition Set measurable and achievable goals
  7. 7. 10K4N Example The goals set for 10K4N were simple: get fitter, connect and raise money. The get fit target is personal, but an example is the ability to run the distance of 10 kilometer. Connecting people was another goal, measurable by the number of people joining a network like Yammer, connecting over LinkedIn etcetera. The last goal was also very measurable. Every dollar more than 0 would have been a good result.
  8. 8. Why do we want to do this? Find the real driver for using social media Support the OneTeam spirit by building ties between colleagues Get motivated for working out Help a good cause Build Social Media practical experience Let colleagues share and learn from eachother
  9. 9. 10K4N Example Personally, I was out of shape and had a hard time staying motivated for working out. Doing the challenge was a good way of motivating, but also testing the community building theory we were promoting and building experience with creating a buzz and using different social media tools.
  10. 10. Who Can Help Us Achieve Our Goals? Target audiences Know them, study them, connect to them
  11. 11. Your Audience Consists Of People With A Common Goal; Common To Yours Get fit Build Social Media experience Connect with colleagues
  12. 12. Don’t Be Afraid To Identify People Not In Your Audience – And Ignore Them Education for girls in India Erradicate Illiteracy Make Fresh Water Availble Discuss The Last Outfit Of Paris Hilton
  13. 13. 10K4N Example The 10K4N Challenge could have been aimed at everybody. But by specifying the audience to Capgemini colleauges I knew already a lot without need for further study. I knew how to address the audience, what the interests are and their level of knowledge about Naandi. I already had an audience, and I knew that some of them, like me, wanted to stay in shape, and help the Naandi foundation.
  14. 14. Finding Your A udience
  15. 15. Finding Your Audience Where is your audience located? Who are their thought leaders? Who are the most likely Angels? Which social tools are they using?
  16. 16. 10K4N Example The audience, I knew, was spread on a global scale. Through our intranet, e-mail directory and Yammer I knew exactly where to find them. By probing, I found thought leaders on the Naandi subject and Angels for the challenge. Of course, there were some tools I tried to use, but yielded almost no result. But, again, it’s better to fail, than not try; you can always shift to another tool or platform that does work.
  17. 17. Try To Find Yourself First Facebook: 16 groups for Naandi
  18. 18. Try To Find Yourself First Twitter: about 30 tweets in 7 days
  19. 19. And Don’t Forget Your Corporate Sponsors Their employees know you already (And they might be acting already) There are company groups on facebook and LinkedIn for example Look for Twitterers tweeting or bloggers blogging about these companies Find your Angels in their midst Angels are those who whithout apparent interest help raise money and promote you
  20. 20. Use V ersatile Tools
  21. 21. Build A Presence On The Networks Your Audience Is Using Already Create accounts and pages Brand in recognisable way Do not be afraid to abandon: if something doesn’t work, stop using it
  22. 22. Build A Communication Plan Communication Plan Topics Style/Tone Frequency Goal Text/ Video/Sound? Contributors
  23. 23. 10K4N Example Initially, we had a blog, an internal wiki page, a facebook page, a twitter account and a Yammer group. I also tried to use LinkedIn. The blog and twitter were by far the most active tools, measured by response. I stopped focusing on LinkedIn, gave a little less attention to facebook and Yammer, but strongly focused on the blog and Twitter.
  24. 24. Don’t Forget: Meeting In Person Is Also A Tool! Ask directly Discuss at parties Ask in meetings or conferences Remind people! Never miss a chance to ask, discuss or remind people of your cause. For 10K4N there was certainly money raised off line as well!
  25. 25. E ngage With Your Audience
  26. 26. Lay The Foundations For New Communities – Match Goals
  27. 27. Start Promoting Your Community
  28. 28. 10K4N Example For the 10K4N Challenge, I used a blog, the intranet, Twitter and the Yammer platform for the initial communication. I personally asked some of the most active people on Yammer and Twitter to help me in the promotion, which they did without exception! Although the period was too short for generating full co creation, the blog had some contributions and also, some Challengers were very happy to share their creative ways of inviting others and raising money.
  29. 29. From Outside To Angel It takes on average 9 months to build a fully functioning community, where you have converted outsiders to passive, active or even passionate members
  30. 30. 10K4N Example To get a big following, I send out over 300 personal mails. Inviting people, raising awareness and responding to questions and contributions – and donations. Next, I made sure that I had at least one new blog post per day, and several tweets.
  31. 31. Engage, and Engage Again, And Again, And Again… Lead by example Promote your Communnity Toolset* Invite Angels Personally Goals achieved? Repeat ad infinitum * = Your toolset for promoting your community is bottomless: mail, phone, postcards, posters, tv, radio etcetera, etcetera. Whatever is in your reach.
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