Facebook Stats Baltic States September 2010


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A compilation of Facebook usage statistics in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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Facebook Stats Baltic States September 2010

  1. 1. Who walks the Dog Facebook User Statistics Baltic States http://whowalksthedog.com September 2010
  2. 2. Who walks Facebook Usage And Penetration the Dog Facebook Total Penetration Change Users Population since August Estonia 258220 1340675 19% + 1.26% Latvia 168560 2266094 7% + 5.96% Lithuania 694180 3358115 21% - 0.90 % A small growth in usage of Facebook in Estonia and Latvia, but a decline in usage in Lithuania. Decline mainly in age group 18-34. http://whowalksthedog.com
  3. 3. Who walks Distribution By Country Baltic States the Dog 23% 62% 15% Estonia Latvia Lithuania http://whowalksthedog.com Latvia takes a slightly bigger share compared to August (+1%) from Lithuania.
  4. 4. Who walks Distribution By Gender Baltic States the Dog 1% 43% 56% Male Female Not Indicated http://whowalksthedog.com Distribution by gender unchanged compared to August.
  5. 5. Who walks Distribution By Age Baltic States the Dog 4%2% 18% 16% 26% 33% 13-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+ http://whowalksthedog.com Baltic Facebookers get older: the age group 35-44 makes up 16 % compared to 10% in August.
  6. 6. Who walks Remarks Concerning The Data the Dog - Usage was measured at 1 October 2010 - Population data are mid-year estimates of the World Bank for 2008 - Facebook only registers users that are 13 years of age or older - In Latvia, Draugiem.lv is the main social network - Data on gender and age depends on users giving this information http://whowalksthedog.com
  7. 7. Who walks A Who walks the Dog Presentation the Dog 2 October 2010 Who walks the Dog provides strategic advice on using innovative ways to optimize your business, focusing on the human factor. We specialize in social media, CSR and Lean Management / Six Sigma. More information: Arjan Tupan http://whowalksthedog.com arjan@whowalksthedog.com http://whowalksthedog.com http://twitter.com/whowalksthedog http://twitter.com/arjantupan http://facebook.com/whowalksthedog +371 27 44 88 11
  8. 8. Who walks the Dog The fonts used in this presentation are Junction Regular and Nevis. Junction Regular is available at The League of Moveable Type (http://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/) and Nevis at Ten by Twenty (http://www.tenbytwenty.com). Both sites have many more beautiful fonts available. http://whowalksthedog.com This presentation has been prepared with care, and without direct commercial gain. I have tried to use copyright free imagery, or made an effort to obtain permission of use. However, if you feel that any photo, picture or text in this presentation infringes your copyright, please inform the author at info@whowalksthedog.com. This presentation itself is licensed under creative commons license by-nc-sa.