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Peter van der Putten: Demystifying Big Data for ProjectWaalhalla


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Peter van der Putten: Demystifying Big Data for ProjectWaalhalla

  1. 1. Peter van der Putten
  2. 2. T, H  D  T or F D  H, T
  3. 3. Peter van der Putten
  4. 4. Messages / Why Important  Why it is important to listen to this talk / hook Monetize your data into profit and better customer experiences E: LIACS, Pega  1B customers  Science– the big question: where does intelligence come from Learning versus reasoning? Learning! Where else do all the rules come from! Discovery versus testing Interactive, situated systems  Practice - Principles       Practice - War stories & Poster Childs     Double feeling about Big Data. Contrast – has been happening for ages versus new applications; reporting versus true intelligence, data mining From Big Data Hype to Decisions So how does this relate to big data? Hadoop don’t believe the hype. So big analytics then? Analysis Paralysis. Decisioning – combine these metaphores. next best action. monetize. Stories and lessons. Marketeers closed world assumption. Listening versus talking. Context versus customer. This is just an example. LIACS examples. Example data driven start ups. Warning - Dont overdo it Marijke Helwegen, Mori NSA bad example, positive example
  5. 5. • Hoe is data mining anders dan gewoon data analyse • Wat zijn successvolle voorbeelden van data mining