Introducing PersuasionAPI version 20110628


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New version of the PersuasionAPI pitch. Don't worry another version will follow ;-)

Introducing PersuasionAPI version 20110628

  1. 1. Intr ducing as seen in“It aint even a questionhow my dough flows?”Arjan Haring, Chief Rebel Officer, May 17th 2011
  2. 2. The New Brave World of Persuasion Profiling“new work by Maurits Kapteinand Dean Eckles, doctoralstudents in communicationsat Stanford University” shows“Retailers could not onlypersonalize which productsare shown, they couldpersonalize the way they’repitched, too.”
  3. 3. All websites run better* with PersuasionAPIPersuasive websites deliver better resultsPeople respond better to a persuasive sales pitchAdaptive persuasive websites deliver evenbetter resultsEveryone responds to a different sales pitch* Our recent data on pilot websites indicates at least 16% better
  4. 4. Persuasion is the new usabilityNowadays19321349200 B.C. Adapted from:
  5. 5. Our recent data on pilot websites indicates at least 16% better Adaptive persuasive websites continuously outperform pre WW II websites
  6. 6. Cialdini’s 6 Sales Strategies Submit Now Last Already 1400 people did this chance! Social Proof Scarcity Recently Experts Viewed choose this productCommitment & Consistency Authority Download our FREE xxxxxxx I ha Liking Reciprocity
  7. 7. Persuasion Pr filing Learning Algorithm Suggestion Engine Authority 1 ... ... 6 Social Proof 1 1 ... Customer XYZ ... 23Customer XYZ on Your Website Scarcity 1 ... ... 9 … ... ... ... Click  Submit Now Already 1400 people did this  Submit Now Last Click chance! Already 1400 people did this  Experts choose Click this product HT @foverbeek
  8. 8. Everyone gets a different sales pitch
  9. 9. Before: combination of sales pitches Science: Combination of Sales Pitches lowers the Persuasion Power. The combination works as effective as the least effective one.
  10. 10. After:1 individually optimized sales pitch
  11. 11. After: Optimized sales pitch stays withindividual at different stages of the funnel Individual XYZ is a sucker for Expert Opinions (Authority)
  12. 12. Real time Persuasion Persuasive Design Taxonomy Scarcity Social proof Authority … Persuasion Profiling Source: @haijeson
  13. 13. How it really works
  14. 14. 5 bonus reasons why PersuasionAPI rocks1. Do I need to opt-in? No. But we strongly recommend offering the possibility to opt-out.2. Can our IT department handle this kind of advanced technology? We don’t bother them.3. Are you scalable? Yes. We are up in “the cloud”4. Can our site go down? No. If you don’t get our API suggestion your site will still work.5. How do you deal with privacy issues? What privacy issues? See 1.
  15. 15. How to start Build your website Design persuasive content Make your website dynamic Use API Sit back, relax, and earn more dough