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Duurzaam doen 2012 Persuasive App @hackgroen workshop


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Duurzaam doen 2012 Persuasive App @hackgroen workshop

  1. 1. WORKSHOP B3Bouw een app die duurzaam gedrag stimuleert!Arjan Haring11.30 – 12.30 uur / zaal F3.26
  2. 2. Arjan Haring• Co-founder Science Rockstars• Lecturer on Persuasive Technology• Initiator Design for Conversion• TEDxUtrecht Organizer• Former CRM/Marketing Consultant• @arjanharing 2
  3. 3. Groen Doen Hackathon
  4. 4. Bedankt!• Platform Duurzaam Doen• De Omslag• UtrechtInc• Jaludo• Matt Wallaert• Dirk Franssens• Ramon Goedvree (!!!!)
  5. 5. Groene biertjes
  6. 6. Utrecht, 20 juni 2012Groen Doen Hackaton verbouwt „Groentetuin‟UTRECHT - Een team van studenten brengtgroentetuinen naar digitaal tijdperk. Ik zoekDeelnemers van de Groen Doen Hackathon Selecteerontwikkelden in slechts 48 uur een applicatiewaarmee zij de brug wisten te slaan tussen lokaletuinders en bewuste stadsbewoners.De studenten constateerden een grote vraag naarbiologisch, lokaal geteelde groenten en fruit.Doorslaggevend echter, was het grote potentiëleaanbod dat de studenten ontdekten in de regio.Naast de 240.000 volkstuinen die Nederland rijk is, postcodeblijkt er een groot animo te zijn onder particulierendie in eigen tuin groenten en fruit willen telen. Kies:Veel aanbod én vraag dus, maar geen onderlingeuitwisseling. Met de applicatie kunnen tuinders hunverse oogst aanbieden en in contact komen metliefhebbers van verse groenten en fruit.
  7. 7. Simply putPersuasion is…Everything that makes a request toaction (or attitude change) moresuccessful(Kaptein 2012)
  8. 8. Scarcity Social proof Social proof LikingConsistency & Commitment Social proof Social proofConsistency & Commitment Framing Scarcity Social proof Scarcity Social proof 9
  9. 9. Persuaders?Who are in the business (and science) ofpersuasion?Behavioral EconomistsPersuasive Technology (persons…)Psychologists
  10. 10. BehavioralEconomics
  11. 11. Don‟t believe the Hype
  12. 12. Cognitive BiasesA cognitive bias is a pattern of deviation injudgment that occurs in particularsituations, leading to what is broadlycalled irrationality.
  13. 13. Default BiasHumans are creatures of routine andhabit. When faced with situations in whicha default option is available, people showa consistent tendency to stick with thedefault.Causes:- Inertia- Expectations
  14. 14. Default Donors
  15. 15. Framing effectThe framing effect, another cognitive bias, describesthat presenting the same option in different formats canalter peoples decisions.
  16. 16. Framing your offer68% 16%32% 0% 84%Total: $ 8012 Total: $11444 Source: Prof. Dan Ariely 1
  17. 17. AnchoringAnchoring is a cognitive bias that describes thecommon human tendency to rely too heavily, or"anchor," on one trait or piece of information whenmaking decisions.
  18. 18. Anchoring numbersWhat is the percentage of African nationsthat are members of the United Nations.Was it more or less than 10%? (25%)Was it more or less than 65%? (45%) Source: Daniel Kahneman & Amos Tversky (1974)
  19. 19. What‟s the anchor?
  20. 20. Loss AversionLoss aversion refers to peoples tendency to stronglyprefer avoiding losses to acquiring gains. Some studiessuggest that losses are twice as powerful, psycho-logically, as gains.
  21. 21. Loss AversionIn England you start Italians have 20with zero points and points by default. Foryou get points for each traffic violationtraffic offences. points get deducted
  22. 22. PersuasiveTechnology
  23. 23. Piano Stairs66% more people than normal chose the stairs over the escalator.
  24. 24. Urinal FlySpillage at Amsterdam Airport decreased by 80%!
  25. 25. Fogg Behavior Model
  26. 26. Don‟t: Abrisays you ar fat
  27. 27. Do: Scale tells your friends
  28. 28. SocialPsychology
  29. 29. 6 Weapons of InfluenceRobert Cialdini:• Scarcity• Liking• Authority• Consistency & Commitment• Social Proof• Reciprocity
  30. 30. Recognizing PersuasionCan you spot (and name) thepersuasion strategies on thefollowing websites?
  31. 31. 35
  32. 32. Casestudy:FB Conservative
  33. 33. Fogg: “B = mat” - low cost of liking - existing motivation - hot triggers
  34. 34. Hot triggers1. Commitment2. Scarcity3. Authority
  35. 35. Sustainable PersuasionNow it’s time to use persuasion to thebenifit of the planet?Will you join us? @hackgroen