Resume alexandre cintra belfort rizzi 2013


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Resume alexandre cintra belfort rizzi 2013

  1. 1. Alexandre Cintra Belfort RizziBrazilian, married, 1 +55 11 98910-5977GOAL:Senior Executive / Commercial ManagerQUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY- Consolidated experience in more than 20 years in the commercial area companieslike: Linx Group S/A, Vivo, British Telecom, Telespazio Brazil S/A, Ford Motor Co,Techint S/A, JHS, Rosenberger Domex Telecom and Yamaha Motors Brazil.- Strategic business vision oriented for results and great ability to set and achieve goalsdirectly managing teams and sales channels;- Great capacity to customer’s business to business negotiation with seniormanagement developing other leaders and sales team, resulting in productive alliancesand partnerships for success;- A business person able to conquer solid relationships with strategic partners and buildconsensus across multiple organizational levels;- Core competences include: Sales Team Building & Leadership Key Account Relationship Management Marketing Planning & Positioning Executive Negotiations & High Level Presentations Structuring and Development of CRM RFP Development & ReviewEducation & CredentialsGraduationTelecommunications Engineer, Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial (Jun/1987)PHDBusiness Management & Marketing, Universidade de São Paulo (Aug/1992)MBAEconomy & Financial Business, Fundação Getúlio Vargas (Dec/1996)ComplementaryAdministration & Sales, KREA - Spain (Dec/2000)LanguagesSpanish: Advanced.English: Fluent.
  2. 2. Proffessional ExperienceGrupo Linx S.A.- since Jun/2011(Large company - national system and technology ERP developer company)Commercial and sales managerResponsible for the expansion and consolidation of the commercial area company forall retail segments. CRM deployment for continuous improvement of the relationshipand understanding between the company and the market. Creation of indirect saleschannels to expand the companys business nationally. Answering all the goals andobjectives in 2012, contributing to a 33% growth in annual sales in electronic paymentsystems for the retail market. Responsible for the direct management of 12professionals and a dozen more indirect sales channels. 50% reduction in turnover ofshares motivational area with clear focus and goals of each team.Actualize Brasil Serviços Tecnológicos Ltda.- Aug/2010 – Mar/2011(Midsize - multinational from Spain in technology support)Independent Sales Consultant in Commercial AreaResponsible for start-up companys commercial area in Brazil.Depth analysis of potential market segments generally defining products and servicesto be deployed initially, formatting and dissemination of setting the mark with customersin each segment selected as financial, telecommunications, credit cards, insurance andpublishing. Organizations operational structure to meet local demands generated bythe business closed.Major clients initial Editora Abril, BBV, Nextel and Telefonica.Rosenberger Domex Telecom - Nov/2008 – Apr/2010(Midsize - multinational manufacturer of telecommunication products.)Independent Sales Consultant & (Commercial Manager)Complete structuring of the entire commercial area, including the building of sales staff,pre-sales and post-sales, preparation strategic action plan for target action in themarket and recovery of old and important clients, bringing the companys turnover forUS$ 30M per year.Implementation of management reports rates of sales drivers, KPI, funnel and forecast.Develop an effective mix of products such as optical distributors, optical cords, racksand major racks, passive systems for cell base stations (BTS) and complete cablingsystems.Through authorized dealers throughout the Brazil, it was possible to identify a largernumber of customers and significantly increasing sales opportunities across thecountry.Telespazio Brazil S.A. - Jun/2007 - Jul/2008(Large company - multinational (Italy) - in the telecommunications segment)Administrative and Commercial Regional ManagerResponsible for the commercial area and also by the direct administration of thesoutheastern and southern Brazil,Definition of business planning and implementation by the sales team, with differentstrategies to address market opportunities which have worsened in real long-termcontracts, providing sustainable outcomes for the company, as a new contract withTelefonica US$ 3.8M and Sicredi US$ 8M, the latter including a difficult negotiationbecause it involves a technological change.Important development of dealers and sales representatives channels, implementing anew plan, with training of sales teams and motivational campaigns focused exclusivelyon clients.
  3. 3. Comsat International Ltda. (British Telecom) - Out/2002 - Jun/2007(Large company - multinational (U.S.) - in the telecommunications segment)Sales ManagerDirect Sales: Definitions of business strategy at national level with the splitting salesteam into "hunters" and "farmers" with individual performance by market segment,based on the expertise of each account manager, resulting in immediate motivationand team orientation results, customer focus, sales increase with customer fidelity andexpanding business with key clients such as Pirelli, Hexion, Bridgestone, CoatsCorrente, Camargo Correa and others, making a monthly income higher than US$1,2M.Dealers Sales: Development of direct and indirect channels dealers throughout Brazilfor personalized service and close to each customer, addressing their needs in apersonalized and regional levels. Implementation of various marketing campaignsthrough road shows, where guests could clarify and understand the benefits and gainsof the solutions.Intelig Telecomunicações Ltda. (TIM) - Dec/2000 - Out/2002(Large company - multinational (English) - in the telecommunications segment)Key Account ManagerKey role in structuring and implementation of the commercial area in Brazil during the"start up" company, developing a model of leadership that resulted in substantial salesof business services to major clients such as Reuters, SKY, Alcoa, SGS, and manyothers, generating revenues of US$ 100M per year. The high degree of motivation andcommitment to with the sales teams, setting objectives and goals clearly and also totrain new leaders, were a constant in my day-to-day.Development of more than a dozen dealers from selling in major Brazilian regions for aquickly cover the main economic regions and serve the largest customers in each ofthem on a regional and personal attendance.Telefonica Telecom de São Paulo S/A (Vivo) - Jun/1999 - Dec/2000(Large company - Multinational (Spain) - in the telecommunications segment)Account Manager Large CustomersOrganization of procedures in Telefonica, raising awareness and motivatingprofessionals from different fields related to the sales process, through the goodrelationship and transit along the different levels of the organization, resulting insignificant long-term contracts such as SERPRO, SESI, SESC SENAC and also withthe Government of Sao Paulo. It was possible to generate an income over R$ 2.0M permonth, reflecting an outstanding participation in the consolidation of TelefonicaEmpresas, being awarded several times a year, including the award for best salesstrategy in 2000Skill in negotiating contracts with the government of Sao Paulo, mobilizing politiciansand heads officers of the direct administration, working directly in the conquest ofIntragov contract worth approximately R$ 4M per month.JHS Construction and Acquisitions Ltda. - Jan/1997 - Jun/1999(Large company in the construction segment)Operations Manager and CommercialManagement and implementation of automation projects for commercial buildings,evidencing the positives results for the investors, about interconnection and opticalcommunication projects in several commercial condominiums, demonstrating thecapability of creating and the company building over the next 10 years.
  4. 4. Management of civil engineering and automation of shopping malls parking lots asIbirapuera, Mall, Market Place Mall and others. Assembly of access control, CFTV,electronic gates and collecting boxes.Cardiotech Latin America Comercial Ltda. - Oct/1995 - Nov/1996(Small Business - multinational (U.S. and Brazil) - the segment of equipment for measuring bloodpressure and weight)Administrative and Commercial ManagerResponsible for the technical adaptation and technical adjustments in the design of1200 North American scales for measuring weight and blood pressure, being installedat major pharmacy chains.Construction of key partnerships for the commercial exploration of such equipment,with leading drugstore chains, such as: Droga Raia, Drogão, Pague Menos andothers, that enabled the complete installation of all equipment in less than five months.Overrun the revenue target and also an important trading electronic media with themagazine VEJA and the Johnson & Johnson nappies.Yamaha Motor do Brazil Ltda. - Out/1992 - Set/1995(Large company - Multinational (Japan) - in the automotive industry)Sales CoordinatorResponsible for the retrieval of 126 dealerships and opening in other majorconsumption centers in Brazil, coupled with the diversification of models of motorcyclesand implementation of major events and events that resulted in almost 200% of salesand production in 1995, from 1200 to 3200 motorcycles / month.Important contribution in increasing the companys revenue, with the introduction ofeight new models of motorcycles imported forming a best product mix, which resultedin a new concept motorcycle market unexplored yet in the country.Other Important companies: Borlem S/A, Techint Engenharia S/Aand Ford Motor Company Inc.