Scottsdale Sleep Dentist Dr Nick Meyer


Published on - Snoring, every spouses nightmare. The Scottsdale sleep dentist, Dr. Nick Meyer can help with our patented processes.

If you snore you are at increased risk of Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes and a host of other medical ailments. This social condition is really a very serious condition that takes its toll a little bit every day. This can shorten your life by approximately 8 years.

Shown in this presentation is one such dental appliance. There are many appliances for the doctor to choose from. Your unique circumstances help guide him to the one he will deem most appropriate for your condition.

The treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is within the realm of medical care. It is offered by the doctors of MDA & ASSAI because of their unique training in the care and management of a variety of orthopedic imbalances of the head, neck and upper airway. By using sophisticated equipment such as the Acoustic Reflection Rhinometry, Acoustic Reflection Pharynygometry and the 3 dimensional x-ray scan the efficacy of your care can be measured and monitored. The reason medical professionals like this therapy is for precisely that reason. They know that their patients are well cared for at MDA and our sister practice, The Arizona Snoring and Sleep Apnea Institute located in Scottsdale. Learn more about sleep dentist Dr. Meyer at

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Scottsdale Sleep Dentist Dr Nick Meyer

  1. 1. Advanced Diagnostics in Dentistry The advancement of technology (software and hardware) and their interface at the level of the human. It’s not your grandad’s brand of dentistry Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  2. 2. Functional Assessment Tools A window to the interplay of bio- mechanics, system function and neuro-physiology.
  3. 3. Epworth Sleepiness Scale
  4. 4. Apnea Link
  5. 5. Watch-PAT Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  6. 6. Watch-PAT Raw Data
  7. 7. Watch-PAT Processed Data Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  8. 8. Acoustic Pharyngometery Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  9. 9. Graphed Results
  10. 10. Airway Collapse to change Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  11. 11. Nasal Airway Measurement
  12. 12. Functional towards Structural Assessment Tools Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  13. 13. Neuro-Muscular Imbalance Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  14. 14. Electro-Physiologic Changes Pre TNS & Post TNS
  15. 15. Occlusal Functional Disturbance Functional EMG analysis reveals a significant imbalance between the right and left tempo- ralis and masseter muscles
  16. 16. Asymmetric Motor Neuropathy
  17. 17. Occlusal Stress Patterns Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  18. 18. Getting The Bite Right Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  19. 19. Before & After
  20. 20. TMJ Scale A paper & pencil diagnostic tool for both the physical and psychological domain
  21. 21. Ultrasound - Cavitat
  22. 22. Ultrasound Image Capturing Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  23. 23. Ultrasound Components
  24. 24. Typical Findings: Ischemic Osteonecrosis
  25. 25. Galileos 3D Cone Beam Imaging Hospital level imaging now available to practitioners in private practice Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  26. 26. Multi-Planar Views Simultaneously With the click of a mouse you can view all planes at once
  27. 27. Jerome Landau Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  28. 28. Digital Radiography & Photography
  29. 29. Plaster Models Proper analysis can yield optimal treatment
  30. 30. Orthopedic Analysis Invisalign Model rendering Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  31. 31. Clinical Photography
  32. 32. Energetic Assessment Tools Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  33. 33. Oral Galvanism
  34. 34. An alphabet soup of energetic diagnostic assessment tools. EAV–Electroacupuncture/ Voll AK – Applied Kinesiology ART–Autonomic Response Therapy Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  35. 35. Toxicological Assessment Tools
  36. 36. Homeopathic Test Kits Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  37. 37. Oral pH Levels By assessing the susceptibility of the host via the saliva you can topically alter the tooth structure and mitigate the destruction of tooth structure. Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  38. 38. ALT Root Canal Testing
  39. 39. ALT Root Canal Testing
  40. 40. ALT Root Canal Testing
  41. 41. Readout for Toxic Levels Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  42. 42. Material Compatibility
  43. 43. The Light Touch Lasers in dental diagnosis Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  44. 44. Caries Detection
  45. 45. LANAP •A therapeutic technique that is as much diagnostic as it is diagnostic. How bad is the periodontal disease. Scottsdale Sleep dentist
  46. 46. Microscopy Microbial Operating room style Analysis
  47. 47. Scottsdale, Arizona Sleep Dentist For more information on sleep apnea, contact: Dr. Nicholas Meyers 480.948.0560 or 888.948.0560