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  1. 1. TODAY’S AGENDA I need note takers for today. Reviewing the Artifact Analysis project Sample artifact: Julie’s Kindle 2 Collaborative composition of an artifact analysis Sample Student Essays: Questions Setting up Online Peer Review with Google Docs Wrap-Up
  2. 2. ARTIFACT ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT SHEET Please do get it out!
  3. 3. THE KINDLE 2: QUESTIONS 1. What is the history of this artifact? 2. What is the context of this artifact? 3. What is this artifact used for? 4. What can this artifact be used for? 5. What cultures are associated with this artifact? 6. What assumptions do we make about this artifact?
  4. 4. TWITTER QUESTIONS ON SAMPLE PAPERS What is the general purpose of the artifact paper? Does the artifact have to be technologically related? Or from the 21st century? Who is the audience for these two papers? Is it acceptable to use the first person? How personal can we be? Do we need to start off the paper with a story? What’s good and bad about each essay? Which paper is more correct? How did the writers come up with their ideas?
  5. 5. PEER REVIEW WITH MSU’S GOOGLE DOCS Go to: http://googleapps.msu.edu/ Click on Google Docs. Log In.
  6. 6. WRAP-UP Artifact Analysis is due at 5pm on Friday, 12 November. Upload a copy of your paper to the site via the upload tab AND upload a copy to your group’s specific Peer Review folder in Google Docs. At this point you can begin your Peer Review homework. Follow the directions on the guideline sheet I uploaded into Google Docs. Your Peer Review is due by 5pm on Wednesday, 17 November. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.