Earth objects


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Earth objects

  1. 1. Earth Objects Scout, Old School, Silver, C-Lo, Top Rock, Aqua Man
  2. 2. Snowball Microphone Used to amplify (make louder) sound (vibration in the air)
  3. 3. What the item is (cont.) Microphones come in many different shapes and sizes because they are needed for different purposes. These purposes include: big social gatherings and radio broadcasting.
  4. 4. Radio Broadcast Using a microphone a voice can be projected through millions of radios (talking box).
  5. 5. Use for Snowball Microphone Humans are soft spoken people that cannot naturally make their voice (sound coming out of a human’s throat) very loud.
  6. 6. Culture First used in a telephone (device used to communicate from a long distance). Telephones exist because humans crave faster social contact with one another. Microphones exist to project a person’s voice when a large group of people exist before him.
  7. 7. Red Speaker • Sound is vibrations through the air that are transmitted • A speaker is a device that can project those vibrations so you can hear it • Sound can be loud or quiet and this is why the speaker is squishy and can be short or long. The shorter this speaker is the quieter the sound. The longer the speaker is, the louder the sound. • Not every speaker looks like this one. Speakers come in all shapes and sizes. • This speaker is red because we like the color red. The speaker can come in any color (White, Black, Green, Purple, etc.) • The reason we use this speaker is because we like to listen to the sound of things. • The speaker is used to enhance our entertainment such as media which is entertainment for humans • Entertainment includes news, music, movies, tv, and radio • These are some examples of different kinds of speakers:
  8. 8. Dragon Quest Game • A game is a type of interactive entertainment in which we control the outcome • Any of various games played using a microchip- controlled device, such as a hand-held toy. • A microchip is a tiny slice of material. Typically in the shape of a square. It is really small. On this little piece of material there are a bunch of wires inside that make a game! • It is plugged into a certain game system, and then you can see it. • The certain game system this is used for is called a Nintendo DS as pictured below the microchips. • There are different types of game systems. • Miro chips do not work in all game systems.