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Alien ambassador

  1. 1. Callie, Kara, Samantha, Jen, Britani, Chen
  2. 2. Speaker  What it is used for:  To project sound from another device  Entertainment at a gathering of humans  Has unique design that allows it to expand making it easy to store  What one needs to know about culture:  Music is a form of human culture, it is various sounds combined in a rhythm  YouTube is a form of entertainment with projections of things or humans doing stupid stuff
  3. 3. Microphone  What it is used for:  Direct plug n’ play microphone for musical projections  To capture sound  To amplify sound projected into it  To communicate without needing to be in the same vicinity  What one needs to know about culture:  A lot of musical artists and entertainers use this to capture the sounds and later project these sounds to humans who enjoy listening to it
  4. 4. Nintendo DS Game  What it is used for:  Used in a Nintendo gaming system for entertainment  Can buy different games that challenge skills and are fun to play  Portable gaming system  What one needs to know about culture:  All ages enjoy using this device  Mainly children ages 5+ like to play these games