I'IATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHSET                                                     ExxonHobil Chenical

MATERIAL SAFETY DA?A SHEET                                                   ExxonMobil Chemical

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PRODUCT         NAME:   EXXSOL DsP 801100 F'LUID
PRODUCT NAME:       EXxsoL DSP 80/100 l"tulD                                     PAGE   4 OF 11
PRODUCT   NAME:      EXXSOL DSP      80/100 FLUID                                         PAGE 5 OF   11
                                                            REVISION:            1? March 2004
                                                                 REVISION: 12 Harch 2004

      Not Applicable.
  STABTTITY:    ...

        This producL ie highly volatile and will rapid...
           CLASS: 3                                     PG:   II                UN.NUHBER: 3295
.          HAZCHEM CO...
R65              Harmful : may cause lung damage if swallowed.
      R6?              vapours may cause drowsiness and diz...
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Msds dovesol

  1. 1. **p*g;3[si.ri,..;r:r. ,ffiffiffiW#PW""'4 Ce$ificate l{o. 02402itBAPAC %' lii* &liWJ*+i$$slL;r,;;'' %:{j. f;;...*1 Date: I'Jay 28, :003 i:'i lq4 "'' i:l:n'r-" !r issuing Ciflce: SuCCf il,lDO l3ulidirig. ii. Raden Pata:"r I'jo. S.1 , Baloi Batam isiand 29432, lndcnesia Pnone/Facs: +62 77 I 1,5657 51456?92 Ema!i: jurn. btm@sucofindo.cr:.!d RffiP#RT *F ,S'gUALYSf;$ PRiNCiPIiL CV. TNB Chemicals Ind*nesia Konrp. Guciang $eiu Blok A ic.7 i.- . Batarn Centre - Batam SUtsJFCT Said to be Chemicai T[STER FOR Lead, Cadmium, ,Vercury, and Chicnnium Vl Anaiysls TES]"TD idETHOD '1. Refe:-ence ta US EFA 305$ B, lor Leai Conteir'i Analysis was pei'formed by Atomic Absorption Spectronreter 2, iteference to BS EhJ 1 122 :2AA1, Method B fos" Caclrnium Ccntent Analysis was perl'ortneci by Atornic Abscrption Spectlcnieier 3. Reference to US S?A74718, fcr lr/iercury Ccntent Ailalysis vras pertoffried lly Atomic Abs':r^pticn Spectioi-nei*r 4. Reference tc US EpA 30G0A - Meti":oci 7195, for l-lexavaie;:l Chrc;';':iuni Analysis was perfo*-,led by $pectrcpirci'irneteI DATE OF RECEIVING 26i05i2009 DA-TE CF ANALYSiS 26/0512009 to 28/0512009 SAfu'iPLE NAME lPA, l-{exane, Devesgi 1425, Methano}, De - l"latured Ethyl Alccirc'i, Etirartoi 99.5%, Ethanol 99.9%, lV'lethylene Chioride , D - 1 131 FsEsEi Fana;Treters [."lrrit i Results I Cadmiunr (CC - Mercury (Hg) ppm l < C.CC01 - Ch;"onnium l--lexavalent (Cr6*) ppm | ' 0.01 ThiSCefi{icatel|epoiiisiSsu€dunneiourGenelaiTeintsaldConoi|ions,Copyci'.ihjCiisavaiiableup0ireqUes|orr,aybeaccessecat./vt1'su00f:f00'oo':d Sn* Cqelpq,al Seririces 1l'ri f1u'''l'' ETh,i. LJ U.0SC]"3.200 g s$qan*; Chctnlcalt iSiiii
  2. 2. I'IATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHSET ExxonHobil Chenical PRODUCT NAME: EXXSOL DSP 80/100 FTUID . PAGE 1 OF LL {,- (novssol 1425) MSDS NUMBERI ITDHP-C-60260 REVISIOiiI: 12 llarch 2004 1 CHE!TCAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY TDENIIFICATION IDENTIFICATION OP THE SUBSTANCE: EXXSCL DSP 8O/1OO PLUTD This is a petroler-lh-rJetiued r:ompler sr.rb.5ta$ce CIIEMICAL FAIIILY: Alj.phatlc. cycloparaffinie hydrocarbons PRODUC? DSSCRIPTION' Clear col.ourless J-iquid SUPPLIER: Exxonltobil cbemical Asia Pacific (Regn. No. 52893?2qc) (A division of ExxoDMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd - Regn- No. 196800312N) Internediates 1 HarbourFront Place, #06-00 HarbourFront ?ower One singapore 098633 Telephone: 65-6885 8005 Facei-niIe: 65-6885 8233 EHERGENCY TEI,EPI'ONE }IUMEER: 65-6885 8005 (office hours) 65-966 50900 (outside of,fice hours) 2 COI4POSIT]ON/INFORHATION ON INGREDIENTS CAS NUUBER: 6{?42-49-0 HAZARDOUS COMFONENTS SYMBOL/R-PHRASE Wtt tand/or c[s NUMBERS) OR OEt N-HEXANE 15.0-20.0 110-5{-3 F,Xn,xi,H,R11'R38'R{8/?0,R51153rR62,R65,R6? HEpTANE AND ISOIIERS 32.0-36-0 F, Xn, Xi, N, R11, R38, R50/53, R65, R67 cycLoHExANs 25.0-27.0 110*82-? F,Xn,Xi,N,R11,R38.R50/53,R65'R67 Sxxon UoLit Corporation includes Exxontlobil Chemical Company and the Exxonllobil Chenical Affiliates- PR1NT DAIE: 16 Apcil 2004 Cont. @nNH CV. TNB CHEMICALSINDONESIA
  3. 3. MATERIAL SAFETY DA?A SHEET ExxonMobil Chemical PRODUCT NAI'IE: EXXSOT DsP 801100 FTUID PAGE 2 OF ].1 NUUBtnt fiDHP-C-60260 MSDS REVISION: 12 March 2004 METHYTCYCTOI{EXANE 3.0- ?.0 108-8?-2 Xn, Xi,N. R38, R51/53, R65, R5? 3 I{AZARDS IDENTIFICATION HEALfII HAZARDS Irrj-tating to skin Ilarmful : danger of serious danrage to health by prolonged exposure through inhal ation. Possible risk of impaired fert.ility. Harmful : may cause lung damage if swallowed- Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness ENVIRONMENTAI, HASARDS Toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environrneot. P}IYSICAI A}ID CHEUICAL ITAZARDS / FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARDS g Extreme hazard. Leaks of gas or spills of liquid can readily form flanntnable mixtures at temperatures at or above the flash poirt. o static Discharge, Product can accumufat€ static charqes which can cause an incendiary el-ectrica] discharge. 4 FIRST AID MEASORES INHALATION: o lJsing proper respiratory protection, innrediatery remove the affected victim from exposure. Administ,er artificial respirati.on if br€athing is stopped. Keep at re$t, Call for prompt medical attention. SKIN CONTACT: o Flush with large amounts of rrater; use soap if availabLe. o Remove grossly contaminated clothing, including shoes, and launder before reuse. EYE CONTACT: o Flush eyes with large amounts of r.rater until irritatj.on subsides. ff PRINT DATE: I-6 April 2004 Cont. MATERIAL SAEE?Y DA?A SIiEET ExxonMobil Cherarcal ffiu*
  4. 4. PAGE 3 OF 11 PRODUCT NAME: EXXSOL DsP 801100 F'LUID MSDS NUMBER: HDHP-C-60260 REVISION: t2 March 2004 irritation Persists, get medical attention' 1NGESTION: o If snallowed, DO NOT induce voniting' Keep at rest. Get ProftPt rnedlcal attention' --l--llT:lTT:::-Yi::Y:------ FIRE FIGHTING PROCEDURES: oUse$ater=p'aytocoolfireexposedsutfacesandLoProtect has not personnel. Sfrut off "fuel" to fire' If a leak or spj-ll prolect men igniled, ,r""-t"a,*t sptay to disperse the vapors and to aitenPting to stop a leak' oEltherallowfire.toburaundercontrol}edconditionsorextinguish with foam ot aiy chernical' Try to cover liquid spilLs wiLh foam' SPECIAL FIRE PRECAUTIONS: o Al'oict ditectly into storage contalners due to danget of "pr-yiig-"uter boilover. 10 "STABILITY o see also Section 4 trPIRST AID MEAsuREs" as He1} as Section AND REACTIVITY". HEZARDOUS COMBUSTION PRODUCTS: No unusual - -: - -l::i::::i:-::::i:: -Yi::Y: - - I,AND SPIIL: downwind areas of o Elirninate sources of ignition' l{arn occupants of fireandexplosionhazird.Preventliguidfromenteringsewers, ratercourses, or low areas' so t'ithout hazard' o Keep public ttiy' sftut off source if entered a to do possible watercourse or sewer or Advise authorities if substance has haseontaminatedsoilorvegetation.Takenreasurestominimizethe effect on the ground nater' o Contain spilled liguid with sand or earth' or hand putnP) or with a o Recover uV p"*pins'irr" "n explosion proof for purnping, scraPe uP suiLable .u"oiteni_ If liquid is too viscous uithst,o.,ers-o'pallsandplaeeinsuitablecontainersforrecycleor disPosal - oconsul|anexPertondisposalofrecoverednaterialandensure conformity to loeal disposal regulaiions' ExxonMobil Chemicaf MATER]hL SAFEIY D}JA SIiEEf TNB Chemicols CV. TNB CHEMICALS INDONESIA
  5. 5. PRODUCT NAME: EXxsoL DSP 80/100 l"tulD PAGE 4 OF 11 l.tSDS NUI4BER: llDltP-C-60260 REVISION: 12 March 200t1 well as SeCtiON 10 DSTABILITY o See Section 4 "FIRST AID MEASURES" as AND REACTIVITY" - I{AIER SPILL: o Eliminate aources of ignition. ?ilarn occupants and shipping in downwind .areas of fire anal explosion hazard and request them to stay clear' o Notify port or relevant authority and keep Public away. shut off source ifpossibletodosowit'houthazard.Confineifpossible. o Renove fron surface by skimming or nith suitable absorbent$' IfsuiEable allowed by local authorities and environmentai agencies sinking ancllor dispersaats nay be used in non-conEined waters' o Consult an expert on dispOSal Of any recovered material arrd ensure conformity to ]ocal disposal regulations o See atso section 4 "flRST AID I{EASURES" and Section 10 'STAEILITY AND REACTIVITY". ? IIANDLTNG AND STORAGE STORAGE TEMPERATURE (DegC) : Ambient TRAIISPORT TEMPERATURE tDeqc) : Anbient LOADING/UNI,OADING TEIIPERATURE (DeSC} : ANbiENt VISCOSITY (cst) I 0.56 STORAGE/TRANSPORT PRESSTIRE (KPA} : AIMOSPhETiC ELBCTROSTATIC ACCUMUTArION HAZARD? Yes, use proPer grounding procedure UST'AL SHIPPING CONTAINERS: Rail wagons, barges or drums HA?ERIALS AND COATINGS SUITABTE: Carbon Stee] StainlesE Steel PolyethYlene PolyproPylene Telfon MATERIALS AND COATINGS UNSUITABLE: Natural Rubber Buty1 Rubber EPDU PolYstYrene !.{A?ERIAL S}FETY DAT} SIIEET ExxonMobil Chenical ffinu*
  6. 6. PRODUCT NAME: EXXSOL DSP 80/100 FLUID PAGE 5 OF 11 MSDS NUMBER: ttDtlP-C-50260 REVISION: 12 l.{arch 2004 Cornpatibility with Plastic !{aterials ean vaty; we t.herefore tcconmend that compatlbility is tested prior to use. STORAGE I HENDLING, GEI{ERAI NOTES o Keep concainer closed. Handle containers with care. Open slowly in order to cont.rol possible pressure release- Store in a cool, well-ventilated place away from inconpatible materials. o DO NOT handle, store or open neax an open flame. sources of beat or sources of igniti.on. Protecb materi,al from direct sunlight' o l{ateria} r.rill accumulate static eharges trhich may cause an electrical spark (ignition sourcel, Use proper bonding and./or grounding procedures. o D0 NOT pressurize, cut, heat' or weld containers. EmPty Product containers may contain product residue. Do Nof reuse empty containers *ithout cornmercial cleaning or reconditioning- ADDITIObIAL $ARNINGS Container remains hazardous uhen etnpty. Continue to observe all precautions. 8 EXPOSURE CONTROI,S/PERSONAL PROTECTION SNGINEERING CONTROL MEASURES / VEIITILATION The use of local exhaust ventilation is recorunended to control process emj.ssions nea! f,he source. Laboratory sarnples should be handled in a lab hsod- Provide rnechanical venti.lation of confined spaces. Use explosion-proof ventj.]ation equiplent' OCCUPR?IONAL EXPOSURE L1I4IT5 Exxonuotil recorsnends, for t.otal hydrocafbons, based on composition and using the Reciprocal Calculation Procedure {RCP): Naphtha {Petroleunl, hydrotreated light; tlIA: 600 rng/n3 (159 ppm), ExxonMobil (2000) . This product is a complex substance wbicb contains Ehe following eonponent(s) nith a recognised or recornmended oEL value: Cyclohexane; TwA: 100 ppn {344 ng/m3), ACGIH {2002) . PRINT DATE: 16 April 2004 Cont. YIA"ERIAL SAFETY DAA SHEET ExxonMobil Chemical PRODUCT I'IAHE: EXxsoL DSP 80,/100 FLUID PAGS 6 OF 11 @rNB -/ chemicots CV. TNB CHEMICALS INDONESIA
  7. 7. MSDS NUMBER: IIDHP-C-60260 REVISION: 1? March 2004 Heptane; TwA: 400 pprr (1640 mq/mi) StEL: 500 ppn t2050 ftS/m3), €qr n-lleptane' ACGIH (2002). n-Ilexane; TWA: 50 pptn (1?6 mg/n3) {SKIN} , ACGIH {2002't . PERSONAL PROTECTION GENERAT ADVICE The use and choice o: Fersonal ?rotection equipment is reialed to the hazard of the product, the uorkplace, and the way the product is handled. In general, $e recoflunend as a nininum safety precaution that safety glasses with slde-shields and workclothes proteeting arns, legs and body be used, In addigion, any person visiting an area r*here this product is 'handled or processed slrould at f,east wear safety glassee uith side-shields. SPECIAL ADVICE Based on and linrited to ExxonMobil's experience of this product as such. the fo]louing special advi.ce is belj.eved to provide satisfactory protection for the industrial user or handler- F€SPIRATORY PROTECTION Whele concentrations in air may exceed the limiEs given in this sectioo, it j:s to use a half face filtet ltask to plotect from reconnended overexposure by inbalation. Suitable filter material depends on the amount aod type of chemicaLs be5.ng handled in the worhplace, but filter material of type trArt or sirnilar may be considered for use. H}ND PROTECTION When handling this product, it is recornrnended to *ear chernical resistant gloves. The choice of suitable protective glgves depends on uork conditions and ehat chemicals are handled, but we have positive experience wlth gloves made of Nitrile. Gloves should be replaced immediately if sign of degradation is observed. EYE PROTECTION See general advice. SRIN/BODY PROTECTION See general advice. 16 Apri MATERIAL SEFETY DATA SitEEI Exxon!1obil Chernical PRCDUCT NArrlE: EXXSOL DSP 801100 FLUID PAGE 7 OF }1 .ffi {f'w}TNB chemicols V CV, TNB CHEMICALS INDONEsIA
  8. 8. MSDS NUIIBER: HDHP-C-60260 REVISION: 12 Harch 2004 _-:-_:i:::::_i::_:i:::i:-:i::::::::-_--_-__ -----&3--- These are indicatirre values only. Please refer also to the product specification sheet. 9.1 General Information PHYSICAL STATE: LiqUid FOR}1,/COIOUR: Clear colourless liquid ODOR: Mild odour FRuEZ./MELT/Potxr: <0 DegC BoILING POINT RANGE: between 75 and 115 DegC VAPOR PRESSURE {20 DegC}: 8.65 kPa VAPOR PRESSURE (38 DeqC): 19.44 kPa VAPOR PRESSURE {50 DegC}: 31.4? kPa DENSITY (15 Deqc): 0.?20 kg/dm3 ASTM D{052 VAPOR DENSI?Y t101.3 kPa/air=l): Not ava.ilable VISCOSITY (25 DegC): 0.56 cSt ASTM D445 {40 DegC}: 0.43 cst Approxinate EVAPORATISN RATE (n-Bu Acetate= 1): 6.000 9.2 Health, Safety 6 Environrnental Information FLAST{POINT{): -15 DegC AUTOIGNITION TEMPERAfURE: ) 200 DegC SXPLOSM IIUITS (in air): betreen 1 and ? Volt SoIUBIIITY IN WATER (20 DegC): 0'00 l{tt 9.3 Otber Inforrnation I4OI,ECUIAR 9JEIGIIT: 94 Estimated COEFF. OF THERHAL EXPANSION (L'q.}: 0.00126 DegC IS MATERIAL HYGROSCOPIC: NO PRINT DATE: 16 April 2004 Con!. XE.TERT,AL SAFETY DATA SHEET ExxonMobil Cheni.ca1 PRODUCT NAI{E: EXXSOT DSP 80/100 FIUID PAGE 8 OF 11 MSDS NUMBER: HDHP-C-60250 REVISION: !.2 !4arch 2004 10 S"EBII,ITY AND REACTTVITY @rhrn CV TNB CHEMICALS TNDONESIA
  9. 9. TIAZARDOUS POTYMERIZATTON? No CONDITIONS TO AVOID POLYMERTZATION: Not Applicable. STABTTITY: StabLe CONDITIONS TO AVOID INSTABITITY: Not Applicable. MATERIALS AND CONDITIONS TO AVOID (INCOMPATTBILITY): Serong oxidizing agents. HAZARDOUS DECOMPOSITIQN PRODUCTS : Non€ 11 TOXICOISGICAT INFONMETION ACUTE: INHALATTON: o Vapor concentrations above recommended exposure levels nay be irritating to the eyes and the respiratory tract, may cause headaches and dizziness, could be anesthetic and may have other central nerv$us system effects. SKIN CONTACT: o Low order of toxiciby. o Frequent or prolonged contact. may defat and dry the skin, Ieadlng to discomfort and dermatitis. EYE CONTACT: o Will eause eye discomfort, but will not injure eye tissue. 1NGESTION: o Minirnal toxicity. o Small amounts of liquid aspirated into the respiratory systen during ingestion or from vonit,ing may cause bronchopneumonia or pul.nonary edema. CHRONIC: This product contains n-hexane. Overexposure to n-hexane may cause progressive and potentlally irreversi.bl.e damage to the peripheral nervous system, particularly in the arms aod 1egs. PRINT DATE: 16 Apri.l 2004 Cont. I4ATERIAL SAFETY DATA SEEET Exxont'tobiL Chemica-L FRODUC1 NAHE: BXX9or DSP 80,/100 FtUlD PA6E 9 OF 11 MSDS NUMBER: HDHP-C-60260 REVISfON: 12 !{arch 2004 Additional. info:mation is a'.'ailable on speclal request. @R'rH CV. TNB CHEMICALSINDONESIA
  10. 10. L2 ECOI.OGICAT INFORN'ATION ENVI RONI.IENTAI MOB I LITY This producL ie highly volatile and will rapidly evaporatb*to tlte air if released into the nater- EWIRONMENIEL DEGRADAB]TITY This product can degrade rapidly in air. this substance is expected to be removed in a $astei{ater treatment facility- Sased upon data for a simifar component or preparation, or estirnated data. This product is exp€cEed to biodegrade raFidly and be "readily" biodegradable according to oEcD guidelines. ECO?OXICITY AND BIOACCUHUIAT]ON Based upon daba for a sinilar component or preparation, or estinated data- Expected to be toxic to aquatic organisms. Long Lerrn adverse effects to aguatie organisns are possible if continuous exposure is maintained. 13 DISPOSAL CONSIDSRATIONS The following advice only appliee to the product as supplied. Codbination pith other materials may well indicate another route of disposal- If in doubt' contact the local Exxon}lobil affiliate or local AuthoriEies. Bnpty packaging should be taken for recycling, recovery or disposal through a euitably gualified or licensed contractor. Care should in any case be taken to ensure eompliance ritb nati'onal and local regulations. This producE is NOT suitable for disposal hy either landfill or via nunicipal seuers, drains, natural st,reams or rj"vers. This produet is ashless and can be burned directly in aPptoprlate equipment. I'{ATERIAI SATEfY DATA SHEET ExxonMobil Chenica] PRODUCT NAME: EXXSOT DSP g0/100 Ftur,D PAGB 10 OF 11 ttSDS F.IMBERT HDHP-C-60260 REVISIoN: 12 }larch 2006 14 TRANSPOR! INFORMATION @IHH CV. TNB CHEMICALS INDONESIA
  11. 11. tAND CLASS: 3 PG: II UN.NUHBER: 3295 . HAZCHEM CODE: 3eIE SUBSIDIARY RISK: TRANSPORT DOCUF1ENT NAME: IIYDROCARBONS, IIQUID, N.O-S. (n-hexane), CLASS 3, UN 3295. PG Ir (-15 DegC c-c.) *r' ' SEA - II.IDG {PACKAGED GOODS AND BLCs) CTASS: 3 PG: fI UN NUMBER: 3295 I,IARINE POI,LUTANT: NO E!,S HUMBER: F-E, S-D RISK TABEL: 3 SUBSIDIARY RISK: TRANSPORI DOCUMENT NAME: HYDROCARBONS, LIQUID, N.O.S. (n-hexane), 3, UN 3295' PG II, (-15 DegC c.c. ) AIR {1UA0/rAIA} CTASS: 3 PG: fI UN NU!{BER: 3295 PROPER SHIPPING NAF1E: IIYDROCARBONS, IIQUID, l,l .O.S. (n-hexane) 15 REGULATORY INFORT"{ATION CI,ASSIT'TCATION AI{D LABELLINC ACCORDING TO EUROPEAN DIRECTIVES CLASSTTICATTON/ sYMEoL : HIGHLY FI"AI"TMABLE /F CLASSIFICATION/SYMBOL: HARHFUL./Xn CLASSIFICATIONISYMBOL: DANGEROUS FOR rHE ENVIRONMENT/N GOVERNTNG DIRECTIVE: Dangerous Substances Directive 67l548lEC' as modified. NATURE OT SPECIAT RISK R11 Highly flanrnable R38 Irritating to skin R48/20 Harnful : danger of serious danage to health by prolonged exposure through inhalation. PBINT DATE: 16 Apt1l 200{ Cont. MATER]AI SAFETY DATA SHEET ExxonMobil Chenical PRODUCT NAHE: EXXSOL DSP 80/100 FTUID PAGE 11 OF 11 MSDS NUMBER: !IDHP-C-60260 REVISION: 12 llarch 2004 R51 /53 Toxj.c to aquatic organisms. may eause long-term adverse effects in the aguatic environnenE. PossibLe risk of :npaired fertility. ".62 @n*{H CV. TNB CHEMICALS INDONESIA
  12. 12. R65 Harmful : may cause lung damage if swallowed. R6? vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness SAFETY ADVICE S09 Keep containeE in a rell ventilated place 516 Keep away from sources of ignition-No Snoking S23 Do not breathe gas,/furnes/vapour,/spray '-i S24 Avoid contact Hith skin S43A In case of f,ire use sand, earth, chemical powder or foam s5? Use appropriate contain€r to avoid environmental contamination. s60 This naterial and/or its container must be disposed of as hazardous waste. s62 If, swal.Iowed, do not induce vomitinq : seek medieal advice innediately and shor* this container or label. 15 OTI{ER INFORI,IATION RSVISION SUMMARY: Since 2{ December 2003, this MSDS has been revi.sed in Section(s): 9 This information relat€s only to the specific material designated and may not be valid for such material. used in combination uith any other materials or in' any process. Such infornration is to the best of ExxonMobil Chemical Cornpany's knowledge and believed accurate and reliable as of the date indicated. Honever, no representation, parfanty or guarantee is nade as to its accoFdclr reliability or completeness. It is the user's responsibiliCy to satisfy himself as to the suitabiliEy and corryleteness of such j.nformation for his onn particular use. PRMT Df,,TE: 1.6 April 2004 ffin,ur'