Affiliate Marketing Tips: Use an Auto-Responder


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Affiliate Marketing Tips: Use an Auto-Responder

  1. 1. Affiliate marketing success can be radically boostedthrough the use of auto-responders. In this article weregoing to look at what an auto-responder is and how you can use it to boost your sales figures.
  2. 2. So you might be wondering - what exactly is an auto- responder? Its really a service that provides automaticemailing. It will enable you to collect email addresses of prospects and then you can create and send outnewsletters to your contacts to communicate with them, build relationships and to promote your offerings. In effect, you will have a captive audience.
  3. 3. How does an auto-responder work you might now wonder. All you need to do is sign up to a service like Aweber and use it to create an attractive opt-in box to collect the names and email addresses of your onlinevisitors. The auto-responder service that you decide to use will provide you with guidance on how to create the sign- up box in the form of text and / or video.
  4. 4. If you are serious about doing affiliate marketing as a way to build wealth, then its essential that you use an auto-responder. You can keep in touch with your prospects and over time build a trusting relationship with them by sharing quality informative content with them.
  5. 5. Building up a list of people is one of the most powerful routes to generating an income from your affiliatemarketing efforts. Visitors to your site, wont just take a fleeting look at your site and be gone. You will be in contact with them through the use of your auto- responder.
  6. 6. To encourage people to join your newsletter subscriberslist, you will need to give a pretty compelling reason and also communicate that you will not be selling nor supplying the emails of your prospects to a third party.
  7. 7. Offering a free ebook or a free report on something that your target market will be curious to find out more aboutis one sure-fire way to start building your list. Creating and maintaining a quality blog that is well respected in your niche is another way.
  8. 8. Just a quick aside regarding building trust and retaining it, I only ever promote products that I have checked out formyself and have discovered that they are of a quality thatI would be happy to put my name up against. I dont everpromise to deliver on something that I just cannot do andmy attitude is one of providing help - not of making a buckfrom my clients. This is something that has been the basis of my affiliate marketing since I started out. I like to deliver solutions to the people who need them.
  9. 9. So as you build you list, remember that the best encouragement that you can give them is to offer good quality material that you can put your name behind. Itsthe best reason that you can give them to join and its one that has worked over and over for me. I dont waste my time nor theirs with spam or less than top quality products.
  10. 10. If youre looking for a take-away from this article - its to give auto-responders a whirl - they could inflate your success at affiliate marketing.
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