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Redding Presentation


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Julaine Smith presented at Northshore Business Symposium in Redding, California about SOUL Plan. She taught how to Make Money and Make a Difference with your business.

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Redding Presentation

  1. 1. % $ re-THINK PurposeUse your business to create economic wealth and social value
  2. 2. Are you living an abundant life?
  4. 4. MOTIVES à why?STANDARDS à how? USES à what?
  5. 5. ARISE Business Solutions helps entrepreneurs re-THINK Purpose for their business.
  6. 6. Business Social Plan Responsibility
  7. 7. Build a Business that Makes a Profitre-THINK = and PositivelyPURPOSE Impacts Social Issues
  8. 8. ARISE Business Solutions STRATEGIC approaches to doing business that CHALLENGE TRADITIONAL claims in order to: ON ONE HAND: YET, STILL Effectively execute Effectively pursue andobjectives focused on & create profit forcreating social value managers and ownersInvest in society to & Demand short-term create long-term financial performance social value
  9. 9. Add the 5th "P" - PURPOSE beyond profits - to Your Companys Marketing PlanCreate Economic Wealth & Social Value through Purpose-driven leadershipExperience the Highest, Fullest Expression of Your Entrepreneurial Self! Build a G (Generous) Corporation
  10. 10. Consumers EXPECT businesses to positively impact social issuesCUSTOMER LOYALITY & TRUST is higher for socially responsible businesses Help your brand STAND OUT in a crowded marketplace Pursue a PURPOSE that is key to your PASSION & FULFILLMENT
  11. 11. Entrepreneurs Sweet Spot
  12. 12. Created to… MAKE A PROFIT, and MEET NEEDS while also EMPOWERING OTHERS A sustainable business has a Purpose beyond profits.
  13. 13. Increase Sales Greater productivity More profits Better image More customers Loyal employees Better moralePositively Impact Social Issues
  14. 14. SOUL PlanTMCorporate ObjectiveBuild a company that is… Relational Holistic Neighborly Adventurous Purposeful Humble and Principled
  15. 15. SOUL PlanTM v. Traditional Business Plan
  16. 16. Purpose Beyond ProfitsPosition you and your company! to be part of something greater thanyourself by doing!GOOD WORKS. !
  17. 17. PURPOSE BEYOND PROFITSProfits Build a strong – profitable – business Balance MAKE MONEY DOING GOOD