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Overview of our Services & Solutions for SMB's and Startups.

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SMB business solutions

  1. 1. SMB Business Solutions
  2. 2. The UK Contains 5m Businesses
  3. 3. 99% of all UK businesses are small
  4. 4. Small Business account for 50% of UK Private Sector revenues
  5. 5. Small Businesses employ 60% of all UK private sector staff
  6. 6. What Does This Mean?
  7. 7. Small Business drives the UK Economy
  8. 8. Small Business Success is key to the UKeconomic recovery
  9. 9. 2012 was a mixed year for small business inthe UK.
  10. 10. The FSB Voice of Small Business Indexshowed small firms confidence was at itslowest since 2010.
  11. 11. The research by the FSB stated: Falling revenues are partially due to weak exports to the Euro zone.
  12. 12. The research by the FSB stated: The amount of small businesses that are expecting a profit are decreasing.
  13. 13. The research by the FSB stated: Price inflation for energy, utilities and production are lessening cost pressures come from increasing labour costs.
  14. 14. The research by the FSB stated: Lending to small firms continues to be problematic with approximately the same number of referring applications as there were accepted.
  15. 15. What is the answer?
  16. 16. Ärinobe provide small businesses and start-ups with an affordable, value adding and flexible business consulting service that improves profitability, increases efficiency and helps businesses to grow.
  17. 17. These goals Modernize Operationsare achievedby focusing Reinventon our 3 Key WorkforceConcepts: Energize Strategy
  18. 18. We provide small businesses & start-ups with four coreservices aimed at supporting them at every stage of the business life-cycle. Business Micro- Consulting Consulting Business Analysis Business Outsourcing Mentoring (BAO)
  19. 19. Business ConsultingWe focus on 12 key areas of small businesses management thatenables them to plan, understand and grow their business.
  20. 20. Micro - ConsultingMicro-consulting is a fixed price consultingsolution that addresses business problems quickly and in a cost effective manner.
  21. 21. All of our consultants are IOEE qualifiedenterprise mentors who provide support tobusiness owners and entrepreneurs and helpthem develop the skills to start and growtheir business.
  22. 22. Business Analysis OutsourcingOutsourcing management Management Accountsaccounting and business analysisprovides small businesses withhigh quality business analysis at afraction of the price. Strategy & BusinessBusiness Performance Planning BPM AnalysisManager (BPM) performs 4core roles for your business. Business Systems
  23. 23. Businesses We Help
  24. 24. Entrepreneurs
  25. 25. Start ups
  26. 26. Small Businesses
  27. 27. Medium Sized Businesses
  28. 28. Social Enterprises, Charities & NGOs
  29. 29. Benefits of our services
  30. 30. Faster Decision Making
  31. 31. Higher Cash Balance & CostSavings
  32. 32. Increases in sales
  33. 33. More opportunities for growth
  34. 34. Increased productivity
  35. 35. Contact smb@arinobe.com0203 286 7829 07825 002 908arinobe_sme arinobe_sme