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Overview of our Micro-consulting service

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Micro consulting

  1. 1. Margins are extremely tightin current economicclimate.
  2. 2. Not addressing problemsquickly can lead in to abusiness failing.
  3. 3. Not addressing problemsquickly can lead in to abusiness failing.
  4. 4. Time is money. Many smallbusinesses just do not havethe time to fix theseproblems themselves.
  5. 5. And they do not have themoney to pay traditionalconsultancies large sumsmoney.
  6. 6. Who are onsite for weeks,even months in manycases.
  7. 7. With no guarantee they willfix their problems.
  8. 8. We have developed a solution
  9. 9. That is
  10. 10. Quick
  11. 11. Affordable
  12. 12. Guaranteedto work
  13. 13. Micro-Consulting Micro-Consulting allows small-business owners to solve business problems quicker and at a fraction of the price.Micro-Consulting is S.A.F.E.
  14. 14. Simple1. Just choose the serviceyou require from the“Micro-Consulting“ menu.
  15. 15. Simple2. Fill out the form.
  16. 16. Simple3. A consultant will write apreliminary report andconstruct an agenda beforethe consultation meetingand send to you in advanceso that you are preparedbefore the meeting.
  17. 17. Simple4. Consultation to discusspreliminary report andchoose a course ofaction.
  18. 18. Simple5. The consultant willwrite a full consultationreport with the discussedrecommendations withtemplates and resourcesto help manage thesolution.
  19. 19. Affordable With services starting at £150 are affordable and value for money.
  20. 20. Affordable This includes a free consultation, report and templates to manage your business.
  21. 21. Affordable And Free Support
  22. 22. FocussedWe solve one problemat a time to stayfocused on what isimportant to ourcustomers.
  23. 23. FocussedMany business problemsare interrelated andrequire furtherinvestigation.
  24. 24. FocussedWe recognize that smallbusiness & start upscannot afford to waitseveral months for long-term solutions to bedeveloped.
  25. 25. FocussedAnd even longer forthem to beimplemented.
  26. 26. FocussedSlow development &implementation puts thebusiness at risk ofclosure.
  27. 27. FocussedWe solve criticalbusiness problems first.
  28. 28. FocussedTo secure the short-termfuture of the business.
  29. 29. FocussedWhile collectinginformation aboutdeeper business issuesthat require furtherinvestigation later.
  30. 30. Effective Our solutions are effective because we focus on what is most important to your business.
  31. 31. Effective No Hidden Agendas
  32. 32. Effective And no engagement is closed until you are 100% satisfied.
  33. 33. All micro consulting engagements include An initial consultation report based on input from forms with recommendations.
  34. 34. All micro consulting engagements include At least one consultation meeting.
  35. 35. All micro consulting engagements include Closing report with recommendations and implementation plan.
  36. 36. All micro consulting engagements include Closing report with recommendations and implementation plan.
  37. 37. All micro consulting engagements include Relevant Templates to help you manage business.
  38. 38. All micro consulting engagements include Free Support
  39. 39. Contact Uswww.arinobe.com micro@arinobe.com+44203 286 7829 +447825 002 908arinobe_sme arinobe_sme