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Market planning & execution

Marketing advice for small businesses

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Market planning & execution

  1. 1. Marketing Essentials for Market PlanningSmall Business 7P’s Analysis Performance Management Branding Customer Service Customer Loyalty
  2. 2. Getting marketing rightcrucial for success
  3. 3. Every businessshould have a robustwell researchedmarketing plan tohelp them executetheir goals
  4. 4. It is essential to understand
  5. 5. What is the target market?
  6. 6. How big it is?
  7. 7. Who the competition is?
  8. 8. And where to position your business
  9. 9. To beat them!
  10. 10. Research themarket
  11. 11. Speak to existingcustomers
  12. 12. To find out thebest price tocharge
  13. 13. To achieve thehighest possiblesales
  14. 14. Ensure your business islocated in the bestpossible attract the mostcustomers from yourtarget market.
  15. 15. Your product must beneeded by your targetmarket.
  16. 16. Its packaging andquality should matchtheir expectations.
  17. 17. Promote your product in the channels & markets that will reach your target market.
  18. 18. But make sure you can measure performance
  19. 19. Branding is an essential Without small way for a marketingbusiness to communicate with theirrobust plan that is and measurable itscustomers and shapes the way yourbusiness is perceived.
  20. 20. An effective brand tellsWithout a marketing the worldwho you are, what youplanand is robust do thathow do it. and measurable its
  21. 21. It is easier to sell to existing customers
  22. 22. They buy more
  23. 23. And it costs less
  24. 24. they can even drive more sales through referrals
  25. 25. It makes great business sense to keep them happy
  26. 26. Keep your staff motivated, engaged andinformed about your business and products
  27. 27. Create an culture of responsibility throughoutthe business.
  28. 28. Pay attention to what the customer wants
  29. 29. Contact Us for help with your Market Planning 0203 286 7829 +447825 002 908 arinobe_sme arinobe_sme