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How to Take Megasporebiotic - Dosing Instructions


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Learn how to correctly take Megaspore. Intake instructions for one of the world's best selling probiotics. is the #1 supplier of Megaspore and Microbiome Labs products in the world.

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How to Take Megasporebiotic - Dosing Instructions

  1. 1. HOW TO TAKE MEGASPOREBIOTIC By Dr. Alex Rinehart, DC, MS, CNS Intake guidelines inside!
  2. 2. • Heat-stable & Survive passage through stomach acid • No need for refrigeration, 5-year shelf-life • Clinically studied to support leaky gut, metabolic markers, and microbiome diversity. • Provide reconditioning, support, & maintenance to gut and immune systems. • Colonize in the gut, and released again in 7-21 days • For best results, take continuously, daily intake is preferred, minimum “3 days on, 7 days off” to maintain levels. START SLOW! Advantages of Spore Probiotics:
  3. 3. BACILLUS SPORES VS. OTHER PROBIOTICS Bacillus Spores 1.Access gut via routine exposure with dirt or supplementation 2. High deliverability! Survive stomach acid when taken orally 3.Readily germinate & colonize in intestines 4.Colonize for 7-21 days before released. Require routine exposure or supplementation to maintain levels. Other Probiotics (Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria, etc) 1.Access gut via vaginal birth & breastfeeding. Colonies maintained by dietary prebiotics (diverse vegetable fibers) 2. Killed by stomach acid when taken orally (unless very high dose per strain or protected capsule) 3.Colonization requires binding to healthy mucosal lining 4.Colonize indefinitely if: a.) survive stomach acid b.) healthy mucosal lining c.) consistent fuel (prebiotics) d.) not killed by antibiotics
  4. 4. Megasporebiotic Dosing Guidelines Take with food or right after a meal  Can sprinkle capsule contents on food or in beverage if preferred. Typical Dosage: Week 1: 1 capsule every other day Week 2: 1 capsule daily Week 3: STANDARD: 2 capsules taken together every day Acute Support with Health Provider: 3 to 4 capsules taken once a day for three to five days. Then, go back to 2 capsules daily. Sensitive Adults: Start with ¼, 1/3, or ½ a capsule every other day & gradually increase to 2 capsules daily. [See Next Slide for Children and Infants]
  5. 5.  Infants:  Start with 1/4th a capsule OR ½ a capsule every other day taken with or after food intake  Increase to 1 capsule per day with or after food intake  Capsule amount can be sprinkled on to food such as applesauce, the product does not need to be refrigerated and will not be inactivated by heat or cold.  Children over 10 years:  Follow adult titration schedule detailed previously Dosage recommendations are manufacturer guidelines, always default to custom recommendations of your health care provider. MEGASPORE DOSAGE FOR INFANTS & CHILDREN:
  6. 6.  If you experience mental fog, body aches, bowel changes, headache or fatigue, it may be a sign the product is working, just too much too soon. Titrate more slowly!  Occasional symptoms can be from unwanted microbes starting to “die-off” which causes a detox response by the body to the wastes & toxins they release - sometimes referred to as “herxing” or a “herxheimer reaction”.  If symptoms become uncomfortable as you increase your intake of Megasporebiotic, stop supplementing until symptoms abate & repeat titration schedule at a SLOWER pace.  Typically, the stronger the response, the stronger the sign that the product is working & your body will benefit long-term from spore probiotics! “DIE-OFF”, “HERXING” OR UNCOMFORTABLE SYMPTOMS
  7. 7. Get nutrition tips from Dr. Alexander Rinehart DR. ALEXANDER RINEHART, DC, CNS Owner, • Purchase Megasporebiotic & enjoy $5 off your first purchase with the promo code “new5”