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Design Thinking and Lego Serious Play for Experience of Flow


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This presentation describes our ongoing research on using design thinking and lego bricks based serious play methodology to enable an experience of Flow among the participants.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business

Design Thinking and Lego Serious Play for Experience of Flow

  1. 1. Design Thinking & Lego Serious Play for Flow Arindam Basu & Stefan Sohnchen Presented for the Teaching Week, University of Canterbury, 2014 E-mail:
  2. 2. Purpose: Experience Flow Using Design Thinking and Lego Serious Play
  3. 3. Concept of Design Thinking Problem or Opportunity Solution Image Source:
  4. 4. Five Stages of Design Thinking Image Reference:
  5. 5. Questions for Design Thinking (From Jeanne Liedkta, “Designing for Growth”) Note the Constant Expansion and Contraction of the ideas: also a “hunting”, “gathering” of ideas cycle Image Source: Liedtka, J. Designing for Growth Field Book,
  6. 6. Lego Serious Play Serious Play is a Goal Directed Play where participants play with each others to Achieve a Single Goal and the play or game is co-operative, not competitive!
  7. 7. Principle of Flow (From Mihalyi Cziksentmihalyi, “Flow the psychology of optimal experience”,
  8. 8. Can Channeling Experiences Using Tools (Lego bricks) methods (serious play), and processes (design thinking) lead students to experience “Flow”? Lego Bricks Serious Play Design Thinking Experience Flow?
  9. 9. Challenge and Expertise Were Controlled for By Inviting External Participants and Students from UC Students Stakeholder Participants
  10. 10. The Research Process Trained the Students Using End to End Design Thinking Workshop Invited Students to Participate, and Contacted Community Stakeholders (Nurses, Physician Groups, Software Vendors … Developed “How Might We …” Questions Students and Stakeholder Participants Engaged in 2 hour in an end to end Design Thinking Exercises, Created Prototypes, And Examined Them
  11. 11. Photos from the Workshops
  12. 12. Prototypes Created In the Workshops
  13. 13. Prototype of a Web Design Exercise
  14. 14. Engagement of the Participants
  15. 15. Participant Reflections
  16. 16. This Project is in Progress • For More Information or to participate, contact, • Arindam Basu • Email: • Phone: 022 629 0356 or 03 345 8161