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Big 9


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Big 9

  1. 1. Lembar Soal Tugas Libur Semester Ganjil 2012- 2013 Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 “THE FLYING DOCTORS” There are some countries in the world with vast, desolate areawhich it is hard for any doctors to reach a patient in need of urgent medical help. In Kenya,for example, a person could be near to death because of a snakebite whilst crossing theKenya National Park. The distance is so vast that the victim would probably not be alive bythe time he reached hospital.And so, the flying Doctor service would come into being. Theservice is called by radio- a person just calls, says what has happened and where thepatient is, and the doctor flies in as soon as possible. Countries such as Australia and Canada make widespread use of the flyingDoctors Services to provide medical cover to those remote areas were conventionalsurface transport might take many more hours or even days.Although fixed wing airplanes are faster, helicopters may be used because of their abilityto land very confined spaces like forest clearings or hospital roofs. Taken from:36 question and answers.Choose the best answer a, b, c, or d.! 1. In what kind of place is a flying doctor mostly needed? a. a.In small towns b. In big cities c. b.In remote areas d. In crowded areas 2. What should a person do to ask a flying doctor to come? a. He should call through a radio and tell the problems. b. He should make a smoke sign on the air c. He should write a letter and post it via email. d. He should beat the drums over and over 3. Which countries use a lot of flying doctor services? a. a.Congo and Africa b. b.Australia and Canada c. America and Canada d. Indonesia and Kenya 4. Why do helicopters prefered than air planes? a. Because they are large and light b. Because they have the ability to land in any c. Because they can fly higher places. d. Because they make the patients feel more comfortable. 1
  2. 2. 5. How do the doctors meet the patients in the remote place? a. By bus b. By Helicopters c. By train d. By boat6. Their ability to land…..(par 2). Their refers to…… a. Doctors b. The patients c. Airplanes d. Helicopters7. Find the same meaning of place from the text above! a. Surface b. Space c. Desolate d. Areas8. The distance is so vast. The opposite of vast is…. a. Near b. Far c. High d. Small9. The main idea of par 1 is… a. The doctors can reach the area easily b. The victim would probably not be alive. c. The desolate areas which it’s hard to reach a patient d. There are some countries in the world that’s need of urgent e. medical help in desolate area.10. What is the supporting idea of paragraph 2? a. To provide medical cover to remote areas b. b.. Australia and Canada use of the Flying Doc-tor services. c. The flying doctor use airplane to meet the patients d. It takes shor time to visit the areas.Reading 2. Sleep is a temporary lapse of consciousness. During sleep, our central nervous system, breath, heart beat, and muscle-tone are slowing down. Human sleep duration varies enormously. Babies sleep 18 20hours a day, young children 12- 14 hours,Adult 7-9 hours, and older people 5-7 hours. Some people nowadays suffer from insomania. These people can’t sleep easily. Insomnia is not an illness. It is a symptom of a sleeping disorder which can be caused by anxiety, depression, and excitement. It can not be cured without getting rid of the problems which cause it. But temporary, insomnia can be overcome by drinking chamomile tea. 2
  3. 3. 11. What does the text mainly talk about? a. Kinds of sleeping b. Problems of sleeping c. Sleeping and its problem d. art of sleeping12. Based on the text above, how long a young child should sleep a day? a. 18- 20 hours b. 12- 14 hours c. - 9 hours d. 5- 7 hours13. What is insomnia? a. Difficulty in sleeping b. Anxiety before sleeping c. Depression for can not sleep well. d. Excitement before leaving somewhere14. …caused by anxiety…(par 3) The synonym of the underlined word is… a. Sadness b. Eagerness c. Happiness d. Nervousness15. What is the title of the text above? a. Insomnia b. Sleep c. Problem d. Sleeping disorder.16. What kind of text is it? a. Narrative b. Recount c. Report d. Descriptive17. What is the purpose of the text above? a. To describe something to the readers b. To tell someone experience in the past c. To tell a good story to the readers d. To give information to the readers.18. What is the main idea of paragraph 1? a. Sleep is a bad habit b. Sleep is a temporary lapse of consciousness c. Sleep is a take a rest all day d. It’s a good time for sleeping.19. The supporting idea below are true except… a. a.Babies sleep 18-20 hours b. Young children 12-15 hours c. Adults sleep 7- 9 hours d. Older people 5- 7 hours 3
  4. 4. 20. The same meaning of depression is: a. Low stress b. Hard stress c. Crazy d. Sleeping disorder 21. The closest meaning of getting rid is… a. To add the problems b. To solve the real problems c. To throw the problems d. To let the problemsReading “DIET”When people talk about “going on diet”, they usually mean they are trying to limit theamount and type of food that they eat, in order to become thinner. Neverthless, dietactually refers to sensible nutrition for a variety of purposes to gain, as well as to loseweight. A diet can also be done as part of medicinal procedures, for example, to counteractsummer heat or winter cold and treat someone who suffers from stomach troubles. 22. …to counteract summer heat… a. What is the meaning of the underlined phrase? b. To reduce or prevent the bad effect of something c. To get rid of something evil d. To take an action over something 23. Which of the following statements is true according to the text? a. Diet is only done by overweight people b. Diet means sufficient food for certain condition c. Diet is solely done in order to become thinner d. To do something in particular way 24. They usually mean… a. They refers to… b. The people c. The writer’s family d. The writer and her friends 25. By reading the text we know that…. a. Diet is good for all people b. Diet is not usefull for adult c. Diet is only for reducing amount of food d. Diet isn’t only to limit amount of food but also for medicinal procedures. 26. The advantages of diet are below except: a. Medicinal procedures b. Counteract summer heat/winter cold c. Treat someone from stomach troubles d. Make a happy life. 27. Find the opposite of fatter a. Bigger b. Thinner c. Smaller d. Weaker 4
  5. 5. 28. What kind of text it? a. Recount b. Narrative c. Procedure d. Report 29. What is the purpose of the text above? a. To inform about diet to the readers b. To tell a good event in the past c. To describe something to the readers d. To amuse the readers 30. What is the cheapest way to lose your weight? a. Eat a lot of meat b. Drink some medicines c. Do sport every morning d. Wear strait clothesReading 4Milk is produced by female animals and women for feeding their babies.Women produce milk for their babies, cows produce milk for their calves, mares for theirfoals, and so on. In fact, the young of mammals are fed solely on milk from birth- humanbabies up to three or four month old. Young mammals continue to feed on milk, evenwhen they are introduced to solid food.Milk provides the primary source of nutrition for newborn babies before they are able todigest solid food. It contains protein, fat, lactose and calcium as well as vitamins. 31. What is the title of the text above? a. Milk b. The benefit of milk c. The content of milk d. The producer of milk 32. What do we call young cows? a. Babies b. Foals c. Mares d. Calves 33. …mammals are fed solely …( paragraph 2) The synonym of the underlined word is… a. Only b. Every c. Slowly d. Frequently 34. Why does milk important to consume? a. It doesn’t contain solid food b. Its vitamins and minerals c. Its good nutrition value d. It doesn’t contain fat and bacteria 5
  6. 6. 35. They are introduced to solid food (par 2) They refers to… a. People b. c. Babies c. Young mammals d. d. Calves 36. Why do the newborn babies need to get milk? a. It is easy to get from their mother b. It contains primary source of nutrition c. They can’t find good food d. They need to walk fast 37. . It contains protein, fat, lactose ,calcium and vitamins ( par 3 ) It refers to… a. Nice food b. food c. Cheap food d. Fast food 38. . They are able to digest solid food. (Par 3) They refers to… a. Newborn babies b. c. Human babies c. Female animals d. d. Male animals 39. What is the main idea of par 1? a. Milk is usefull for feeding the babies b. . Milk can be produced by female animals c. Milk isn’t important for babies d. d. Milk can be found in Super market 40. What do you think about this statement below? a. Milk contents all of nutricious food . b. I disagree about that c. That’s a good idea d. d. Sorry, no commentARRANGE THESE WORDS INTO A GOOD ORDER!( WRITING ) 41. . has-read-Bagus-a magazine-since-12.oo o’clock. a. Since 12 o’clock Bagus read a has magazine b. Bagus has read a magazine since 12 o’clock c. Bagus a has read magazine since 12 o’clock d. Bagus has a read magazine since 12 o’clock 42. This-postman-sent-a parcel-has-for a week-been-by. a. Parcel has sent by this postman been for a week b.. This postman has been sent by this parcel for a week. c. Parcel has been sent by this postman a week for. d. Parcel has been sent for a week by this postman. 6
  7. 7. THESE SENTENCES TO MAKE A GOOD DIALOGUE! (WRITING) 1. Sara : I do too. But this beach is a little bit dirty, isn’t it 2. Sara : Too bad. It spoils the beauty of the beach 3. Sara : I said, “The beach is dirty” 4. Lucy : Oh, yes . People throw the waste anywhere they want. 5. Lucy : I like beach very much 6. Lucy : Sorry? What did you say? 43. 5-1-6-3-4-2 b. 5-1-6-2-4-3 c. 3-1-6-2-4-5 d. 3-1-5-2-4-6Speaking Your class is going to have a study tour to Bandung next week. However, one ofyour friends is sick and is not sure she can join the tour. You respond to her doubt. Your friend : I really want to join the study tour, but I am not sure whether I can go ornot. 44. a. Don’t worry too much. I’m sure you’ll be all right. b. Don’t act too much. It’s just Bandung c. Don’ say that. You have to stay at home. d. Don’t be sad. You know it’s your fault. English Team 2012 7