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  1. 1. 1 Source File: http://ift.tt/1nsPn59 Title: Podcast 76 with Ian Clark, founder of Activation Products Ari: Now I am speaking with Ian Clark who is the founder of Activation Products. So Ian, thank you for talking to me. Ian: Hi Ari, thank you for having me on your podcast. Ari: Sure, so Activation Products makes a ton of really, really interesting products and I have known about them for a little while but Ian and I actually got a chance to meet in person a couple of weeks ago at a conference in Toronto and on my way out the door, he kind of force-fed me eight tablespoons of various oils and it made for a very, actually energized and great flight home. We’re going to get to that but first let’s talk about your big main product which is the Marine phytoplankton. Ian: Yeah, that’s been the mainstay for... we are in our eighth year right now. Ari: Tell people, what is Marine phytoplankton and why is it such a great thing? Ian: Marine phytoplankton has been more or less unknown as a nutritional for most of its life, which has been forever. The discoveries for phytoplankton came starting back in the 60s and carried on right through until the early 2000’s before they realized that there was a potential to begin producing it and harvesting it because Marine phytoplankton is a microscopic microalgae. In the ocean there is fortysomething thousand different strains and each one of those strains has its own function. And the function primarily is as a foundational food for all life in the ocean; whether it’s the coral reef all the way up to the largest mama, the great blue whale. But to the great blue whale doesn’t eat phytoplankton but eats like three layers up. It will eat the Krill and so there is all these layers of foundational nutrition in the ocean. If you were to take Marine phytoplankton out, within a short period of time everything in the ocean would not be able to survive. So it contains all the nutritional spectrums that support all that life. A lot of life in the ocean is not similar to our human bodies and some of it is. So when they started doing the different analysis of strains for various uses from bio-fuel to aquaculture, there became a very apparent couple of strains that were perfect for human nutrition. So the issue was, you can’t harvest a microscopic algae out of the ocean, the ocean has contaminants and pollutants and various things that cause troubles as well but that wasn’t the issue. The issue was simply that you could not harvest it.
  2. 2. 2 So technological advances allowed them to figure out the exact environment that is created naturally on land in order for phytoplankton to grow because when they identified the exact strains that were most beneficial for human health, they needed to figure out how to grow it en masse and not have any other strain in there with it and that of course is a major technological challenge. So because it has to have original ocean water, sunlight, CO2 and the nutrients that it finds from the minerals in the ocean water, they had to… What happened is a young couple down in southern Spain who graduated the University of Cadiz under Doctor Lubian, the actual guy that discovered these strains, they had a vision of creating this ocean on land. And it’s not like a big pool or anything like that; most microalgae is grown in ponds are lakes like Climate Lake and place like that. So this is a very specific one because they bring to an a half kilometers worth of sand is used to filter the ocean water that’s coming in from the south of Spain, it goes through UV, ozone, they even autoclave it before they inoculate it with the strain of Marine phytoplankton they want to grow so this very meticulous process to ensure no environmental contaminants, no other strains, no bacterias, just pure strain of the phytoplankton. The base one is nannochloropsis which is two different strains that we now produce. This is the first time in history where we actually had to strains coming out in a brand- new product called Oceans Light 2.0. But before we get into that, they whole entire growth process takes around 90 days and every single step of the way it has to be monitored so they are ensuring a natural environment because if you don’t give it its original natural environment that it wants to grow in using sunlight, CO2 and ocean water, it will fail. And any failure on a growth cycle could cost up to $1 million so they are very, very careful. Everything is computer monitored from pH, temperature, flow rates, how much CO2 is injected into the bioreactor, how much oxygen is off gas from it and how much sunlight it’s allowed to have so that they have this amazing perfect equilibrium situation that they had to create using technology with the original heirloom strain out in the ocean. Ari: And I have used the product and I think it’s a great and it actually gives sort of a noticeable energy boost sometimes but I want to understand really well why is it such a good nutrient for us because it is microscopic and you would think or a novice might think that is part of the food chain; something is it, something eats that, something eats that but that doesn’t necessarily in your mind, translated that being the ultimate nutrient. So why is it such a great nutrient? Ian: What actually is a very good point because in most cases you need some kind of a conduit in order to enjoy the full benefits of different things in the food chain. For
  3. 3. 3 example, we can juice grass but cows eat grass all day and then they produce this amazing thing called milk or goats do that or whatever, there is different conduits. But this particular one, the reason this has won the award of being the number one nutrient on the planet and also the most beneficial for human health, is because it requires no conduit. And it’s never eaten anything and it’s never been even as far as another living thing. So it’s in the plant kingdom but it has this ability to replicate whereas all other plants you’ve got to plant a seed that grows, the plant that comes to harvest and produces more seeds, this thing replicates itself. The key with this one is because the nutrients are in set up a microscopic cell, the nano for example is five times smaller than the red blood cell, it has more than 100 nutritional molecules now discovered in this cell from a university research in Athens. And each one of those molecules is in the nano realm. So all of a sudden it goes from having to be reprocessed in the body to not having to be reprocessed. When those nutrients are released in your system, they are available at a cellular level to be able to be instantly utilized. Whereas all other types of nutrition up the food chain require a certain amount of burning factor to be able to get the energy out causing an inflammatory response that the body has to deal with; producing waste product, etc. This is like the super cleanest fuel you could ever put in your system. It has never been consumed by anything before, you are the first one. And because of the nutritional spectrum, if we couldn’t go inside it they sell and look at it, we would go, “There is lots of algae; there is spirulina, there’s chlorella,” those are all fine provided they are grown in an environment that is not going to be contaminated; blue green algae’s and so one. But this is in a whole different universe. So when you look inside of these sales, it’s got all the essential amino acids. The essential fatty acids primarily, the fuel one which is EPA, and is the original source of it. So it’s 1000 times more beneficial to the human health on a per volume basis because of its absorb ability, usability, bioavailability and so on and then you have all of the pigments of the rainbow from all the carotenoids and all of the chlorophylls and the pigments. Then you have the plant minerals, the full spectrum of plant minerals because it is converting the sea minerals in the ocean water over into plant-based and available to your system that are far deeper level. Sea minerals are already bioavailable and have been metabolized from Marine phytoplankton for millions of years. But the original nano sized, that’s what you want so every time a nutrient is consumed, it loses about 90% of its value in the ocean to the thing that ate it. It consumes it, that thing that ate it consumes 90% of its value. It accumulates but just take a look at the difference between the essential fatty acids and Marine phytoplankton as phospholipid in the nano sized all the way up to a triglyceride in fish oil which is macro sized. The difference is struggling to get 100% availability from
  4. 4. 4 that phytoplankton and a very limited availability from the fish oil, even though the fish oil is still good. You’ve also got the opportunity for contamination. So when it comes to ocean nutrition, this is the epitomization of it and it’s super pure. So if you didn’t have those full-spectrum known molecular pieces of nutrition in there, that nano sized, it wouldn’t have much of a status but when they started discovering this stuff and being able to analyze something for the first time in known history because it is produced in this bioreactor and then they can go to a lab and look deep inside the cell, that’s where it got really exciting and it got so much excitement that one of the largest food producer companies in the world out of Spain, Ebro Foods, has a pilot project going on where they want to produce billions of dollars of it to get to the world within the next eight years. Ari: So what kind of, not nutritional deficiency really but this isn’t like taking vitamin C when you are sick or vitamin D kind of supplementation. Obvious anybody can benefit from this but what sort of basis is Marine phytoplankton going to provide to fill in the gaps basically for someone in order to take them to a new level? Ian: Yeah, well we don’t tout it as a vitamin replacement. We basically put it out there as… Because we know vitamin D, people are deficient, vitamin C is a wonderful thing, there is different qualities of course of those products out there in the market. You want to make sure you get to the highest quality but when you talk about nutritional gaps and you are going into the foundational levels, we couldn’t even begin to figure out how to put all these pieces together because it’s the complete entire orchestra playing the entire symphony to your body when you take it. Whereas when you’re going to do an individual vitamin or nutrient mineral or whatever, you are putting parts of the orchestra out to play to your body and that has its effect. So the way we look at it is like this is the best insurance policy that you can put into your system because you know that every cell in that… Every cell of Marine phytoplankton has a molecule for a bodily function and because it’s so effective being a foundational food, you just need of small amount. So you are basically flooding your body with trillions of cells of this phytoplankton which is, there is 10 trillion in a single bottle and every one of your cells in your body knows what to do with that. Your brain can direct the traffic and the brain is jealous for its self so it feeds itself first. Most people noticed a cognitive increase and a mental energy increase out of the gate and then over time, theier body begins to get a residual buildup of energy, building like a big solid body of a nice clean candle with good clean fuel that will burn for a long time. So the main premise of this is reverse the aging back to where you should be if you rapidly aged. There are enzymes within the phytoplankton that have now been discovered that are very beneficial for removing oxidative stress as the most efficient rate possible than any other antioxidant and there is super oxide dismutase which we
  5. 5. 5 are going to have some discussions on in the very near future that are contained en masse in the Oceans Life 2.0. But the importance of all of those things together playing the fourth Symphony is what’s your body loves and our innate intelligence knows exactly what to do with that. So that’s what makes this stand apart and be unique in and of itself. Ari: Cool. And again I love it. It comes in a bottle with a drop and you can put it into water, it just basically tastes like seaweed if you like sushi or you don’t mind a little bit of that sea taste. It’s not going to affect anybody and you really do notice it. So it’s a really interesting product. It’s very sort of in a different realm of the things that people often recommend; whether as we said as the vitamins or probiotics. This is very unique kind of way to nourish your body and your mind and I recommend people just try it. But what I want to do now is I want to talk about some of your other products which is the oils because this was a more recent thing for me to discover that you do and honestly, I was kind of blown away. So let’s talk about some of the oil slightly are producing, how you are doing it and what they can do. Ian: The oils are a very recent development. We didn’t start getting into it until December 2012. The development of it was going on for seven years prior to that and I was super fortunate to run into one particular German individual who is pure genius. His name is Andreas Becker and he is not only a genius, he is an amazing gentle soul who just wanted to do something… Well first of all for himself because he was dying of Crohn’s but more so for once he was well, he just wanted to get everything out to the world and when I Andreas, I met him in 2009 for the first time and he was living in a motorhome with his wife and daughter in Ben Church California and had no money. But he had this little press and he was pressing seed oils and he was very happy, skinny. He was blonde haired, blue-eyed and he was fairly private. He didn’t talk a lot about himself. It turned out that he was at one time a B-level celebrity internationally; he had won 5 Olympic medals, took the men’s gold in ‘96 in the horizontal bar, had the highest score in the Olympics that year, so he really was true a unique individual; one of 26 men in 100 years to do that at that time and really pioneered all of the major advanced gymnastic endeavors that you are seeing today. The guys that are winning the golds were in the gym with him back in the day when they were little kids. So he didn’t promote that. He was actually almost a little bit embarrassed about that. People do not think of him in the light but he was pressing these seed oils and he had a normal press… It was kind of a unique little one but it was a cold expeller press. And he told me, “You need to take these oils fresh right away and there was an idea coming he was going to tell me about later and so I connected with him. I saw him over the next little while, I never understood the seed oils. I really did not get it. I tried them, they seem to find. I didn’t notice much from them at the time, I did not take them to any degree but I reconnected with Andreas through a random email where I saw his name,
  6. 6. 6 and I went, “Andreas!” And it was November 2012 so I phoned him on the cell number I had and he answered. I said, “Man, I am ever glad I caught up with you again. It’s been a long time.” It had been a little over a year since I had even heard his name and he goes, “Oh yeah, you’ve got to come see me in California, something big has happened.” And I said, "Okay, cool." So two weeks later I happen to be there. I drove up to Big Berry where he was and this guy walks up at the house to greet me fully athletic looking, totally different, looking just amazing and a big smile on his face. The whites of his eyes, I had never seen anybody with whites like that and so I was shocked really. I went into his house and he took his jacket off and he had real muscular arms; not the bodybuilder or anything like that but he used to be like Little Hercules went he was… He had an eight pack, you have the sixpack right? And when I knew him before, he was very skinny because he had Crohn’s and anybody that has any digestive disorders are often not absorbing because Crohn’s is like nasty, which I know you are aware of Ari and anyways, he had gotten rid of all that. So he started telling me the story off this vision that he had in April 2009 at 2 o’clock in the morning when he woke up and saw this equipment, it was like a major inventor’s vision and he totally attributes that to God showing him this and that God saved his life with seed oil because he sent somebody in Germany to tell him to start taking flax oil back… He was slated for all the operations. And I am not going to get into his story but it was very, very close to death. He had infusions and so while he was waiting to get stronger to do the operations to remove part of his colon, somebody came and said, “No, just start taking flax oil.” But you can’t buy from the store; you’ve got to take it from the press and you’ve got to eat it. Right from the press and you will start getting enough nutrition. It’s not going to cure your Crohn’s what is going to help you and it will help you stop the bleeding and you will get stronger.” So he did that, he had a friend first of all that had a press and then… Where he got fresh oil and then he got his own press, he borrowed some money and got it and that’s when he came to the US with this little press in 2007 when he moved to California so I met him in 09 with that press. The vision happens, he got together with a really talented mechanical engineer in Germany and between the two of them, communicated from California to Germany over the next year, they put together this equipment and then the refined it between the beginning of 2010 until the middle of 2012 where he perfected a way to press coriander seed oil. Now that’s a major breakthrough because no press technologies anywhere no matter what it is, has never been able to press coriander seed oil. Now coriander as people know it is the most popular spice in India and it grinds up into a spice and it looks like there’s nothing at all in it other than a bit of flavor, but there is oil in those seeds. And when he pressed the oil out in August of 2012, he spent about 32 days consuming a
  7. 7. 7 good amount of the coriander seed oil and since then, all of his Crohn’s symptoms are entirely gone, have never come back, he eats whatever food he wants and his body completely rebuilt itself without doing any exercise program which is unusual because you would think normally would have to be pretty active to rebuild yourself like that. But he said because of muscle memory and his original state of his body being in such top condition as an athlete, he went about halfway back and he was active pressing seeds and lifting bags and all that kind of stuff but nothing exercise wise. Ari: Now what turned him on to coriander seed oil? And why was it so hard to press? Ian: Well okay, somebody told him that the coriander, when they did a CO2 extract, which is not palatable to the human system and they missed certain constituents, was tested for heavy metal removal for getting rid of yeast overgrowth, Candida problems, that type of thing. So when he was laying in bed in Germany at the hospital, this was way before all of this right? A word kept popping into his mind which was “Candida” but that was not in the German language and he had never heard… He was, “What’s Candida, Candida?” And he never spoke English at that time, now he speaks English very well. He got online and he found out what it was and it caused digestive issues. So what he believed was is that the heavy metals that he had a problem with in his… Because he smoked for years if you can imagine, he smoked cigarettes the whole time he was an athlete which is a paradox right? So of course, the heavy metals from that and the general heavy metal poisoning and he always had the digestive issues that then blow up the Crohn’s and that was related to those two things. Candida blowout, heavy metals recirculating and then it blew out into this condition. So he believed that, and nobody had tested this before as far as this oil because nobody had ever pressed it this way raw. He thought, “If I can get that in my system, let’s see what happens, who knows?” And unknowing to him, it was going to happen that fast but 32 days and no more symptoms to this day. So he believes that because it pulled the heavy metals out and killed the Candida yeast overgrowth and the guy absolutely glows now. She is just like the picture of health in every way. And he has taken more flax seed oil… Flax seed oil got a bad rap because they compared it to soy with all of these estrogens and stuff; that is complete marketing hype trying to displace flax seed oil sales with some other one! The problem with flax seed oil is it goes rancid when you don’t press it right. It goes through a regular expeller press, it breaks the molecule, oxidizes and goes rancid, you don’t want to put that in your body. Ari: Right. Ian: So he was taking fresh flaxseed. With this new technology that he has can press a flaxseed oil, Chia seed oil, all these normal immediately going rancid oils, they don’t go rancid at all. So just coming off the press, you are going to get a peroxide number
  8. 8. 8 between 50 to 100 with most technologies out there, this one zero. It does not break the molecule, it doesn’t open it up to air, it is packed in [45:10 mirror and glass]. It has all these very carefully thought-out things on how to make sure that the end user gets the full value of the oils. It also doesn’t swell of the molecules and breaking it, oxidation, it is far more bio-available. So he applied this to all the seed oils. Now Andreas has consumed more flax oil on this planet than anybody has ever dreamed of. He has never had a single issue with anything estrogenic so he is like, “Come on, you know that’s just bogus marketing.” And people have never had access to the property pressed stuff to start with and here we are, we’ve got all of this technology now applied to every single seed oil. So the coriander was such a breakthrough Ari because the world needs this so very, very much. I think every single person has a certain level of digestive issue even if they have so called good digestion, they have completely awesome digestion after a month or two of using coriander seed oil. So that’s right now where I want to see that one get out first and foremost because it proved itself in that his body began to rebuild itself after he got the issues sorted out that only the coriander did because he was taking all these other oils up to that point which he was getting a certain amount of benefit from but then he got the full benefit. And he said the flax oil and the Chia seed oil, kicked him into a much higher gear at that point once he got his digestive issue sorted out. And what boggles my mind is that this invention sets our company that I have joined up with Andreas since December 2012 is the only company out of 7 billion people that have this coriander seed oil. That is just to me mind-boggling! Ari: Yeah and I want to point out here to people to that it tastes good first of all and this goes along with the whole idea of good fats and oils and things. You can put these on foods, they are very therapeutic. They just are and this specific compounds… Ian’s company produces black human oil and pumpkin seed oil and the flax and the coriander and black sesame and white sesame and even amaranth and these oils taste really good and they have such superpowered health benefits. And as I said, I was I was walking out the door of this conference, Ian basically poured about 8 tablespoons of oil into my mouth and I am telling you, I was buzzing for the rest of the day. I was actually planning what I was going to eat before I got on the plane and everything and I ended up just not eating anything because I felt really, really good. And I also almost without fail, get sick every time I travel; I get a cold or something, it’s the way it is with traveling no matter what I try to do but I not only did not get sick, I hadn’t slept very much, it was like the perfect storm for me to not feel good. And I got off the plane at 11 o’clock at night, got very little sleep and I was just feeling great and the next day I felt really, really good.
  9. 9. 9 And so these oils are really, really special. So it’s something that I highly recommend people try out. And I also like to point out that if you follow anything having to do with [48:21 Ireveta] for instance, the word for “oil”, is the same word for “love” and it’s basically like you are giving your body love by giving it oil. We are pretty much out of time here Ian and I want to ask everybody at the end of these podcast interviews and that’s… And you are running a really interesting successful company. You’ve had a career doing all sorts of things. What are the top three things that you think sort of make you more effective that you recommend for people? Ian: You mean for health or for business? Ari: Anything. Anything that you want that you think makes you more effective. Ian: Getting very deep and proper sleep based on the circadian rhythm of Earth has got to be number one. And in the past, my experience has been exercise… When I do a good, steady exercise regimen which in the last little while has not been the case because of my business taking over my time too much, I would say exercise is right behind that like really high movement intensity training type and then having the broad spectrum of foundational nutrients going to your system every single day. And there is nothing more than foundational than in the original seed out of the ocean and seed oils that are produced coming off of the land-based plants that are very specific to re-methylating your body, to removing inflammation, to giving you the materials that your brain knows exactly what to do with to rebuild yourself. And aside from that, those are the top three but then of course, eating clean good water and so on. Ari: Right, well those are, I think those are good and I think you have given so many options now for people to sort of supercharge that ability. So Ian, thank you so much. We’re going to have links to everything in the show most but where is the best place for people to find out more about these products? Ian: The main website is www.activationproducts.com and we have certain select educational pages that are within the site that people can subscribe to and get special access to that we don’t just publish to anybody and that is the one, www.activationproducts.com. Ari: Well Ian, thank you so much. This has been incredibly informative and it was a pleasure speaking to you again. Ian: Yeah, thank you Ari. It is our pleasure on this end too. ***End***