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Corporate Volunteerism & Social Media: Trends, Tips and Tools


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Corporate Volunteerism & Social Media: Trends, Tips and Tools

  1. 1. ACH Corporate Volunteerism & Social Media: Trends, Tips and Tools Arik C. Hanson, ACH Communications Sept. 29, 2015 CVCTC
  2. 2. ACHACH ABOUT ARIK • 20 years agency, corporate; #SoloPR since 2009; @arikhanson • Blogger, podcaster, e-newsletter maker, board member, event organizer CVCTC
  3. 3. ACHACH Corporate Volunteerism + Social Media CVCTC
  4. 4. ACHACH Here’s what most are doing… CVCTC
  5. 5. ACHACH Here’s what most are doing… CVCTC
  8. 8. ACHACH But, WHY? CVCTC
  9. 9. ACHACH Ask yourself: What do you want from social? • More volunteers? • Employee engagement? • Better brand reputation? CVCTC
  10. 10. ACHACH Really, what you want is: • Web traffic • Likes/Comments/Shares • Impressions CVCTC
  11. 11. ACHACH So, what do you do? CVCTC
  12. 12. ACHACH Use Facebook ads as a lever to reach employees CVCTC
  13. 13. ACHACH Use LinkedIn publishing as an executive storytelling tool CVCTC
  14. 14. ACHACH CVCTC
  15. 15. ACHACH Jones is actively engaging with commenters. Other “influencers” are commenting. Other execs are commenting. CVCTC
  16. 16. ACHACH Use long-form content and vibrant visuals to create emotional bonds CVCTC
  17. 17. ACHACH CVCTC
  18. 18. ACHACH Take advantage of trends. CVCTC
  19. 19. ACHACH Not THESE trends… • Content marketing! Content marketing! Content marketing! • Facebook is now officially an advertising platform • Mobile (for about the 9th year in a row) • Podcasting = so hot right now CVCTC
  20. 20. ACHACH THESE trends. CVCTC
  21. 21. ACHACH #1 UCG on IG CVCTC
  22. 22. ACHACH #HabitatPhotoContest CVCTC
  23. 23. ACHACH #HabitatPhotoContest CVCTC
  24. 24. ACHACH #onlyinmn CVCTC
  25. 25. ACHACH CVCTC
  26. 26. ACHACH CVCTC
  27. 27. ACHACH CVCTC
  28. 28. ACHACH CVCTC
  29. 29. ACHACH CVCTC
  30. 30. ACHACH Ten Day Minnesotans CVCTC
  31. 31. ACHACH CVCTC
  32. 32. ACHACH CVCTC
  33. 33. ACHACH Ideas for corporate volunteer teams: • Do you have a good handle on how much UCG your employees/volunteers are generating now? • What about allowing employee volunteers to “takeover” your corporate Instagram account for the day during volunteer events? CVCTC
  34. 34. ACHACH #2 Live social video: Is it a viable communications tool? CVCTC
  35. 35. ACHACH CVCTC
  36. 36. ACHACH CVCTC
  37. 37. ACHACH CVCTC
  38. 38. ACHACH Ideas for corporate volunteer teams: • What about producing your own interview series live from volunteer events? • What about broadcasting volunteer rallies so far- flung and virtual employees can participate and feel involved? • What about live streaming unique volunteer perks so even more volunteers feel engaged? (U.S. Bank folks: What about a tour of the new US Bank Stadium?) CVCTC
  39. 39. ACHACH #3 The NEXT generation of wearables/VR will significantly impact storytelling CVCTC
  40. 40. ACHACH CVCTC
  41. 41. ACHACH CVCTC
  42. 42. ACHACH CVCTC
  43. 43. ACHACH CVCTC
  44. 44. ACHACH Ideas for corporate volunteer teams: • Could you orchestrate virtual experiences of unique volunteer events as a way to recruit new volunteers? • Could you use virtual reality and wearable tools to tell your volunteerism story in a different way—to a younger audience? CVCTC
  45. 45. ACHACH #4 The best social media platform brands aren’t using (well) CVCTC
  46. 46. ACHACH CVCTC
  47. 47. ACHACH CVCTC
  48. 48. ACHACH CVCTC
  49. 49. ACHACH CVCTC
  50. 50. ACHACH CVCTC
  51. 51. ACHACH CVCTC
  52. 52. ACHACH CVCTC
  53. 53. ACHACH CVCTC
  54. 54. ACHACH Ideas for corporate volunteer teams: • Identify your star volunteers—and help them tell their volunteerism stories via LinkedIn. • Identify one key executive with a passion for volunteering—help him/her tell their volunteerism story via LinkedIn. • Work with your employee communications team to merchandise these posts internally—encourage employees to read/comment/share. CVCTC
  55. 55. ACHACH @arikhanson (sign up for Talking Points) CVCTC

Editor's Notes

  • Photos don’t tell a story. I don’t know if these are volunteers, employees, paid help? Be careful with your visuals. They should tell a story.
  • Call to action? Are you targeting employees or customers with these posts? Not clear.
  • No clear CTA

    No amplification

    Limited engagement
  • Add
  • Lot a talk about LinkedIn—no one is really reading, only sales people, etc.
  • Add
  • Add
  • Post photos that best captured the mission—follow @habitatforhumanity and tag #habitatphotocontest

    The winner was awarded a spot as a volunteer at the 31st Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project in Dallas, TX.
  • 137,000+ pics on IG with #onlyinmn tag
  • Asked four influencers/travel bloggers/IGers to each day 10 days to visit one part of the state and document their exp via IG.
  • Periscope users shared their livestreams on Twitter 1.5 million times from March through May 22 (1,510,709, to be exact)
    Meerkat livestream URLs were shared on Twitter 1,521,424 times during the same period
    According to data from Nuvi
    For reference there woud be 15 BILLION tweets sent during the same two-month period.
    Meerkat’s total brand awareness is at 9% and Periscope’s is only at 6%.
    Brands are a little skittish—big risk; brand guidelines; anytime there’s live video involved
  • HOWEVER, brands are using Periscope and Meerkat to connect with customers and give them behind-the-scenes looks.
  • Or, using it with contests to gin up awareness

    Mtn Dew using VR and Oculus Rift to give fans the experience of snowboarding or skateboarding with their favorite boarders (in Brooklyn in 2014 and at Vail a few weeks ago at US Snowboarding Champs)
  • Oladipo used Glass to document his NBA Draft experience. First-person storytelling—big opportunity for brands as the tech gets better in the years ahead (Glass was recently shelved—but most think they’ll be back)
  • And finally, a GREAT use of VR here from Victory Motorcyles using it at a trade show in CHI to allow people to ride a bike—many for the first time.

    Nearly 300 people took Victory’s Oculus Rift drive through the desert

    92% of them had never tried the technology before and 63% had never even heard of it.

    A key stat: 75% of the participants had never ridden a Victory motorcycle.
  • General Mills using Oculus Rift to show millennials more about the GM corporate campus (tours)
  • Many companies are still using LinkedIn this way—not that there’s a ton wrong with this in small doses.
  • It is not uncommon for many corporate executives’ LinkedIn profiles to look like this. Sorry, Medtronic.
  • I couldn’t even find Omar Ishrak, the Medtronic CEO on LinkedIn (meanwhile, he is tweeting)
  • Smart: UPS is promoting content created by its internal “influencers” who are publishing on LinkedIn (Alan Gershenhorn – Chief Commercial Officer at UPS)
  • Smart: Target using Jeff Jones personal LinkedIn account to share company messages (in a more personal way) during a time of difficulty/responding to a big news story.
  • Smart: Companies using CEOs to share company messages to reach employees in a different way.
  • Smart: Company CEOs like AmFam’s Jack Salzwedel using LinkedIn to publish and share views to reach customers and employees (few CEOs doing this)