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8 social media trends for government communicators in 2019


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A look at 8 pragmatic social media trends to keep an eye on for government communicators in 2019.

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8 social media trends for government communicators in 2019

  1. 1. ACH 8 Social MediaTrends to Watch in 2019 Arik C. Hanson ACH Communications Oct. 11, 2018
  2. 2. ACHACH ABOUT ARIK • 20+ years experience; solo since 2009; @arikhanson • Blogger, podcaster, e-newsletter maker, board member, event organizer
  3. 3. ACHACH It’s (almost) social media trend season!
  4. 4. ACHACH Most will talk about: • The importance of video! Yes, THAT video! • The rise of AI • Chatbot this, Chatbot that • INFLUENCERS!
  5. 5. ACHACH Instead, today we will: • Discuss 8 pragmatic social media trends for 2019. • Talk about how those trends might impact YOU! • Ideas on action steps to take as a result
  6. 6. ACHACH Trend #1: Instagram will take over Facebook as the new social home base for brands
  7. 7. ACHACH Numbers tell the story. • Instagram just surpassed 1 billion users. The only other platform not named Facebook to do it. • 71% of U.S. business now use Instagram • Instagram is THE platform for influencers–80% prefer the platform for brand collaborations • 59% of 18-29 year-olds use Instagram
  8. 8. ACHACH Meanwhile, over on Facebook… • Facebook saw a 5.6 percent decline in users between 12 and 17 years old. • They also saw a 5.8 percent decline in users between 18 and 24 years old. This is the first time Facebook has seen a decrease in users since its inception. • Facebook usage dropped–for the first time ever– from 67% to 62% among Americans 12+ years of age.
  9. 9. ACHACH Numbers don’t tell the whole story: • Facebook is an increasingly toxic place for many users. #DeleteFacebook is real. • Facebook has taken a beating in the media over the last year. • Facebook has lost it’s “cool” factor.
  10. 10. ACHACH Facebook: 105 engagements per post Instagram: 10,713 engagements per post
  11. 11. ACHACH Facebook: 445 engagement per post Instagram: 4,866 engagements per post
  12. 12. ACHACH Facebook: 707 engagements per post Instagram: 23,255 engagements per post
  13. 13. ACHACH What about a more relevant example? 13.2 engagements per post (last 10 posts) 54.3 engagements per post (last 10 posts)
  14. 14. ACHACH That’s a 400 PERCENT increase in engagements from Facebook to Instagram
  15. 15. ACHACH For now: • Review your Facebook and Instagram numbers— where are you seeing the most “bang for your buck?” • Consider experimenting with Instagram ads, if you haven’t already. • Consider shifting more time/energy to Instagram— but remember who’s spending time there.
  16. 16. ACHACH Trend #1a: Instagram will increasingly become all about Stories
  17. 17. ACHACH Again, consider the numbers: • By last count, Instagram Stories now has 300 million daily active users. That’s more users than Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn. • Stories have also reportedly increased the time users spend on Instagram, with an average of 32 minutes per day for those users under 25 years old, and 24 minutes for users 25 and older.
  18. 18. ACHACH And, Insta continues to invest: • “Story Highlights” – create branded graphics for your page and save your stories permanently by category. • “Swipe up” – for verified business accounts with 10,000 or more followers. Gives brands the ability to drive traffic to owned web properties and sites. • Enhanced metrics – Host of in-app metrics for Stories including impressions, engagements, taps forward, taps back and exits.
  19. 19. ACHACH Why haven’t brands jumped in yet? • Staffing and resource challenges. • Brand governance processes don’t allow for fast posting. • “Engagement” looks different on Stories.
  20. 20. ACHACH You know who’s doing this REALLY well?
  21. 21. ACHACH For now: • Experiment, learn, experiment some more. • Track results: Impressions, click forwards, click backs • Consider involving others (i.e., takeovers, other staff, local influencers)
  22. 22. ACHACH Trend #2: Scrutiny over video metrics will ratchet up a notch
  23. 23. ACHACH Why? • First: Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake. • Second: Current view metrics on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are pretty soft o Like, 3-10 seconds soft (on Facebook and Instagram) o Auto-play is in play • The pressure for social ROI will increase
  24. 24. ACHACH Case in point: 8,200 engagements = .0008 engagement rate
  25. 25. ACHACH For now: • Consider: Is the cost to produce more video in 2019 worth it? Are 10-second view metrics enough? • Focus on more meaningful video metrics: o Average watch time o Post engagements (likes+comments+shares)
  26. 26. ACHACH Trend #3: Private social networking will start to impact 2019 plans
  27. 27. ACHACH The stats tell the story: Messenger use WAY up
  28. 28. ACHACH WhatsApp users have doubled in just two years
  29. 29. ACHACH And, messaging growth will continue
  30. 30. ACHACH At the same time: Facebook engagement has declined 50% in last 18 months
  31. 31. ACHACH Other signals • Instagram investing more in its direct messaging capabilities o Video chat o Poll functionality o 250,000+ active users (as of 2017) • Facebook testing the notion of deleting the SHARE button
  32. 32. ACHACH Is one-to-one the future of social?
  33. 33. ACHACH For now, ask yourself these questions: • Do I start to adjust expectations with internal stakeholders re: engagements? Should engagements be a key metric in 2019? • Should I explore the possibility of using more automation to respond to more inbound private messages? Should I look at chatbots more closely? • What do I do about organic social media? Do I care? Does this impact my content strategy and generation?
  34. 34. ACHACH Trend #4: More focus on overlooked and niche social media sites
  35. 35. ACHACH The “Big Four” still dominate, but… • Quora: o 190M users o 400,000 topics now exist on Quora • Pinterest user totals o 250M active users o 175B+ pins o 1 in 2 millennials use Pinterest every day
  36. 36. ACHACH The “Big Four” still dominate, but… • Reddit: o “Front page of the internet” o 300M users o 853,824 subreddits o 58M daily votes o Average visit: 15 minutes, 47 seconds
  37. 37. ACHACH Reddit not for government? Think again. 1.8M reads 12,000 comments Crashed Reddit
  38. 38. ACHACH Minnesota subreddit full of opportunities to add value and engage with residents and taxpayers
  39. 39. ACHACH And then there’s this social network • 200,000 active neighborhoods • More than 17M recommendations • 90% of U.S. neighborhoods are active on Nextdoor
  40. 40. ACHACH City of Minneapolis actively (sort of) engaging residents
  41. 41. ACHACH For now: • Don’t over-rely on the major social networks— constantly explore new networks where your audiences may be spending time. • Nextdoor: Could you start your own page? Could you resource it effectively? • Reddit: Is there an opportunity for you to add value? • Quora: Are there questions out there you and your leaders could answer?
  42. 42. ACHACH Trend #5: Twitter officially dies as a brand “engagement” tool
  43. 43. ACHACH Unfortunately, this is all too common… Most tweets have 5 engagements or fewer—many have ZERO!
  44. 44. ACHACH 4 big reasons • It’s increasingly not a safe place for users. o See slew of events and backlash over last two years. • It’s not an easy place for new users. o Twitter growth has stagnated in recent years. Instagram’s numbers now dwarf it. • It’s not why people are going to Twitter o News, politics, sports--these are the reasons people are spending time on Twitter. • It’s not a traffic driver o Shareaholic survey claimed that Twitter drove just 1/15 the amount of referrals to publishers as Facebook
  45. 45. ACHACH For now: • Revisit your approach—maybe Twitter isn’t a part of your social media strategy AT ALL in 2019. • Twitter is still an EXCELLENT research tool (think media and influencers) • Twitter is still a great way to connect with, and keep tabs on, media. • Twitter is still a great way to serve constituents, taxpayers, stakeholders (and watch and observe behaviors).
  46. 46. ACHACH Trend #6: Leaders/employees will drive more social engagements than brand channels
  47. 47. ACHACH In fact, it’s already happening… 79 engagements 4,497 engagements
  48. 48. ACHACH Call it an (educated) hunch • Brand messages are re-shared 24 times more frequently when distributed by employees’ vs the brand (MSLGroup) • Content shared by employees receives 8X more engagement than content shared by brand channels (Social Media Today) • CEOs, board of directors and government officials saw biggest jumps in trust levels (2018 Edelman Trust Barometer) • Engagement levels nosediving—as much as 50% drop in some cases
  49. 49. ACHACH Even more than corporate America, you have a HUGE opportunity!
  50. 50. ACHACH 8 engagements per post (in last 10) 182 engagements per post (in last 10)
  51. 51. ACHACH 13 engagements per post (in last 10) 22 engagements per post (in last 10)
  52. 52. ACHACH Most logical platforms: • Twitter • Instagram • LinkedIn
  53. 53. ACHACH Consider: • (if you haven’t already) Identify leaders on your team with existing social footprints. • Work with and coach leaders on types of content to capture and share via social media. • Compare results for three months—then, see if that might alter how much content you share on branded channels.
  54. 54. ACHACH Trend #7: Emojis, GIFs and stickers > text
  55. 55. ACHACH Current state
  56. 56. ACHACH Emojis even have their own awards!
  57. 57. ACHACH Yes, even the government can have fun with emojis
  58. 58. ACHACH But seriously though... • More than 50% of all captions and comments on Instagram contain at least one emoji. • More than 700M emojis are used in Facebook posts every day. • 25,000 gifs are sent PER MINUTE on Facebook Messenger • Stickers are EVERYWHERE on Instagram Stories!
  59. 59. ACHACH Where does this show up most? • Instagram posts/comments/stories • Facebook comments • Facebook Messenger • WhatsApp messages • Texting • Twitter • Basically, all over the entire internet.
  60. 60. ACHACH What are organizations doing with emojis, stickers and gifs?
  61. 61. ACHACH
  62. 62. ACHACH For now, one thing: • Don’t be afraid to have some fun!
  63. 63. ACHACH Trend #8: Organic reach is dead (or, IS it?)
  64. 64. ACHACH OK, yep, it’s dead. • Facebook organic reach rates now right around 1% • Facebook engagement rates down by as much as 50% in 2018
  65. 65. ACHACH Wait, maybe it’s not…
  66. 66. ACHACH Less is more. WAY more.
  67. 67. ACHACH Facebook Live easy way to more video—and boost organic engagements
  68. 68. ACHACH Facebook Groups great way to build engagement with micro-communities
  69. 69. ACHACH Instagram Stories
  70. 70. ACHACH Curate user-generated content across social platforms
  71. 71. ACHACH For now: • Are you posting too much? 8-12 times a month is more than enough for most organizations. • Could you using live video to ratchet up engagement and capture more local events? • Could you identify your local content producers and curate content for all your social platforms? • Could you supplement coverage of live events more with Instagram Stories?
  72. 72. ACHACH 8 (and a half) Social Media Trends • #1: Instagram will take over as brands’ social home base • #1a: Instagram will be all about Stories • #2: Scrutiny over video view metrics will ratchet up • #3: Private social media will start to impact 2019 plans • #4: More focus on overlooked and niche social media sites • #5: Twitter officially dies as a brand engagement tool • #6: Leaders/employees will drive more engagement than brand channels • #7: Emojis, stickers, gifs > text • #8: Organic reach is dead (or IS it?)
  73. 73. ACHACH @arikhanson (sign up for Talking Points)