9 social media trends to watch in 2020

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Jan. 15, 2020

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9 social media trends to watch in 2020

  1. ACH 9 Social MediaTrends to Watch in 2020 Arik C. Hanson ACH Communications Jan. 14, 2020
  2. ACHACH ABOUT ARIK • 20+ years experience; solo since 2009; @arikhanson • Blogger, podcaster, e-newsletter maker, UST professor
  3. ACHACH What trended in 2019 • Instagram = brand’s new home base • Stories! • Social shifts from one-to-many to one-to-one • Social media advertising -- more saturated than ever! • Huge privacy concerns • TikTok emerged
  4. ACHACH What about 2020?
  5. ACHACH #1: Brands will have to better prepare for the Internet Flash Mob
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  12. ACHACH How can you prepare? • Have messaging ready to go to address anticipated negative responses to your campaign • Prep at least one spokesperson • Don’t release your campaign right before the holidays (or a long weekend)
  13. ACHACH #2: More brands will “challenge” followers on TikTok (but then what?)
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  18. ACHACH Then what? • TikTok doesn’t lend well to the “feed” environment • It’s harder to develop really good TikTok content consistently (especially for brands!) • As more brands adopt/experiment with TikTok it will become tougher to ”break through”
  19. ACHACH #3: Community management makes a comeback
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  24. ACHACH Action items • Take back community management! • Respond to EVERY comment—they are precious! • Show some personality (but align with brand values) • Think about how to repurpose your best comments into other content
  25. ACHACH #4: The beginning of the end for the newsfeed
  26. ACHACH Why?
  27. ACHACH Why?
  28. ACHACH Why?
  29. ACHACH Instead:
  30. ACHACH Instead:
  31. ACHACH Instead:
  32. ACHACH #5: Brands will stop measuring “engagement”
  33. ACHACH Why? #1: They’re not doing it now anyway!
  34. ACHACH Case in point:
  35. ACHACH This is what brand “engagement” looks like in 2020
  36. ACHACH This doesn’t seem to line up…
  37. ACHACH Why? #2: Engagement metrics are actually GOING AWAY!
  38. ACHACH
  39. ACHACH What should you do? • Re-examine your social media metrics? Should engagements still be in the mix? • If you do continue to measure engagements, could you develop a rank/order system to give some engagements (shares/comments) more weight than others?
  40. ACHACH #6: Less is (WAY) more when it comes to content marketing
  41. ACHACH
  42. ACHACH Stats: • Aug. 2019: 50 tweets • Avg. engagements per post: 9 • That includes one post that had 98 engagements on its own • Total number of followers: 19,400 • Engagement rate: 0.0004
  43. ACHACH Is it worth it?
  44. ACHACH On the flip side… Kohler posted just 19 times in ALL of 2019
  45. ACHACH Action steps • Less is (usually) more when it comes to social content • Post and AMPLIFY • Quality > Quantity
  46. ACHACH #7: Internal influencers > external influencers
  47. ACHACH Trust in external influencers is starting to wane
  48. ACHACH It’s easy to see why… Robots! Bait-and-switch
  49. ACHACH
  50. ACHACH Meanwhile… internal influencers
  51. ACHACH vs. brand posts
  52. ACHACH Sleep Number = 14,154 followers vs. Shelly Ibach = 4,074 followers Angela Gearhart = 3,302 followers
  53. ACHACH
  54. ACHACH
  55. ACHACH Advice? • Identify your top internal influencers and work with them to be creative content partners • You don’t have to create a formal Employee Advocacy program—a few simple process steps can go a long way! • Don’t put too many eggs in the external influencer basket. Yes, it’s still a hot segment, but we saw a few red flags in 2019.
  56. ACHACH #8: Companies will start more podcasts that compliment traditional tactics
  57. ACHACH Podcast numbers are UP • 51% of Americans have listened to a podcast • 32% of Americans have listened to a podcast monthly (up from just 15% in 2014) • Nearly FOUR TIMES more people listen to podcasts every week than watched the Game of Thrones final season premiere. • Source: Edison Research
  58. ACHACH
  59. ACHACH
  60. ACHACH Consider • Building podcast off existing editorial content • Feature article topics = a podcast interview episode! • Podcasting gives your content more depth
  61. ACHACH #9: Employer brands go mainstream on social
  62. ACHACH 1999 Job Seeker
  63. ACHACH The 2019 Job Seeker
  64. ACHACH WHY an Employer Brand on social?
  65. ACHACH 67% of U.S. employees are disengaged at work (Gallup)
  66. ACHACH The quit rate (the rate at which employees voluntarily leave their jobs) is 2.3%. Highest it's been in 15 years! (Gallup)
  67. ACHACH 51% say they're actively looking for a new job or are open to one (Gallup)
  68. ACHACH • 79% of job seekers say they are likely to use social media in their job search (Glassdoor) • 73% of millennials found their last position through a social media site (The Aberdeen Group) • 67% of social job seekers use Facebook to search for jobs (Recruitics)
  74. ACHACH
  75. ACHACH 9 Social Media Trends • #1: Brands will have to better prepare for the Internet Flash Mob • #2: More brands will “challenge” customers on TikTok (but then what?) • #3: Community management makes a comeback • #4: The beginning of the end for the newsfeed • #5: Brands will stop measuring engagement • #6: Less is (WAY) more when it comes to content marketing • #7: Internal influencer > External influencers • #8: Companies will start more podcasts that compliment other comms vehicles • #9: Employer brands go mainstream on social
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