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NYC's Lesser-Known Attractions, by Ari Kellen

New York has got some pretty iconic attractions; the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, etc. But what about those lesser-known attractions? Here are but a few of them.

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NYC's Lesser-Known Attractions, by Ari Kellen

  1. 1. NYC’s Lesser-Known Attractions By Ari Kellen
  2. 2. BLDG 92 • Pays homage to the historical significance to the Brooklyn Navy Yard! • Exhibits for the history buff in all of us! • Civil War ironclads, Pearl Harbor casualties and the stories of those who worked on these various ships in Brooklyn
  3. 3. Panorama of the City of New York • A 9,335-square- foot model of New York in the Queens Museum
  4. 4. The Met Breuer • A brand new branch of the Met that was opened just a year ago ! • Designed to bring the Met into the 21st century! • Already hosting exciting exhibits
  5. 5. Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum • Built in the early 19th century in what is now Pelham Bay Park! • Offers a unique look at life for the upper classes in 19th-century New York
  6. 6. Snug Harbor Cultural Center • An 83-acre spot that boasts a botanical garden, cobblestone streets and paths of Victorian and Tudor- style homes • Features a “Chinese Scholar’s Garden” inspired by ancient China
  7. 7. City Reliquary • Located in the heart of Williamsburg! • Pack an amazing amount of stuff tied to New York’s history into a pretty tiny space! • Serves as an active presence in the Brooklyn community by organizing special events and fundraisers
  8. 8. Green-Wood Cemetery • A graveyard that serves as the resting place for over half a million New Yorkers from Leonard Bernstein to Boss Tweed! • Filled with Victorian mausoleums and stone statues
  9. 9. Woolworth building • One of the 20 tallest buildings in New York! • You can tour the lobby, which is decked out in glass and marble interiors
  10. 10. Socrates Sculpture Park • An Astoria park designated specifically for artists to create outdoor works! • Hosts large-scale sculptures year-round! • Has Greenmarket, free yoga and tai chi classes and more