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Newburyport FY12 Budget Workshop Schedule


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Here is the schedule for the Newburyport City Council's budget and finance committee when meeting with department directors about the fiscal 2012 budget.

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Newburyport FY12 Budget Workshop Schedule

  1. 1. FY 12 BUDGET WORKSHOPS Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Workshops Department/Commission Date of Review Time Public Comment Monday, May 23rd 5:30-5:45 Budget Items Monday, May 23rd 5:45-6:45 Collective Bargaining Longevity Take home vehicles Other budget items Mayor/General Administration Monday, May 23rd 6:45-7:15 Legal Monday, May 23rd 7:15-7:30 Information Technology Monday, May 23rd 7:30-8:00 City Clerk Monday, May 23rd 8:00-8:30 City Council Monday, May 23rd 8:30-8:45 Board of Registrars Monday, May 23rd 8:45-9:00 Parking Monday, May 23rd 9:00-9:30 Public Comment Tuesday, May 24th 6:30-6:45 Assessor Tuesday, May 24th 6:45-7:00 Auditor Tuesday, May 24th 7:00-7:30 Retirement Workers Compensation Unemployment Stabilization Overlay Treasurer/Collector (Debt Service) Tuesday, May 24th 7:30-8:00 Council On Aging Tuesday, May 24th 8:00-8:15 Library Tuesday, May 24th 8:15-8:30 Veterans Tuesday, May 24th 8:30-8:45 Youth Services Tuesday, May 24th 8:45-9:15 Public Comment Thursday, May 26th 6:30-6:45 Health Department Thursday, May 26th 6:45-7:15 Harbormaster Thursday, May 26th 7:15-7:45 Fire Department Thursday, May 26th 7:45-8:30 Police Department Thursday, May 26th 8:30-9:15 Emergency Management Thursday, May 26th 9:15-9:30 Public Comment Monday, June 6th 6:30-6:45 Whittier Tech School Monday, June 6th 6:45-7:15 Planning & Development Monday, June 6th 7:15-8:00 Planning Board Conservation CommissionFY 12 BUDGET WORKSHOPSCITY OF NEWBURYPORT, MASSACHUSETTS
  2. 2. FY 12 BUDGET WORKSHOPS Historical Commission Zoning Board of Appeals License Commission Monday, June 6th 8:00-8:15 Parks Commission Monday, June 6th 8:15-8:30 Building Department Monday, June 6th 8:30-8:45 Public Comment Wednesday, June 8th 5:30-5:45 Newburyport Public Schools Wednesday, June 8th 5:45-6:45 Water Division Wednesday, June 8th 6:45-7:15 Sewer Division Wednesday, June 8th 7:15-7:45 Highway Division Wednesday, June 8th 7:45-8:15 Snow & Ice Wednesday, June 8th 8:15-8:30 Final Reviews Wednesday, June 8th 8:30-9:30FY 12 BUDGET WORKSHOPSCITY OF NEWBURYPORT, MASSACHUSETTS