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  • Presented to the Newburyport City Council on March 14, 2011. Proposal is currently in the budget and finance committee.
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City tech slide deck

  1. 1. S
  2. 2. S Existing Systems first installed July 2000S Phone Systems date to the 1970’s,failure potentially represents a serious Public Safety concern.S Out of date technology, negative impact on employee productivity & services offered to residents and Taxpayers.S Simple tasks very cumbersome and newer document formats incompatible with existing City SoftwareS Lack of portability, mobility and access to documents and information.S New Upgrade encompasses “Green Technology” with a reduction in equipment realizing energy savings.S New software & systems will enable and empower City Officials & Employees to better serve the Citizens & Taxpayers with E-Government initiatives and greater community participation.S Independent assessment performed in January of 2011.S Comprehensive plan being presented to bring City IT & Communicaations Systems to the twenty first century.
  3. 3. S Current network operating system is Microsoft NT 4.0 platform no longer supported.S Microsoft Exchange Server Version 5.5 no longer supported, current exchange mail server nearing capacity not compatible with current day media driven technology.S SCO Unix product currently the operating system in use for our financial system no longer in existence. No support available, of great concern when considering disaster recovery scenario.S Munis Financial System Software version approaching retirement and currently has limited support. Requires upgraded server environment to be able to move to next revision of software and SQL database server.S Most vendor supplied applications now require Active Directory capable network operating system.S Vendor supplied applications for Public Safety etc. not fully integrated & functional on current systems. An upgraded server environment is also required to fully implement these systems.S Existing hardware and servers at capacity, parts and repairs no longer guaranteed to be readily available. Disaster recovery capabilities compromised as a result.
  4. 4. S Independent assessment undertaken in January 2011.S Tonight’s presentations represent a comprehensive set of proposals to bring the City IT Infrastructure , Application Systems & Integrated Communicationsto the twenty first century.S More reliable systems with dynamic and mobil data, vpn’s with remote access capabilities across all City Departments.S Greater efficiencies and better processes to be realized from proposed systems upgrade & implementation. Purchase Orders and Requisitions implementation now possible for example as well as payment scheduling with Utility Billing Systems.S Proposed virtualized server environment reduces physical sever count by 2/3rds & equates to less energy consumption with greater flexibility and manageability in keeping with the City’s ongoing policy of adopting and benefitting from the use of Green Technology whenever possible.S Phone Systems quite antiquated most replacement parts not readily available and of great concern where public safety is concernedS Phone System Overhaul will now include integration to a unified messaging platform with Sharepoint capabilities for more timely response to citizen and taxpayer requests.
  5. 5. RetroFit TechnologiesS Gary Whear – Vice PresidentS Walter Gallagher – Senior Account ExecutiveS Dale Renaud – Certified Systems Engineer ( Managed Technology Assessment)Clearway Technology PartnersS Colm Whelan – Director Microsoft Solutions PracticeVoice SystemsS Karen Schneider – Executive Vice PresidentS Larry Murphy – Senior Account Executive