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Gen quiz finals part2


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Gen quiz finals part2

  1. 1. Stage 2• All questions and their answers connect to a unifying theme• We’ll open the stage 2 in steps of 2 questions
  2. 2. 1The Salmon of Knowledge (bradán feasa) is acreature figuring in the Fenian Cycle of Irishmythology. This salmon was sometimes called Fintan(or Finntan) in ancient times. (It is sometimesconfused with Fintan mac Bóchra, who was known as"The Wise" and was once transformed into asalmon.) Stories differ on whether Fintan was acommon fish or one of the Immortals, that could beeaten and yet continue to live.The Salmon figures prominently in The BoyhoodDeeds of Fionn, which recounts the early adventuresof Fionn mac Cumhaill. According to the story, anordinary salmon ate nine hazelnuts that fell into theWell of Wisdom (aka Tobar Segais) from nine hazeltrees that surrounded the well. By this act, the salmongained all the worlds knowledge. Moreover, the firstperson to eat of its flesh would, in turn, gain this
  3. 3. Time to thank the fish no !!!
  4. 4. 2. ID artist (+40, -30)
  5. 5. Janis Joplin
  6. 6. 3Rhapsody: A DreamNovel, also known asDream Story, is a 1926novella by the Austrianwriter Arthur Schnitzler. Itdetails the thoughts andpsychologicaltransformations of DoctorFridolin over a two-dayperiod. In this short time,he meets many peoplewho give a clue to theworld Schnitzler iscreating for us. Thisculminates in themasquerade ball, awondrous event ofmasked individualism,
  7. 7. 4 (+30, -20)The story is mainly based on the legend ofKullervo, a character from the Finnishfolklore poems known as Kalevala. Túrin alsoresembles Sigmund, the father of Sigurd inthe Volsunga saga, in the incestuousrelationship he had with his sister. In RichardWagners opera, Die Walküre (also drawn inpart from the Volsung myths), Siegmund andSieglinde are parallels of Túrin and Nienor.Túrin further resembles Sigurd himself, asboth achieve great renown for the slaying of
  8. 8. 5Billions and Billions:Thoughts on Life andDeath at the Brink ofthe Millennium,published by RandomHouse in 1997, writtenby X.The book is a collectionof essays X wrotecovering diverse topicslike global warming, thepopulation explosion,extraterrestrial life,morality, and theabortion debate. The lastchapter is an account ofX’s struggle with
  9. 9. 6. ID the band (+30, -20)
  10. 10. 7This film is set in 1942, when the British ruledIndia. It was a time when Indians were eitherworking for the British or rallying inunderground meetings and protests againstthem. In this atmosphere, Naren Singh fallsin love with Rajeshwari "Rajjo" Pathak . Buttheir romance is not an easy one.The film was the first ever to be given a U/Arating while featuring a scene, previouslyconsidered inappropriate for young children,showing the actors kissing.nce is not an easy
  11. 11. 8 (+10, no negs)X has red hair, which she dyes black. She isdescribed as "a pale, skinny young woman who hadhair as short as a fuse, and a pierced nose andeyebrows.X is a world class computer hacker. Under the name“_____", she becomes a prominent figure in theinternational hacker community, known as the"Hacker Republic". She uses her computer skills as ameans to earn a living, doing investigative work forMilton Security. She has an eidetic memory, and isskilful at concealing her identity, possessingpassports in different names and physical disguisesthat she uses to travel undetected around Swedenand worldwide.The survivor of a traumatic childhood, X is highlyintroverted, asocial and has difficulty connecting to
  12. 12. Lisbeth Salander
  13. 13. And your Stage 2 is ….
  14. 14. Posthumous Works• Douglas Adams – The Salmon Doubt• Janis Joplin – Pearl• Stanley Kubrick – Eyes Wide Shut• Kurt Cobain – You Know You’re Right• JRR Tolkien – The Children of Hurin• Carl Sagan – Billion Billion etc. etc.• RD Burman – 1942 A Love Story• Stieg Larrson – The Millennium Trilogy