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Answers spent prelims_roobaroo_2011 - copy

  1. 1. Presents BALL PARK FIGURES ANSWERSTHE SPENT (SPorts and ENTertainment) QUIZ 16 July 2011 QM: Varun and Arif
  2. 2. Rules• Teams of 3 – all 3 from the same section• There will be a written prelims followed by interactive finals• Top 6 teams qualify for the finals based on performance in prelims with a cap of a maximum of 2 teams per section in the finals• No negative marks for incorrect answer• There are a few tie-breaker (starred) questions. Please encircle the question no in your sheet to indicate the same!• Please write your names and Section legibly• Also mention your contact number(s)
  3. 3. 12• As the Princess of Alwar she could have led a cushy life. Instead she chose to go through the grind and spent long hours working on her fitness. She always travelled with the rest of the team even if that meant travelling on an unreserved ticket for tournaments! She was National Champion in her discipline 16 years on the trot, a feat that is unmatched across any sport in India. Who are we talking about?
  4. 4. • Bhuvaneshwari Kumari (Squash)
  5. 5. *13• An eight time national champion, he won the Austrian International in 1983 and 1984 and the 1982 Commonwealth Games, Mens singles title. Many considered him to be better than the man whom he displaced, an icon considered to be the pioneer of that sport in India. This prodigy was however murdered on July 28, 1988 in Lucknow as he came out of the K. D. Singh Babu Stadium after a practice session. After his death, a badminton tournament was constituted in his memory which has now become an international scale event. His murder case had many high- profile state politicians as suspects and represented one of the most high profile investigations then.
  6. 6. • Syed Modi
  7. 7. 14• Gundappa Viswanath, Gary Sobers, Kapil Dev, Alan Knott etc. constituted a long list of illustrious cricketers whom Sunny Gavaskar idolised in his book "Idols". However, there were two cricketers who never got to play test cricket who made it to that list. Of one he said he had sleepless nights fathoming how he would face upto him the next day. Name the two cricketers.
  8. 8. • Rajinder Goel, Padmalkar Shivalkar
  9. 9. 15• He was the first Indian to ply his trade in professional leagues abroad. However, he died in a car accident at the peak of his prowess in Italy on November 30, 1987. In 2000, Malayala Manorama, one of Indias largest circulated newspapers, honoured him as the best sportsman of Kerala of the 20th century. Wikipedia says, "He is considered to one of the ten best ----players of all time"
  10. 10. • Jimmy George
  11. 11. 16• Dennis Lillee himself said -------- was the best player of pace bowling,even better than Viv Richards and Bishen Bedi said he was the best player of spin bowling,even better than Gundappa Vishwanath.He was known to be asthmatic and scored a century on test debut against South Africa.
  12. 12. • Praveen Amre
  13. 13. 17. Identify the individuals/event
  14. 14. • Tommie Smith, John Carlos- 1968 Mexico Olympics, Black salute
  15. 15. 18• Criticizing the governments rigid state-run sports system in 2008, ......... opted out of the state system and set up her own training team. Under the deal .... was able to choose their own coaches and decide which matches to play. ........... also received a much greater share of their winnings as a result and .......s success in recent times has kickstarted a massive debate on the efficacy of the entire system in that country
  16. 16. • Li Na
  17. 17. 19.What is significant about this match?
  18. 18. • First time Duckworth-Lewis was used in an international cricket match
  19. 19. 20• “Grass is for the cows,” said X , while deciding to give the Wimbledon a miss in 1982 and go holidaying instead. However, he was a Wimbledon Junior Champion and twice a Wimbledon finalist and was considered a very fine player on grass.
  20. 20. • Ivan Lendl
  21. 21. 21• “Today, I scored a goal but the goalkeeper saved it” Considered to be the greatest save of the century. Identify the goalkeeper and the unfortunate striker
  22. 22. • Gordon Banks, Pele
  23. 23. *22• A former first-class cricketer and an international hockey player, he was also a Member of Parliament from 1983-1993. Considered the pioneer of coaching in his sport he recently turned down an opportunity to coach India and has since gone on to coach a leading international womens team with great success. He has written three books: "The Coach – Managing for Success", "Staying at the Top" and "Shakespeare the Coach"
  24. 24. • Rick Charlesworth