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Answers prelims spent_echoes2012


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Answers prelims spent_echoes2012

  1. 1. AND PRESENT THE LAST BALLTHE SPENT (Sports and Entertainment ) QUIZQM: ‘C’est la vie’ Arif
  2. 2. 1This band’s name is derived from the fact thatwhen they started, three of the band memberswere of full Malayali descent and the fourthmember was not a full but part Malayali. Whichband?
  3. 3. Ans• The fourth member was one-quarter Malayali, hence "Three Malayalis and a quarter Malayali", which was later shortened to "Three Mals and a Quarter" and corrupted to "Thermal and a Quarter"
  4. 4. 2Which is 2011s top song according to CNN (US)?
  5. 5. Ans• Why this Kolaveri di
  6. 6. *3. Put funda
  7. 7. Ans• While playing against Marylebone Cricket Club at Lords in 1936, Jehangir Khan bowled a ball to Tom Pearce that hit a sparrow on the way. The sparrow fell dead against the stumps and is preserved in the MCC museum at Lords.
  8. 8. 4. What’s happening?
  9. 9. Ans• Bradman, captaining his Invincibles for the last time in a Test, arrived at the crease on Aug 14 1948• Once he stepped on to the field of play, Norman Yardley, the opposing skipper, insisted on shaking hands with the great man, while the rest of the English team doffed their caps to salute the Don
  10. 10. 5. Which stadium?
  11. 11. • Estádio Municipal de Braga (English: Braga Municipal Stadium)• home for local club Sporting Clube de Braga• The stadium is also known as A Pedreira (The Quarry), as it is carved into the face of the adjacent Monte Castro quarry
  12. 12. 6.Claim to fame ?
  13. 13. Ans• first full length Indian movie to be shown in the United Nations auditorium
  14. 14. 7. Why is this cartoon famous?November 6, 1902 :Washington Post cartoon, "Drawing the Line in Mississippi”
  15. 15. Ans• Clifford Berryman depicted President Theodore Roosevelt showing compassion for a small bear cub.• The cartoon inspired New York store owner Morris Michtom to create a new toy and call it the teddy bear
  16. 16. 8. Who?
  17. 17. Ans• Mark Knopfler
  18. 18. 9.What was described as "throwing the offendinglump of metal fully 40 yards towards thepavilion” ?
  19. 19. Ans• Dennis Lillee’s ComBat (aluminium bat) incident
  20. 20. 10. FITB• Johan Cruyff (Holland), Michel Platini (France), Marco van Basten (Holland) and ______
  21. 21. AnsLionel Messi (Argentina) –Winning the Ballon dOr thrice (Since 2010known as FIFA Ballon dOr)
  22. 22. 11Where would you find “Multan ke Sultan KiTikdi” , “Unbeaten Century Partnership” and"Half Century Partnership” ?
  23. 23. AnsVirendar Sehwag’s signature vegetarian eatingjoint Sehwag Favourites in Delhi’s Fun RepublicCineplex
  24. 24. 12. Connect• Pictures follow
  25. 25. AnsOfficial timekeepers of Grand Slams• Rolex- Wimbledon and Australian Open• Longines – French Open• Citizen – US Open
  26. 26. *13. Parody of The Beatles Sergeant Peppers LonelyHearts Club Band . Name band or album.
  27. 27. Were Only in It For the Money by The Mothers of Invention(Frank Zappa)
  28. 28. 14. Connect
  29. 29. Ans• The torpedo system converts the traditional ice hockey layout of three forwards and two defensemen, into two torpedoes up front, two halfbacks, and one lone defenceman (or libero).• Torpedo Ray fish
  30. 30. 15. Movie name?
  31. 31. Moneyball . About the Oakland Athletics baseball team and the analytical approach to assembling a competitive baseball team, despite a disadvantaged revenue situation
  32. 32. 16. What event was depicted?
  33. 33. Ans• Red used to officially signify American continent (before 1951)
  34. 34. 17. What ?• While studying at the Soviet Unions Academy of Science in 1984, the 29-year-old Alexey Pajitnov designed a bare-bones version of the game in his free time for the Elektronika 60, a Soviet terminal computer.• In 1989, a major video game company purchased the rights of the game and marketed it as FROM RUSSIA WITH FUN!
  35. 35. Ans
  36. 36. *18• X did not become an official Winter Olympic sport until the Nagano Games in 1998 despite the fact that Scots have been wearing out corn brooms on local ponds since at least 1511.
  37. 37. Curling
  38. 38. 19. Whoappears atthe end ?
  39. 39. Don Quixote’s character
  40. 40. 20• The history of X began in Bridgeport, Connecticut when Yale University students played with ____ from the local X Baking Co. Inspired by the UFO obsession that swept through American culture in the late 1940s, two men, Warren Franscioni and Walter Morrison, created it from a different form of material. Wham-O purchased the rights in 1955 and renamed it the X - an ode to the bakery that inspired it.
  41. 41. Ans• Frisbee
  42. 42. *21. Parodies of corporate and political advertisements. Term?
  43. 43. Ans• Subvertising or a Subvert
  44. 44. 22• Xs debut Bollywood song is "Jaago Gori" for Chachi 420 .For Hey Ram, she sang the title song "Ram Ram" in bilingual versions - Tamil and Hindi. She is also the vocalist of an alternative rock band The Extramentals.• Her younger sister Y represents India nationally for Z and had plans to participate in 2012 London Olympics for Z .However Z has not yet been recognized in the Olympics!
  45. 45. Ans• X- Shruti Haasan• Y- Akshara Haasan• Z- (Latin Ball) Room Dance
  46. 46. 23. Connect
  47. 47. Ans• At the peak of their success in the 1970s, the Dutch football team was famous for its mastery of Total Football and was nicknamed Clockwork Orange for its precision passing.• Also Flying Dutchman- the Ghost Ship• Flying Dutchmen- supposed to be another nickname of the Dutch soccer team
  48. 48. 24• X (1967) was a remake of a Telugu film called Goodachari 116 (1967) starring Krishna Ghattamaneni, or ‘Super Star’ Krishna as he was known. Krishna would later star in P Q 777. The main hero in X reprised his role in another movie Y in 1981 and he also played a similar role in 1985 in Q 303
  49. 49. Ans• P Q = James Bond• X- Farz• Y- Raksha
  50. 50. *25• Video from The Dreamers (Bernardo Bertolucci ).• Pays homage to what?
  51. 51. Ans
  52. 52. Ans.• In one scene, the three youth run through the Louvre in homage to the race in Jean-Luc Godards 1964 film Bande à part (Band of Outsiders)
  53. 53. 26.• Original artist : Joaquim Antônio Barroso Neto – Brazil (Around the World)• Name the group
  54. 54. The Three Tenors (Spanish singers Plácido Domingo and José Carreras and the Italian singer Luciano Pavarotti)
  55. 55. FINITO