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  1. 1. Bollywood Quiz QM : Sajal
  2. 2. Question 1• She is the first Bollywood personality to endorse Lux. Recognize her!!
  3. 3. Leela Chitnis (54)
  4. 4. Question 2• He wrote many of the successful films of Raj Kapoor. He had limited success as a Director, but is responsible for giving a Bollywood star his first break in this movie. Identify the film, the actor who made debut in it, and the director of the film. (10 points each)
  5. 5. Answers• Saat Hindustani, debut by Amitabh Bacchan, Directed by successful writer K.A.Abbas
  6. 6. Question 3• Name the two people who are common in the two things mentioned in the two pictures below ( 5 points for each person)
  7. 7. Answer• Ram Sampath – Music (not by A.R.Rahman in airtel ad)• Amitabh Bhattacharya - Lyrics
  8. 8. Question 4• A bus conductor was regaling the passengers with his antics when writer and actor, Balraj Sahni noticed him and set up a meeting with the director, Guru Dutt who signed him for that film. The film was the debut film of this actor. Identify the actor and the film (5 each)
  9. 9. Answer• Johny Walker, Baazi (51) Badruddin Kazi was the original name, and he acted in his first two films with this name. Baazi also is the only film with Balraj Sahni as the writer. Film was co-written by Guru Dutt. It is Guru Dutt’s debut as the Director. It was the first time V.K.Murthy handled camera in Bollywood, later went on to become one of the greatest cinematographers. Also the first film by Dev Anand’s production group Navketan Films.
  10. 10. Question 5• Identify the movie (5 points) and the song (5 points)
  11. 11. Question 6• Identify the Movie
  12. 12. Answer• Mast (Song: Ruki Ruki thi zindagi) Debut Film of Aftaab, one of the biggest flop actors of Bollywood
  13. 13. Question 7• This song (clip) is from the Debut film of a very successful actor of current era. Name the film.
  14. 14. Answer• Biwi Ho To Aisi (Salman Khan’s debut in 88, his second film was Maine Pyar Kiya in 89)
  15. 15. Question 8• Another question about the Debut. This song later became a cult, but it comes from a largely unknown film. The film marks the debut of another actor of current era who has given many hits in past decade or so. Name the Actor (10 points)
  16. 16. Answer• Akshay Kumar, Aaj (87)
  17. 17. Question 9• Many people know that Om Shanti Om was inspired by the blockbuster Karz. Karz was also inspired by another blockbuster of 50s (one of the pics below is a snapshot from the film). Identify the film (10 points) and the Director of the film (10 points)
  18. 18. Answer• Madhumati (58), Director: Bimal Roy Great Bimal Roy won his 4th Best Director Filmfare for this film. This was after he won first 3 Best Director Filmfares (54,55,56). He won 11 Filmfares In 11 years, 7 as Director, before his early demise and a huge loss for bollywood.
  19. 19. Question 10• Only instance when an Actor won all these 3 awards for a film: Best Actor Filmfare, Best Actor (critics) Filmfare, National film award. Name the actor and the movie.
  20. 20. Answer• Amitabh Bacchan, Black Black holds the record for maximum Filmfares by a film (11). DDLJ is second with 10. Another SLB film is again at 2nd position (Devdas with 10)
  21. 21. Question 11• Identify the Film
  22. 22. Answer• Geraftar (86) Coming together of Rajni, Kamal Hasan and Amitabh Bacchan.
  23. 23. Question 12• Name the singer of this song
  24. 24. Answer• Kishore Kumar (first song as playback singer from the film Ziddi)