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Sfe time robbers


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Sfe time robbers

  1. 1. Time robbers Arif Mahmood 5 June 2006
  2. 2. Job poorly done  Functional performance.  Waiting for the people  Too many people in small area  Misplace information  Lack of information in ready to use format  Impromptu task  Failure to delegate  Un-wise delegation Misplace information
  3. 3. Recemendation  Know the weekly and daily energy cycle Understanding the productivity level Don't schedule over time Try to train your boss how to work with you Follow your schedule closely Be willing to delegate work Do not try to be nice guy
  4. 4. Time management Indecision or delaying decision Procrastination Too many people involved in minor decision making Lack of technical knowledge Lack of authorization to make judgment decisions Inability to use one’s full potential Fire drills Bureaucratic road blocks
  5. 5. Time management Empire building Excessive paper work Demand for short term result Lack of long range planning Documentation, reports, red tape, interruption
  6. 6. Management Pit falls Lack of planning Management vs. doing People vs. task skills In effective communication Management bottle neck
  7. 7. Time robbers Reduce productivity
  8. 8. Time management Delegate Follow the schedule Decide fast Decide who should attend Learn to say no Start now Do the tough part first Avoid useless calls and memos Look ahead
  9. 9. Questions What can be done better