The alchemist steve jobs - a life story


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As co-founder of Apple Inc. and chief exec for Pixar Animation Studios, Jobs likely touched all of our lives in some way or another. In fact, it would be pretty difficult to even imagine a world in which he never existed (think It's a Wonderful Life).

The alchemist steve jobs - a life story

  1. 1. Steve Jobsr.i.p1955-2011<br />The only difference in doing something and not doing something is DOING SOMETHING.<br /><br />
  2. 2. Young Steven Jobs<br />Born on February 24th, 1955 in San Francisco, California<br />Put up for adoption a week after birth<br />Adoption was finalized under the condition that Steven would attend college<br />
  3. 3. Education<br />Skipped 5th grade <br />Took his first electronics <br />class in high school<br />After school, attended lectures at the Hewlett-Packard company where he met Steve Wonzniak during work<br />
  4. 4. Education (Cont.)<br />Graduated high school in 1972<br />Enrolled in Reed College in Oregon<br />Dropped out after one semester<br />Slept on his friends dorm room floor and dropped in on classes of interest<br />
  5. 5. The Beginning of A Career<br />Returned to California in 1974 and was hired as a technician for Atari<br />Attended meetings at <br />Wozniak’s “Homebrew <br />Computer Club”<br />Steve convinced Wozniak to work with him in building computers<br />
  6. 6. Apple<br />Born on April 1st, 1976<br />Apple I designed and prototype built<br />First single board computer with built-in video interface<br />
  7. 7. Apple (Cont.)<br />Apple II designed in the following year<br />Operating System loaded automatically<br />Smaller Components & built-in <br />circuitry<br />In 1976, Jobs looked to hire a <br />public relations agency to help <br />advertise<br />
  8. 8. Smooth Sailing<br />Most investors turned Apple down<br />Retired Intel executive Mike Markkula decided to invest<br />Markkula became chairman <br />of Apple in May 1977<br />
  9. 9. Smooth Sailing (Cont.)<br />Became publicly traded company in 1980<br />Launched LISA in 1983<br />First commercial <br />computer to use GUI<br />Unpopular due to its few software programs and high price<br />
  10. 10. Smooth Sailing (Cont.)<br />Macintosh created to compete with PC<br />Marketed for friendliness, not just a mindless machine<br />Very popular – sold approximately 70,000 Macs in the first 100 days<br />
  11. 11. The Downfall<br />Sales began to plunge<br />Wozniak quit Apple in 1985<br />Board members of Apple met on May 28th, 1985 and each voted on the removal of Steve from the company<br />
  12. 12. Still Looking Up<br />After taking time off, Jobs wanted to get back to Apple and his love for computers<br />Decided to start his own <br />company<br />Founded NeXT Computer in 1989<br />
  13. 13. Still Looking Up (Cont.)<br />NeXT turned a profit for the first time in 1992<br />NeXT software needed to be made more reliable and compatible for consumers<br />Company slowly starts going downhill<br />
  14. 14. Still Looking Up (Cont.)<br />Jobs was criticized for wasting money that belonged to the company in 1993<br />Closed a NeXT factory in that February<br />Laid off half of the employees and stopped making computers<br />
  15. 15. Still Looking Up (Cont.)<br />Jobs had to make drastic decisions<br />Microsoft purchased NeXT software<br />Microsoft came up with $150 million to stake in Apple<br />Saved a dying company.<br />
  16. 16. Still Looking Up (Cont.)<br />Jobs management style had drastically changed<br />Relaxed and was open to suggestions<br />Employees commented that Jobs made experimenting with electronics fun<br />
  17. 17. Still Looking Up (Cont.)<br />Jobs began looking into alternatives to Object Linking and Embedding<br />Created OpenDoc<br />Jobs was very serious about this<br />
  18. 18. Still Looking Up (Cont.)<br />NeXT STEP software was being turned into Mac OS X<br />Under Jobs’ guidance the company increased sales <br />Introduced the iMac and other new products<br />
  19. 19. Still Looking Up (Cont.)<br />Jobs held the title of ICEO <br />Very influential impact on the Apple company<br />By the year 2000, he created even greater advances in new technology<br />
  20. 20. The New Beginning<br />In early 2000, Pixar leads animated film industry<br />Later that month, <br />Jobs announced his <br />return to the CEO <br />position<br />Insisted on keeping his $1 annual salary<br />
  21. 21. The New Beginning (Cont.)<br />Although his salary was low, the company granted him ten million shares of Apple stock worth hundreds of millions<br />
  22. 22. The New Beginning (Cont.)<br />First project as CEO was the G4 Cube<br />Was too expensive <br />and didn’t satisfy a <br />certain market<br />Lasted only twelve <br />months in Apple’s line-up <br />
  23. 23. The New Beginning (Cont.)<br />The next step for Steve was his newest operating system, Mac OS X<br />The future of Apple<br />
  24. 24. The New Beginning (Cont.)<br />Apple wanted software to sync up digital devices<br />Was turned down by most companies<br />Jobs took matters into his own hands and created iLife suite. <br />
  25. 25. The New Beginning (Cont.)<br />In 2001, Jobs opened Apple retail stores so customers could:<br />Try out computers<br />Test software<br />Meet with salespeople <br />This was a large risk but he knew that people would want to buy them<br />
  26. 26. Portable Audio Revolution<br />Less than a year after iTunes was released, Apple released the iPod<br />Originally only for Mac users<br />In July 2002, the new iPod was <br />available for Windows users as <br />well<br />Sales skyrocketed and 75% of MP3 players are iPods<br />
  27. 27. Portable Audio Revolution (Cont.)<br />In eight weeks, five million songs were sold on iTunes<br />Took over 80% of the legal music downloading market<br />
  28. 28. More Successful Changes<br />June 6th, 2005, Jobs announced switch from PowerPC chips to Intel chips. <br />This would conserve <br />energy on PowerBook <br />and iBook<br />
  29. 29. More Successful Changes (Cont.)<br />October 2005, 5th generation of iPod was introduced<br />Could play music <br />videos and TV shows<br />Jobs announced the <br />opening of the iTunes <br />video store<br />
  30. 30. Pixar<br />Pixar was Jobs’ second company<br />Swept the box office with <br />its animated films<br />On January 24th, 2006, Disney <br />bought out Pixar for $7.4 billion<br />
  31. 31. The Leadership style of <br /> Steve Jobs<br />31<br />
  32. 32. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP<br />10/6/2011<br />32<br />
  34. 34. JOB’S LEADERSHIP <br />Like a transformational leader, he focuses on "transforming" others to help each other, to look out for each other, to be encouraging and harmonious, and to look out for the organization as a whole. <br />At Apple, he is seen as a leader whose brilliance and idealistic vision of "providing computers as a tool to change the world," drew other talented people to him<br />His Leadership creates valuable and positive change in the followers.<br />In his leadership, he enhances the motivation, morale and performance of his follower group. Some people also categorize him as a charismatic leader.<br />10/6/2011<br />34<br />
  35. 35. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower<br /> - Steve jobs<br />10/6/2011<br />35<br />
  36. 36. “FROM CRITICS DESK…”<br />“his habit of making decisions and then suddenly changing his mind has been given as part of the reason he is difficult to work for”-brainmass<br />“Jobs has got an aggressive and demanding personality”.-critics<br />“He is one of Silicon Valley's leading egomaniacs”.–Fortune Magazine<br />“Jobs would have made an excellent king of France with his compelling and larger-than-life persona”- JefRaskin, former collegue. <br />“Some times he acts anti gates, & some times he requests Microsoft to develop software for their computers, that is weird”.-critics<br />10/6/2011<br />36<br />
  37. 37. “You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new” – Steve Jobs<br />10/6/2011<br />37<br />
  38. 38. HONORS<br />1985: National Medal of Technology by President Ronald Reagan with Steve Wozniak(the first people to ever receive the honor)<br />1987: Jefferson Award for Public Service in the category (the Samuel S. Beard Award).<br />2007: Jobs was named the most powerful person in business by Fortune Magazine<br />2007: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and First Lady Maria Shriver inducted Jobs into the California Hall of Fame<br />2009: Jobs was selected the most admired entrepreneur among teenagers on a survey by Junior Achievement<br />10/6/2011<br />38<br />
  39. 39. Steve Jobs Quotes<br />"Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?" -- Steve Jobs' pitch to John Sculley, the Pepsi-Cola CEO Jobs brought on to run Apple (Sculley later pushed Jobs out of Apple) <br />"There's an old Wayne Gretzky quote that I love. 'I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.' And we've always tried to do that at Apple. Since the very very beginning. And we always will." <br />10/6/2011<br />39<br />
  40. 40. Steve Jobs Quotes<br />"My model for business is The Beatles: They were four guys that kept each other's negative tendencies in check; they balanced each other. And the total was greater than the sum of the parts. Great things in business are not done by one person, they are done by a team of people.“<br />“None. It’s not the consumers’ job to know what they want.” -- Jobs responding to whether he did market research for the iPad<br />10/6/2011<br />40<br />
  41. 41. Steve Jobs Quotes<br />"I’m the only person I know that’s lost a quarter of a billion dollars in one year…. It’s very character-building." <br />"You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life." -- Jobs commencement speech at Stanford in 2005 <br />10/7/2011<br />41<br />
  42. 42. SEVEN WONDERS OF Steve Jobs<br />The personal computer as we know it - Although many of us tend to think of Bob Gates as the grandfather of the PC, thanks to Windows, it was actually Jobs who came up with the kind of operating system that's now ubiquitous in both PCs and Macs. When IBM came out with their first PC, Jobs countered with the Macintosh in 1984, which was the first computer to feature a mouse, pull-down menus, and icons. Before that, you had to use a command-line interface -- remember, C:/ ... etc.? (I used to play a Winnie the Pooh game on one of those!)<br />10/7/2011<br />42<br />
  43. 43. SEVEN WONDERS OF Steve Jobs<br />iPods - If you grew up owning or using a turntable or even a cassette tape, do you think you would have ever imagined having a device that allows you to hold 40,000 songs in your pocket? 'Nuff said.<br />10/7/2011<br />43<br />
  44. 44. SEVEN WONDERS OF Steve Jobs<br />Pixar movies - When Jobs bought George Lucas' computer-graphics division in 1986, Pixar was born. Soon, the company was on track to develop films like ToyStory, which ushered in a completely new and innovative form of animated entertainment.<br />10/7/2011<br />44<br />
  45. 45. SEVEN WONDERS OF Steve Jobs<br />iTunes - Sure, we all flirted with Napster at some time or another, but in 2001, the way we listened to and bought music changed forever, thanks to Jobs. <br />10/7/2011<br />45<br />
  46. 46. SEVEN WONDERS OF Steve Jobs<br />iPads- Interestingly, Jobs said that he started developing the first-gen iPad (which was released last year) before the iPhone. Makes sense, being that the technology is practically identical now. But the first tablet Apple came out with was the Newton MessagePad 100 in 1993. Clearly, Jobs always was ahead of the curve in the tablet revolution.<br />10/7/2011<br />46<br />
  47. 47. SEVEN WONDERS OF Steve Jobs<br />iPads- Interestingly, Jobs said that he started developing the first-gen iPad (which was released last year) before the iPhone. Makes sense, being that the technology is practically identical now. But the first tablet Apple came out with was the Newton MessagePad 100 in 1993. Clearly, Jobs always was ahead of the curve in the tablet revolution.<br />10/7/2011<br />47<br />
  48. 48. SEVEN WONDERS OF Steve Jobs<br />iPhones - Droid and BlackBerry lovers can say whatever they want, but no smartphone had ever changed people's lives the way this phone has in the past 5 years it has been around. Jobs completely revolutionized cellphones forever.<br />10/7/2011<br />48<br />
  49. 49. Conclusion<br />Despite the pancreatic cancer diagnosed in 2007, Jobs gave the world its 21st century wonders; IPhone and IPad.<br />Apple’s business share grew from<br /> 5 billion dollars to 358 billion dollars <br /> from 2000-2010<br />