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Karla Porras Espinoza Autonomous learner


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Karla Porras Espinoza Autonomous learner

  1. 1. Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla LIC ABIERTA EN ENSEÑANZA DE INGLES MODULO INTRODUCTORIO Tema: Why do I feel I can be an autonomous learner Alumna: Karla Porras Espinoza Profesora: Elba Méndez
  3. 3. What is learning? Is the act or process by which behavioral, knowledge, skills, and attitudes are acquired Is a change in human disposition or capability, which can be retained and which is not simply ascribable to the process of growth. A change in the individual due to the interaction with the environment
  4. 4. What is development? Means change and growth Teacher development is the process of becoming “the best kind of teacher that I personally can I be” (Underhill 1998)
  5. 5. How is an adult learner? • Adults engage in a wide variety of learning activities and response to their daily needs and problems • All adults are capable of learning • Time and change • Motivation and stimulation • Self- esteem and self- concept
  6. 6. Assumptions about adult learnes Move from dependency towards increasing selfdirectedness Accumulating experiences that increase rich resources for learning Motivation to learn tasks and real problems Adults are concerned about developing increased competence Adults prefer to participate in performance- centred learning activities
  7. 7. Adult learner process 2 Create 1 Needs Determining the individual needs to learn so as to achive their goals 3 Evaluate Assessing the attainment of the learning goal and the process of reaching it Created a strategy and the resources to achive the learning goal Adult learning The process of adult gaining knowladge and experience based on their personal goals 4 Implement Learning stategy and utilizing the learning resources
  8. 8. Autonomy Is about attitude motivation and circumstances It would emphasize progressions in terms of increasing control over Knowledge Skills Ability to make decisions
  9. 9. What is to be autonomous? Positive motivation An internal quality of individual A quality wich can develop Sense in a sense of self Encourage, needs, support and cooperation Take charge of own learning Responsible and concerned
  10. 10. Autonomous Lerner Caracteristics
  11. 11. In conclution I am responsible and concerned of my own learning I am independent but I also can work collaboratively I can take decisions and risks I feel self- directed and self- aware I realize that I can achieve my goals and how can I achieve it “perseverance and self-esteem are essential qualities of an autonomous learner”
  12. 12. REFERENCES Head K & Taylor P (1997) Readings in teacher development, Heinemann. Eduards R, Hanson A & Reggart P(1996) Boundaries of adult learner, London Routledge Holton E, Knowles M & Swatson R (2005) The Adult Learner, Butterworth Heinemann Malcolm S. Knowles, Elwood F. Holton III, Richard A. Swanson(2001) Andragogy, assumptions about adult learner, Oxford.